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Top tips when hiring a car in Israel

  • Drive on the right-hand side of the road in Israel, the rental car will have its steering wheel on the right
  • There are toll roads in Israel, carry some cash or you can use chip and pin / contactless with a credit or debit card
  • Speed limits are in Km/h and policed heavily, stick to the speed limits to avoid a fine
  • Use of mobile phones whilst driving is forbidden, that call can wait

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Laws and rules of the road when driving in Israel



    Road Driving Side



    Urban speed Limit



    Rural Speed Limit



    Motorway Speed Limit


    ILS  6.01/Ltr

    Current Petrol Price



    Drink Drive Limit









    Min Rental Age


    Min Driving Age


    Front and Rear



    Fixed and Mobile

    Speed Cameras


    Hands Free Only

    Mobile Phones

Recent customer reviews (average rating 8.9/10)



Excellent servi

Excellent service, staff very helpful for first time renter.


United Kingdom

Very high spec

Very high spec car, we had a Mercedes E Class, nearly new. Didn't expect to have to pay for additional driver on arrival.



Had to get a ta

Had to get a taxi to Haifa which was disappointing, but otherwise car was perfect.


Compare car rental agents in Israel

Rental Agent
Rating (/10)
Customer Reviews
Mini (€/day)
Compact (€/day)
Intermediate (€/day)
Standard (€/day)
€ 19.44
€ 28.68
€ 23.47
€ 36.20
€ 44.51
€ 64.94
€ 24.59
€ 31.49
€ 43.43
€ 30.93
€ 32.20
€ 34.74
€ 36.44
€ 22.08
€ 58.68
€ 40.47
€ 35.27
€ 35.48
€ 38.37
€ 43.96
€ 53.32

Car rental agent statistics in Israel

  • 7.7/10
    Highest rated agent:
  • 5.5/10
    Lowest rated agent:
  • 3,379
    Total number of reviews in
  • 24
    Most Locations in Israel:
  • 18
    Average wait time
  • 8
    Total rental companies

Average prices per day for car hire in Israel

*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for today's best prices.

Fuel prices in Israel

Month, YearDiesel €/ltrUnleaded €/ltr
Sep , 2020 1.33 1.40
Aug , 2020 1.35 1.42
Jul , 2020 1.37 1.44
Jun , 2020 1.33 1.40
May , 2020 1.23 1.30
Apr , 2020 1.32 1.35
Mar , 2020 1.43 1.55
Feb , 2020 1.53 1.67
Jan , 2020 1.53 1.67
Dec , 2019 1.51 1.64
Nov , 2019 1.54 1.67
Oct , 2019 1.50 1.63

Car rental price statistics in Israel

  • € 136.08
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 570.82
    Highest daily price:
    Toyota Corolla
  • 1,045
    Total cars available
  • 65
    Most popular model:
    Kia Picanto
  • 80
    Location with most cars:
    Tel Aviv - Airport Ben Gurion
  • € 19.4 per day
    Cheapest daily price:
    THRIFTY - Eilat - Downtown

FAQs about car hire in Israel

How much does it cost to hire a car in Israel?

Car hire in Israel starts from just €19.40 per day for a (mini) class car from Thrifty. The average price to hire a car in Israel is just €83.90 per day, whilst the most expensive hire car in Israel is a Toyota Corolla car for a (compact) class from Alamo costing €570.80 per day.

How do I get a free additional driver when hiring a car in Israel?

We often have special offers on car hire in Israel including free additional drivers, for example, is offering free additional driver and express check-in at for €0.00 per day.

Why is car hire so cheap in Israel?

Car hire prices in Israel are kept low thanks to the 8 car hire companies across the country. With over 32 car hire locations and 4,513 car hire options available, competition keeps prices low in Israel.

Who is the best car hire company in Israel?

Based on over 3,379 reviews from recent car hire customers, the best car hire agency in Israel Is Sixt who score on average 5.9/10 across all locations in Israel.

What is the most popular car hire location in Israel?

The most popular locations to hire a car in Israel is Tel Aviv - Airport Ben Gurion with 8 car hire companies and 80 cars to choose from.

How much does fuel cost in Israel?

Current fuel prices in Israel are €1.4/ltr for petrol and €1.33/ltr for diesel as of 21 September 2020, it’ll cost on average €56 to fill an average compact class car with petrol and €53 for diesel.

What are the speed limits in Israel?

Speed limits in Israel are in km/h and are generally 50 km/h on urban roads, 80-90 km/h on rural roads and 110 km/h on the motorways but you should always follow local signage.

What is the cheapest car hire company in Israel?

Thrifty is the cheapest car hire company in Israel offering a (mini) class car such as the Chevrolet Spark for as little as €135.80 per week.

What is the most popular hire car in Israel?

The most popular car hire category in Israel is the Hyundai i20 available from 3 car hire companies in over 29 locations.

Do you need to rent a car in Israel

If you are visiting Israel, renting a car is a great way to get around in comfort and at your own leisure. Whether planning a sightseeing tour of Jerusalem and Eilat, or planning a business trip to Tel Aviv, Israel is sure to have have a vehicle to suit your requirements. Let us do the hard work and search the market to save you time and money on your next rental car in Israel from any of the leading international rental agents like Alamo, Hertz, Thrifty and Sixt in addition to local rental agents like Cal Auto and Eldan, both offering great value and equally high standards.

Most popular pick-up locations for car hire in Israel

Most Popular Rental Cars in Israel

Rental Agent
Make / Model
Nissan Micra
Hyundai i20
Subaru Impreza
Fiat Tipo
Mazda 6
Full Size
Toyota Avensis
Full Size
Mazda 5
7 Seater
Hyundai i800
9 Seater

Need help booking car hire in Israel

Our customer service team are on hand to answer any questions and provide support throughout the booking process. Use our live chat facility to contact a member of the team if you cannot find the answer you need from our frequently asked questions, or you can drop us an e-mail or call our customer service team.

Israel Mini Guide

Israel occupies a long narrow stretch of land at the south-eastern corner of the Mediterranean. This hilly country has as its natural eastern boundary the Great Rift Valley, the great fault which split the earth's surface from Syria to Africa millions of years ago. The valley contains the River Jordan, which flows first through subtropical vegetation, then arid wasteland to the Dead Sea, 394 m (1293 ft) below sea level. The triangular wedge of the Negev Desert ends at the Gulf of Aqaba, at the head of which is Israel's southern outlet, the small port of Eilat.

Israel's northern half is temperate and fertile, while the south is arid and barren. Most of the country's estimated 7.7 million citizens live on the coastal plain bordering the Mediterranean, where Tel Aviv is the leading commercial city. The greenest part is Galilee, though here, as in all Israel, no rain falls in summer. The Sea of Galilee, lying among the northern hills, is Israel’s main reservoir of fresh water. This is piped to the Negev - the desert and semi desert home of wandering Bedouin Arabs - and it is the Israelis' proud boast that they have 'made the desert bloom' with sunflowers, sugar beet and other crops.

In the 40 years since modern Israel was founded, large numbers of them have left Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa to make new lives in their historic homeland. The Jewish population was 650,000 in 1948; today it is near 6 million which accounts for nearly a third of the world's Jews. The second largest ethnic group are Arabs, comprised of both Muslim and Christian faiths.

Israel is a young country with about one third of the population is under 14. The people are highly educated; many of those who flocked to Israel brought with them a wealth of skills and it is not uncommon for, say, a truck driver to have a degree. It is also one of the most polyglot societies on earth; there are, for instance, Iraqi, Ethiopian, Moroccan and Russian Jews, and many others.

Facts about Israel

  • Israel has one of the highest life expectancies in the world.
  • The currency in Israel is the Shekel (ILS).
  • Israel harvests the power of the sun to its advantage, making it the leading nation in solar energy.
  • The two official languages in Israel is Hebrew and Arabic, with Hebrew being the primary language.
  • The national emblem of Israel is an Escutcheon which contains a Menorah in its middle, two olive branches on both sides of the Menorah and at the bottom the label 'Israel'.

Is it safe to drive in Israel?

If you've visiting Israel for the first time and renting a car, there isn't much to be concerned about aside from usual anxieties around driving in a different country. It is safe to drive in Israel, roads are generally in excellent condition and road signs are Hebrew, Arabic and English, but you'll recognise most anyway as Israel has adopted internationally standardised road signs.

Rental cars in Israel are all new and low mileage, current model year vehicles so the car itself shouldn't be any cause for concern either. If you are not satisfied with the the rental car provided by the rental agent on your arrival, simply ask for an alternative or consider an upgrade.

Popular car hire destinations in Israel

  • Afula car hire
  • Ashdod car hire
  • Beer Sheva car hire
  • Haifa car hire
  • Herzliya car hire
  • Karmiel car hire
  • Nazareth car hire
  • Raanana car hire
  • Rehovot car hire

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Fuel Prices in Israel

  • Price of petrol in Israel in September

    € 1.40/Ltr

    ($ 1.71/Ltr | 6.01/Ltr)
  • Price of diesel in Israel in September

    € 1.33/Ltr

    ($ 1.63/Ltr | 5.71/Ltr)

Cost to fill a rental car in Israel in September

  Petrol Diesel
Economy € 56.00  ($ 68.58) | € 53.20  ($ 65.15)
Compact € 56.00  ($ 68.58) | € 53.20  ($ 65.15)
Full Size € 70.00  ($ 85.72) | € 66.50  ($ 81.43)
SUV € 84.00  ($ 102.86) | € 79.80  ($ 97.72)
Carrier € 98.00  ($ 120.01) | € 93.10  ($ 114.01)

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Police Car in Israel

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Police Cars Israel

Other Car Hire Locations in Israel

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Car Hire Ashdod
Mini 5 4 2 from €19.4 per day
Compact 3 5 3 from €24.7 per day
Economy 5 4 2 from €20.1 per day
Car Hire Haifa
Mini 3 4 2 from €19.4 per day
Compact 3 5 3 from €23.2 per day
Economy 5 4 2 from €20.1 per day
Car Hire Jerusalem
Mini 3 4 2 from €19.4 per day
Compact 3 5 3 from €23.2 per day
Economy 5 5 2 from €20.3 per day
Car Hire Tel Aviv
Mini 3 4 2 from €24.3 per day
Compact 3 5 3 from €29.8 per day
Economy 3 5 2 from €26.6 per day