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Car Rental in Baku Guide

Explore Baku with the Freedom of a Car Rental

Hiring a car in Baku opens up a world of possibilities for exploring the vibrant capital city of Azerbaijan and its surrounding regions. With its striking blend of modern architecture and historic landmarks, Baku begs to be discovered at your own pace. From the bustling streets of the Old City to the futuristic Flame Towers, having a rental car offers the flexibility to delve into every corner of this dynamic metropolis. Beyond the city limits, picturesque landscapes and cultural treasures await, from the serene shores of the Caspian Sea to the ancient mud volcanoes of Gobustan. With convenient pickup locations and a diverse fleet of vehicles to choose from, hiring a car in Baku with Rhinocarhire ensures an unforgettable journey filled with freedom and adventure.

Benefits of Hiring a Car in Baku:
Convenience & Flexibility: Reach attractions on your own schedule. No more waiting for public transport or being bound by tour timings.
Economical: Especially if traveling in a group, renting a car can be cost-effective compared to multiple public transport tickets.
Comfort: Enjoy the luxury of personal space, air-conditioning, and listening to your choice of music as you cruise around.

Driving Essentials in Baku:
Nearest Airport: Baku’s primary airport is the Heydar Aliyev International Airport, located about 20km northeast of downtown Baku, roughly a 30-minute drive.
Tolls: Currently, there are no toll roads in and around Baku.
Road Conditions: Most main roads in Baku are in good condition, but be cautious of occasional potholes. Rural areas might have less maintained roads.
Traffic: Baku, especially during peak hours, can be congested. It’s advisable to avoid rush hour, typically from 8-10 AM and 5-7 PM.

Driving Customs: Azerbaijanis drive on the right side of the road. Seat belts are mandatory. Do note, local drivers might be aggressive compared to Western standards.

Top Attractions & Travel Details:
Maiden Tower: Situated in Baku's Old City, it's a UNESCO World Heritage site. Just a 10-minute drive from the city center.

Flame Towers: Baku’s modern architectural wonders. Visible from most parts of the city, they are approximately a 15-minute drive from downtown.

Gobustan National Park: Famous for its ancient rock carvings. Located about 64km southwest of Baku, it's roughly an hour's drive.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum: Showcasing Azerbaijan's rich tapestry of handmade carpets. A mere 10-minute drive from the city center.

Baku Boulevard: A beautiful promenade along the Caspian Sea. Accessible throughout the city, with ample parking spaces.

Handy Driving Tips:
Parking: Always look for designated parking areas. Avoid leaving your car in restricted zones.
GPS Assistance: While Baku is fairly easy to navigate, using a GPS can ensure a more relaxed journey.
Respect for Pedestrians: Always stop for pedestrians at pedestrian crossings.

Renting a car in Baku opens up a world of possibilities, from the ancient alleys of the Old City to the modern marvels that dot its skyline. With the road as your canvas, paint your perfect Baku adventure. The best value car hire does not get any better than our Baku car hire. We believe you will not find all we offer you for a lower price. You will get the chance to pre-book and select just the car you want from a broad range of vehicles; pre-booking will mean less waiting time at the collection point and with a comprehensive package of insurance cover, you will know you are safe in our hands.

Note: Always ensure you are updated with local driving regulations and customs. Your safety and respect for local norms are paramount. 

Current Rental Rates in Baku

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Baku: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • Explore the ancient wonders of Gobustan's mud volcanoes and petroglyphs with the convenience of a rental car.
  • Drive along the scenic Baku Boulevard, stretching along the Caspian Sea, for a leisurely seaside escape in your hired car.
  • Discover the architectural marvels of Baku, from the historic Old City to the modern wonders like the iconic Flame Towers, all accessible with a rental car.
  • Embark on a road trip to the UNESCO-listed Sheki, renowned for its exquisite Khan's Palace, just a scenic drive away from Baku with your hire car.
  • Experience the natural beauty of the Absheron Peninsula, dotted with ancient fortresses and picturesque villages, easily accessible by rental car from Baku.


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January€ 87
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