Road Signs In Australia - What do Road Signs in Australia Mean?

If you’re driving in Australia for the first time, you should learn the road signs before hitting the road…

Driving in Australia shouldn’t give you too much cause to concern, however understanding the road signs in Australia before you head onto the roads is highly recommended. Whilst most roads signs in Australia use internationally adopted signage, such as warning signs and speed limits, there are some specific road signs in Australia that you really need to know. If you’re heading out of the cities and into the outback, knowing what the road signs mean could be the difference between life and death. So whether you are renting a car in Australia for the first time, or you’re a regular visitor and know the roads, a little revision on Australia road signs is recommended. One this is for sure, you’re unlikely to see a kangaroo crossing sign anywhere else in the world.

Australia road signs


Warning Road Signs in Australia

Warning signs in Australia are often red or yellow to advise of potential danger. You should take note of any warning signs in Australia as they are designed to alert you of possible dangers ahead.



Information Road Signs in Australia

Information signs in Australia are the most frequently used road signs in Australia and are generally used on any type of road to provide road users with general information about the road they are using and the road ahead.



Mandatory Road Signs in Australia

Mandatory road signs in Australia are used where you are required to carry out a specific task, they are not suggestions, information or advisory signs, they must be adhered to and as such are arguably the most important roads signs in Australia that you need to know.



Priority Road Signs in Australia

Priority road signs in Australia are designed to clarify who has priority at the junction / road ahead. If driving in a country where you drive on the other side to the road, priorities are likely to the opposite of what you are familiar with, roundabouts being a notable difference.



Prohibitory Road Signs in Australia

Prohibitory road signs in Australia are used on all road types in Australia, often to restrict certain types of vehicles and certain manoeuvres such as prohibiting u-turns or setting maximum speeds.



Visitor Comments

  • 10/04/2020

    Axel Jungfer

    Hi - many years ago when my wife and me toured thru Australia we saw a traffic sign (obviously not official) that shows an elderly man with a walking stick crossing the road. The text beneath was "Caution - old fart xrossing. Can you please provide me with a picture of that sign ? We are living in a residential area (Germany) with many elderly people. I would like to make a traffic sign like this - even if it is strictly forbidden to mount it. But for a small private road it should be ok. regards Axel
  • 01/08/2019

    Phillip Russell

    I would like a price on 3 x Kangaroo Warning signs please. Cheers Phil Russell
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