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7 Seater Car Hire Johor Bahru

If you're in Johor Bahru and need to rent a minivan, whether you need a 7 seater rental car in Johor Bahru, or to seat 9 or more passengers, you'll be sure to get the best deal with Rhinocarhire.com. We work with Johor Bahru's leading rental agents to secure the very best value 7 or 9 seater car hire Johor Bahru has available. Collect from the airport, or downtown, wherever in Malaysia you need to rent a 7 seater, we can source the best car at the best price.

We have a few options available, however by far the most popular 7 seater rental car in Johor Bahru is the Toyota Innova. It's no surprise either, Asia's most popular MPV, the Innova will comfortably swallow up luggage for all 7 passengers and leave plenty of room for them to travel in comfort. It's the staple vehicle in this sector and all of our rental agents will offer the model. We've given it our highest rating of 5 star for its balance of practicality and affordability. Rent a 7 seater in Johor Bahru today with Rhino and be confident you'll not find it cheaper elsewhere.

7 seater car hire Johor Bahru 9 seater car hire Johor Bahru
*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for todays best prices.

7 and 9 Seater Car Rental Agents in Johor Bahru

We work with Johor Bahru's favourite 7 and 9 seat car rental agents offering access to the best rental fleets at cheaper rates than booking direct. Search and compare 9 seat car rental in Johor Bahru from the leading international rental agents, plus some of our preferred local agents.

Types of 7 & 9 Seater Vehicles to Hire in Johor Bahru

Toyota Innova Toyota Innova
  • 1998 cc
  • Petrol
  • 7 Seat
  • 28.9 mpg
Toyota Alphard Toyota Alphard
  • 1998 cc
  • Petrol
  • 7 Seat
  • 29.3 mpg
Toyota Hiace Toyota Hiace
  • 2.4 D04D
  • Diesel
  • 10 Seat
  • 23.1 mpg
7 seater car hire 9 seater car hire

9 Seater Car Hire Johor Bahru

Of course, sometimes even 7 seats just isn't enough and when that is the case, the Toyota Hiace is the ace in the pack. We can arrange 9 seater car hire in Johor Bahru courtesy of the Hiace, infact you can carry up 10 passengers in this versatile model. It would likely win any contest and come out top of our recommended 9 seater rental cars in Johor Bahru, however as it's so popular and so reliable, it simply doesn't have any competition to be concerned about.

All of the rental agents we use in Johor Bahru list the Toyota Hiace as their only 9 seater retal car, which speaks volumes for the cars credentials. Simply put, if you need to rent a minivan in Johor Bahru, the Toyota Hiace is for you and Rhino will help you secure the best possible deal.