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Rent a 4x4 at Auckland Airport

New Zealand is a land for exploring with wild landscapes and dramatic scenery on your doorstep. Renting a 4x4 in Auckland is a great way to start to your journey where your choice of rental car won't limit your ambitions. We supply more 4x4 rentals in Auckland than any other location in New Zealand and it's no wonder as Auckland has the nations busiest airport by far, infact, Auckland serves more international arrivals than all of the countries other airports combined. Some 20m passengers pass though it's terminal, many of whom rent cars and a growing proportion of those rent a 4x4 in Auckland. To meet this demand we work closely with all the the leading rental agents in Auckland who ensure that their fleets reflect the customer demands. As such, we offer more models of 4x4 and SUV rentals in Auckland than ever before and are still increasing our fleets.

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Auckland itself is a great city to explore and whilst you won't require the full capabilities of a 4x4 rental in Auckland itself, if you want to enjoy the same benefits of driving a 4x4 or SUV like so many of us do for our own cars at home, we have popular makes and models to make you feel right at home. Some of our popular SUV rentals in Auckland include the market leading Nissan Qashqai for the budget conscious.

Popular 4x4 Rentals in Auckland

We offer a great range of 4x4 and SUV rentals in Auckland to suit every need and budget. Whether you are just looking for an SUV for the benefits of a higher driving position and better ground clearance, or you are looking for genuine 4WD capabilities we have you covered with the following vehicles available at the best prices online. Our customer favourite is the Toyota Highlander which can accommodate 7 passengers plus their luggage, a true utility vehicle for all the family or larger groups renting a 4x4 in Auckland.
Nissan X-Trail
Nissan Qashqai
Toyota Highlander 7 Seat
Ssangyong Korando
Toyota Rav 4
Kia Sportage
Subaru Outback
Hyundai Kona
Toyota Hilux 4WD
Hyundai Tucson
Ford Everest
Jeep Cherokee

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