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A Guide to Car Hire: Albertville 
Explore Albertville with Rhinocarhire: Gateway to the French Alps

Located in the Savoie region of the French Alps, Albertville is celebrated globally for hosting the 1992 Winter Olympics. But its appeal extends far beyond its sporting legacy. From medieval architecture to its proximity to skiing hotspots, Albertville promises both adventure and relaxation.

Driving in Albertville: Essential Car Hire Insights

  • Nearest Airport: Chambéry Airport is about 50 km away, with a driving time of roughly 45 minutes.
  • Tolls: While the local vicinity may not require toll payments, if you're venturing further afield, be prepared for French toll roads, especially highways.
  • Road Conditions: Albertville, being a mountainous region, has winding roads that can be narrow at times, especially in the ski regions. They are, however, well-maintained.
  • Traffic: It's relatively free-flowing, but anticipate heavier traffic during skiing season.

Picking Your Ideal Vehicle in Albertville

  • City Cruising: Compact cars are convenient for city driving and finding parking spots.
  • Mountain Adventures: Opt for a sturdy SUV if you're heading into the mountains, especially in winter.

Albertville Highlights: Must-See and Do

  1. Medieval Conflans: A beautifully preserved medieval town offering panoramic views of the region.
  2. Museum of Art and History: Delve into Albertville's storied past, including its Olympic heritage.
  3. Nearby Ski Resorts: Such as Val d'Isère and Tignes, are within a comfortable driving distance.
  4. The Tarantaise Valley: A scenic drive with breathtaking vistas, traditional villages, and alpine charm.

The Perks of Booking Early with Rhinocarhire

  • Ample Choices: Secure the car model you desire by reserving ahead of time.
  • Cost Efficiency: Enjoy competitive rates with early bookings.
  • Swift Commencement: Arrive and drive away without delays.

Why Opt for Rhinocarhire in Albertville?

Experience unmatched service quality, transparent pricing, and a car fleet designed to cater to varied travel requirements. With Rhinocarhire, you're in reliable hands for your Albertville journey.


Albertville offers an alluring blend of cultural richness and outdoor activities. With the added convenience of Rhinocarhire, your alpine adventure is bound to be unforgettable.

Albertville is part of the Rhones Alpes region of France in the Savoie department. The skiing in this part of the world is excellent. The best feature of car hire Albertville is the ski packages we can offer. You will find these to be value for money as you can get a four by four vehicle which is fully equipped with snow tyres and snow chains. There are even ski racks for the rental vehicle if you need them. Your low cost hire car will allow you to access the Vanoise, the Bauges and the Beafortain mountain ranges among others.

Current Rental Rates in Albertville

Fiat 500

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 38.42 EUR/day
Fiat 500

7 Days rental at 269.00 EUR from 11/12/2023

  2 |
  Manual |

Renault Clio

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 38.85 EUR/day
Renault Clio

7 Days rental at 271.99 EUR from 11/12/2023

  2 |
  Manual |

Renault Captur

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 40.00 EUR/day
Renault Captur

7 Days rental at 280.01 EUR from 11/12/2023

  3 |
  Manual |

Useful to know about Albertville

  • Albertville is twinned with Winnenden in Germany and Vancouver in Canada
  • It's found in the Rhone-Alpes Region of south-east France
  • Albertville has a population just shy of 20,000
  • The town was labelled as the 'Town of Art and History' in 2003


Popular car hire destinations in Albertville

Best car rental companies in Albertville

No.1: AVIS,
based on 2690 reviews
21 min (average wait time)
No.2: HERTZ,
based on 5212 reviews
15 min (average wait time)
based on 4639 reviews
14 min (average wait time)

Albertville car hire information

  • 8.4/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    Avis Europe Corporate
  • € 268.94
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 38.42
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 3
    Most Popular Type:
  • 2
    Most popular model:
    Renault Captur
  • 7
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day in Albertville

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January€ 41
February€ 55
March€ 53
April€ 44
May€ 47
June€ 46
July€ 60
August€ 60
September€ 54
October€ 53
November€ 46
December€ 54
January€ 37
February€ 48
March€ 48
April€ 34
May€ 40
June€ 41
July€ 54
August€ 47
September€ 44
October€ 43
November€ 43
December€ 47
January€ 32
April€ 39
October€ 56
November€ 68
December€ 104
January€ 32
February€ 38
March€ 41
April€ 30
May€ 36
June€ 35
July€ 47
August€ 42
September€ 39
October€ 38
November€ 37
December€ 41
*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for today's best prices
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