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Car Rental Mini Guide for Gorizia

Gorizia lies in the north east of Italy, at the border with Slovenia. Because it is so close to the Alps Mountains we offer low cost ski packages along with our rental cars for all of your needs. There are snow tires and chains for the hire car as well as ski racks which make car hire Gorizia a great deal. Otherwise you may wish to use your rental vehicle to see this town which is the capital of the Province of Gorizia. On way or the other you should book your car hire ahead of time as Gorizia is popular with tourists.

Among its main products are excellent wines, helped by its fantastic geographical location. It is in a protected enclave and sheltered from cold winds which makes it a warm commune with a mild Mediterranean climate all year around. Many of the tourists who come to this city do so to see the medieval center of Gorizia which is notable for its attractive watchtowers and a prehistoric castle.

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