Sanitised car hire in Beziers

Look out for this icon to see which car hire brands have committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines, the following car hire companies in Beziers, France offer sanitised rental cars:

At present, none of the car rental companies in Beziers have committed to offering sanitised cars.

Sanitised car
This car rental company has committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines.

Cheapest car hire in Beziers


Renault Twingo

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 26.37 EUR/day
Renault Twingo

7 Days rental at 184.59 EUR from 20/09/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Opel Corsa

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 27.86 EUR/day
Opel Corsa

7 Days rental at 195.05 EUR from 20/09/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Opel Corsa

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 31.84 EUR/day
Opel Corsa

7 Days rental at 222.94 EUR from 20/09/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Peugeot 308

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 32.16 EUR/day
Peugeot 308

7 Days rental at 225.18 EUR from 20/09/2021

  3 |
  Manual |

Ford Ka

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 35.60 EUR/day
Ford Ka

7 Days rental at 249.20 EUR from 20/09/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Chevrolet Spark

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 36.00 EUR/day
Chevrolet Spark

7 Days rental at 252.00 EUR from 20/09/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Ford Fiesta

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 36.02 EUR/day
Ford Fiesta

7 Days rental at 252.16 EUR from 20/09/2021

  2 |
  Automatic |

Peugeot 308

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 36.38 EUR/day
Peugeot 308

7 Days rental at 254.69 EUR from 20/09/2021

  3 |
  Automatic |

Citroen C3

5 Adults, 3 Doors

From 38.13 EUR/day
Citroen C3

7 Days rental at 266.92 EUR from 20/09/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

*daily rates in Beziers based on a 1 day rental (24hr period) and for guidance purposes only.

Useful to know about Beziers

  • By hiring a car at Beziers it is only a short drive to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Beziers holds a high tech event which is a treasure hunt based on global positioning.
  • Beziers has a lot of nightlife entertainments including a casino called the Valras-Plage Casino.
  • Many sportsmen and sports administrators were born in Beziers including tennis player Richard Gasquet.
  • Beziers used to be called Baeterrae in Roman times.
  • Twinned with Cadiz in Spain and Stockport in the UK among others.

Beziers car hire reviews

We welcome reviews from all of our customers, see what others have to say about us...
Rated 3.8 / 5 | 1,800 reviews

Best car rental companies in Beziers

No.1: ALAMO,
based on 2055 reviews
19 min (average wait time)
based on 3563 reviews
20 min (average wait time)
based on 1378 reviews
18 min (average wait time)

Nearest car hire pickup locations in or near Beziers


18 Bld De Verdun, Beziers, 34500


Gare Sncf, Beziers, 34500


63 Avenue De Sete, Cap D'agde, 34300


3 Quai Du Pavois D'or, Sete, 34200


Gare Sncf, Sete, 34200


Gare Sncf, Narbonne, 11100

Beziers car hire information

Beziers car hire information

  • 7.6/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    Alamo EHI
  • € 184.59
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 26.37
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 22
    Most Popular Type:
  • 7
    Most popular model:
    Peugeot 308 Estate
  • 75
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day for car hire in Beziers

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January€ 41
February€ 44
March€ 42
April€ 49
May€ 63
June€ 44
July€ 94
August€ 84
September€ 55
October€ 43
November€ 40
December€ 92
January€ 35
February€ 32
March€ 36
April€ 41
May€ 38
June€ 39
July€ 66
August€ 63
September€ 44
October€ 42
November€ 37
December€ 87
January€ 61
February€ 63
March€ 61
April€ 88
May€ 107
June€ 64
July€ 140
August€ 142
September€ 97
October€ 88
November€ 61
January€ 49
February€ 50
March€ 49
April€ 64
May€ 78
June€ 49
July€ 131
August€ 104
September€ 74
October€ 68
November€ 52
December€ 108
January€ 27
February€ 27
March€ 28
April€ 35
May€ 26
June€ 35
July€ 56
August€ 48
September€ 36
October€ 30
November€ 31
December€ 67
January€ 51
February€ 49
March€ 51
April€ 65
May€ 86
June€ 53
July€ 123
August€ 109
September€ 87
October€ 79
November€ 54
December€ 105
January€ 41
February€ 37
March€ 41
April€ 48
May€ 65
June€ 48
July€ 103
August€ 101
September€ 85
November€ 47
December€ 102
*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for today's best prices

FAQs about car hire in Beziers

How much does car hire in Beziers cost?

Car hire in Beziers costs as little as €26.40 per day, however the average price across all suppliers for a Mini class vehicle is €39.80 per day. The most expensive car to hire is €174.00 per day from ALAMO for a Mercedes E Class.

What car hire companies offer sanitised car rental in Beziers?

3 car hire brands have committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines in Beziers, including ENTERPRISE, NATIONAL, ALAMO, see the full list here.

What car hire companies offer sanitised car rental in Beziers?

None of the car hire companies in Beziers are currently offering sanitised cars as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines.

Who is the best car rental agent in Beziers?

Based on recent customer reviews over the last 3 months, Alamo EHI has the highest customer rating for car hire in Beziers with a score of 7.6/10

with EUROPCAR Corporate rated second best with a score of 7.3/10


How much does it cost to hire a compact car in Beziers?

Today’s cheapest price for compact car hire in Beziers is €225.18 per week from ENTERPRISE.

Who is the cheapest car hire agent in Beziers?

The cheapest car hire company in Beziers is ENTERPRISE, with prices for a Mini class car such as the Renault Twingo available from as little as €184.59 per week.

How much is fuel in Beziers?

You can expect to pay €1.571/ltr of petrol and €1.461/ltr of diesel in Beziers. You’ll pay a premium if refilling at motorway services of up to 10%.

What car hire agencies are available in Beziers?

We can arrange great deals on car hire in Beziers with leading car hire companies such as ALAMO, AVIS, DOLLAR, ENTERPRISE, EUROPCAR, HERTZ, KEDDY BY EUROPCAR, THRIFTY as well as reputable, local car hire companies.

What type of car can I hire in Beziers?

We can arrange Compact, Economy, Fullsize, Intermediate, Mini, Premium and Standard class rental cars in Beziers.

How much does it cost to hire a convertible car in Beziers?

We don’t currently have any convertible cars to hire in Beziers, but we are working in it and please check dates for future rentals.
The price at the moment for a convertible rental car in Beziers is € per week from for a .

Do you have a discount code for car hire in Beziers?

We don’t have any discount codes for car hire in Beziers at the moment, however ENTERPRISE rates start from just €184.59 per week. If you’ve found a cheaper price than €184.59 from ENTERPRISE in Beziers - Airport or any other rental agent, let us know and we’ll do our best to beat it.

How much does it cost to hire a car for a week in Beziers?

The cheapest price to hire a car for a week in Beziers is €184.80 per week with an average price of €278.60 per week across all car hire companies.
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Information about the car hire agents in Beziers

Most popular car hire companies in Beziers

  • Europcar (tel: 33 0 467908042)
  • Thrifty (tel: 0467396303)
  • Hertz (tel: 0467396303)
  • Enterprise (tel: 0467000014)
  • Alamo (tel: 0467267588)
  • Keddy by europcar (tel: 33 0 467908042)
  • Dollar (tel: 0467396303)
  • Avis (tel: (33) 4 67 98 39 38)
  • National (tel: 0467000014)

Pick-up locations for car hire companies in Beziers

  • Thrifty (Route Departementale 612, Beziers, 34420)
  • Hertz (Route Departementale 612, Portiragnes D612, Beziers, 34420)
  • Enterprise (APT DE BEZIERS CAP D'AGDE, RD 612, PORTIRAGNES, 34420, K)
  • Keddy by europcar (AEROPORT DE BEZIERS CAP D'AGDE, PORTIRAGNES, 34420)

Car hire company ratings in Beziers

  • Alamo EHI: Rated 7.6/10 from 296 reviews
  • EUROPCAR: Rated 7.3/10 from 772 reviews
  • Avis Europe: Rated 7.2/10 from 254 reviews
  • Enterprise: Rated 7.2/10 from 238 reviews
  • Thrifty: Rated 7.0/10 from 86 reviews
  • National: Rated 6.9/10 from 10 reviews

Beziers Mini Guide

What’s the Story of Beziers?
Beziers has an interesting and often bloody past. It was a Celtic settlement before the arrival of the Romans who thought the region was so serene that they built a city for veterans of the Roman Army. The city became more important after the construction of the road through to Spain from Provence.

In the 13th century, the city was the setting for one of the cruellest episodes of the crusades when, as a centre for Catharism, reviled by the Catholic church, it was besieged and when captured, all the inhabitants, Catholics and Cathars were put to the sword, even those seeking sanctuary in the church.

The city was razed to the ground but then rebuilt with the houses and medieval buildings giving the modern day Bezier the right to join the international federation of ancient towns. Much of the town’s tourism rests on its ancient splendour which has been carefully preserved.

How do I get to Beziers?
Beziers has a small regional airport which surprisingly takes a large number of flights from the UK including from Southampton, London and Bristol. The airport is only six miles from the town and buses, taxis or car hire will get you swiftly to the old town.

What is There to see and do in Beziers?
The main place that people visit is the Cathedral of St Nazaire.  It is of great historical significance as it was constructed almost immediately after the slaughter of thousands of townspeople burned to death in the original building during the sacking of Bezier by the Albigensians.

From the courtyard of the cathedral you can look out over the city to the River Orb below. The old streets of the town are great for a stroll. Narrow and mazy, they date back to the time of the cathedral and are now populated by craft and designer clothes shops. You can also walk the banks of the ancient Canal du Midi, a 17th century masterpiece of civil engineering linking the Mediterranean with the Atlantic.

The city is a bit of a paradox for although it has notes of Spain, a glance out from the cathedral makes one imagine you are in a Tuscan city with the red terracotta tiled roofs and warm coloured stone buildings.

What can I buy in Beziers?
The area around Beziers has strong Catalan influences and many of the gifts you can buy have a distinctly Spanish feel to them. There are local products on sale including delicious wine, especially the Vin du Pays d’Herault, products made from the cork grown locally and cheeses made in the region.

What Should I eat When Staying There?
Again, much of the local food is Mediterranean in style but with slight twists of Spain. A spicy sausage, reminiscent of Chorizo, is popular in stews and savoury tarts and the wild game caught in the hills, including rabbit, is put to good use in casseroles.

What about Festivals and Celebrations?
Beziers is home to the world famous ‘Feria’, a five day festival centred on the town’s bullring and including a bullfight. Plenty of food and drink is consumed during the feria and fireworks round the event off. Each year it’s attended by thousands of people from all over France and the UK. Religious festivals are celebrated widely but one still detects a cautious nod towards the atrocities against the Cathars.

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    We currently have 1 special offers for car rental in Beziers including;

  • Pre-Registration available
    For faster, easier car hire, add driver details before pick-up available from ALAMO, AVIS, DOLLAR, ENTERPRISE, EUROPCAR, HERTZ, KEDDY BY EUROPCAR, THRIFTY.

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