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Rent a 4x4 in Vienna

Vienna isn't typically associated with winter sports holidays in the primary alpine region resorts, situated in the east of Austria it's around 200km from the best known and visited resorts and Salzbug Airport may be a better arrival point if that's your agenda. That said, 4x4 rental in Vienna is still a very popular vehicle type, particularly during the winter months when snow fall is almost guaranteed and road conditions can be tricky at best. All the benefits of a 4 wheel drive are just a few clicks away as we arrange more 4x4 rentals in Vienna that anywhere else in Austria, mainly due to the sheer volume and demand through it's international airport. We work with all of the international car rental agencies offering 4x4 rentals in Vienna to ensure the widest range and best prices can be found all in one convenient and secure place. Get a quote today with Rhino if its a Vienna 4x4 rental you need and you'll be pleasantly surprised how affordable it can be.

4x4 rental vienna

Can I rent a 4x4 from Vienna Airport

Of course, in fact if that most popular location in Austria to rent a 4x4 full stop. We arrange more 4x4 rentals at Vienna airport than pretty much anywhere in the region. In fact, we're only expecting to 4x4 rental at Geneva Airport in Switzerland to outstrip demand in the region over the winter months.

SUV Rental Vienna

Whilst we have an unrivalled range of 4x4 rentals in Vienna, that's not so say we don't also offer a variety of SUV rentals in Vienna to cater for those on a tighter budget. Our most popular of all SUV rentals Vienna has to offer is the Nissan Qashqai, a popular model all over the world, it offers the space and versatility of a good size family car in a budget package often costing little more than a comparably sized hatchback. Our range topping models include the BMW X5 with 4 wheel drive (xdrive) and the capacious Volkswagen Touareg for those looking for the ultimage comfort and luxury.
4x4 / SUV Rentals in Vienna
Nissan Qashqai
Renault Kadjar
Suzuki Vitara AWD
Hyundai ix35
Honda CR-V
Volkswagen Touareg

Other Car Hire Locations in Austria

We specialise in car rentals throughout Austria to find you the best price and that's a promise...

4x4 rental

AWD Rental in Vienna

Whilst the airport is the most popular location to pick up and return your rental 4x4 in Vienna, we can arrange for downtown pick up and return if that's more convenient and even one way rentals should you not be returning to Vienna Airport. Our rental agents have offices across the city including the following for your convenience;
  • 108, Rennweg, Vienna, Austria, 1030
  • 38, Schlachthausgasse, Vienna, Austria, 1030
  • 12, Richard-Strauss-Strasse, Vienna, Austria, 1230
  • 9, Schubertring, Carreturn: Beethovenplatz 3, Vienna, Austria, 1010 - Train Station