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7 & 8 Seater Car Hire Auckland

With so much to see and do in New Zealand, it's no wonder that it attracts tourists from all corners of the globe. Auckland, the capital of New Zealand is the most popular point of arrival so it's no surprise to learn that all of the international rental agents are available here, not to mention the excellent local suppliers who offer the same high standards, often are more competitive rates.

New Zealand is a popular destination for groups and as such, demand for 7 and 8 seater car hire in Auckland is always high. To reflect this, we have access to the widest variety of 7 seater car hire in Auckland from our trusted supply partners. No matter whether it's 7, 8, 9 or 10 seats that you need, we can find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. If we had to pick our favourite, it would be the Kia Carnival that can comfortably accommodate 8 passengers and all the luggage you can throw at it. Coupled with a 2.7L V6 engine, it's got plenty of power to make a comfortable and dependable option when renting a 8 seater in Auckland.

7 seater car hire Auckland 9 seater car hire Auckland
*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for todays best prices.

9 & 10 Seater Car Rental Agents in Auckland

If you're travelling to Auckland, you can choose from international car rental agents such as Avis, Dollar and Enterprise and local favourites like Ace, Jucy and Ezi Car Rental. All of which can arrange 9 or 10 seater rentals and even up to 12 seater minibus rental for the largest of groups.

Types of 7 & 9 Seater Vehicles to Hire in Auckland

Toyota Hiace Toyota Hiace
  • 2.4 D04D
  • Diesel
  • 10 Seat
  • 23.1 mpg
Hyundai iMax Hyundai iMax
  • 2.5 CRDi
  • Diesel
  • 8 Seats
  • 32.6 mpg
Kia Carnival Kia Carnival
  • 2.7L V6
  • Petrol
  • 8 Seats
  • 24.1 mpg
Toyota Estima Toyota Estima
  • 2.4L
  • Petrol
  • 8 Seats
  • 23.6 mpg
7 seater car hire 9 seater car hire

9 Seater Car Hire Auckland

Whereas most rental locations, 9 seater car hire is the maximum, it's a different story here in New Zealand, where 10 seat is the norm for minvan rental in Auckland. That's right, you can transport up to 10 passengers in a single vehicle with 10 seater rental in Auckland.

10 Seater Rental Auckland

10 seat rental still not enough? No problem, you can 'go-larger' in Auckland with the option to rent a Toyota Hiace with 12 seats. Yes, that's right, we can arrange 12 seater minivan rental in Auckland.

12 Seater Rental Auckland

The most cost effective way to transport even the largest parties.