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Rent a 4x4 in Geneva

Getting to the slopes at quickly and safely as possible is high on the agenda for most renting a car in Geneva and for that reason, 4x4 rental in Geneva is proving ever popular. Whilst on the whole, the roads from Geneva Airport to the major ski resorts are very well prepared for snow, it's not uncommon for them to be snow covered and is why most of our rentals in Geneva include free winterisation to ensure safe passage. Winter tyres, whilst legally required and proven to be excellent in winter conditions can only help so much when only 2 of the wheels are driven. The ultimate traction in snowy / winter conditions would be a 4x4 with winter tyres.

4x4 hire Geneva

Can I rent a 4x4 from Geneva Airport

Upon arrival at your destination, renting a 4x4 from Geneva is the best option to avoid getting snowed in and missing a day on the slopes, or worse still, missing your flight home. Whilst road conditions should be considered well in advance of planning your trip, a 4x4 is the safest option for travelling in wintry conditions. We recommend that our customer adhere to road signage and local advice on driving during the worst conditions.

SUV Rental Geneva

For some, a 4x4 rental in Geneva isn't absolutely required, however the benefits of SUV rental in Geneva can give most of the same benefits of 4x4 rental at a franction of the cost. The popularity of SUV rental in Geneva has surged in recent years, consistent with the rise in SUV popularity on the road, which now account for the biggest sector in the car industry. Much like all Switzerland car rental you can expect all SUV's to be under 1 year old.

The elevated driving position and increased ground coverage of SUV rental in Geneva offers many benefits and although not as effective as 4x4 rental, with the correct winter tyres for the conditions, SUV rentals offer an excellent choice and cost little more than a regular car rental in Geneva. Our most popular rentals for SUV and 4x4 rentals in Geneva include;
4x4 rental models in Geneva
SUV rental models in Geneva
BMW X3 (x-drive)
Nissan Qashqai
Nissan Juke AWD
VW Tiguan
Skoda Yeti AWD
Kia Sportage
Audi Q5 AWD
Ford Kuga

*Exact make and model not guaranteed, rental agent may supply an 'or similar' rental car in the same or higher group. Make and models shown are representative of the current fleets offered by our suppliers as of winter 2018 and is subject to change.

Other Car Hire Locations in Switzerland

We specialise in car rentals throughout Switzerland to find you the best price and that's a promise...

4x4 rental

AWD Rental in Geneva

Geneva Airport is the most popular pick up location for 4x4 rental in Switzerland. The arrival point of choice for the ski season, whether you rent a car from GVA or GGV (Swiss / French side) the airport is the most convenient and often best value due to competition, however if you do need to rent a 4x4 in Geneva city / downtown, we have 4x4's to rent at the following locations;

Geneva Downtown
  • 44, Rue de Lausanne, Geneva, Switzerland, 1201
  • 2, Rue de Monthoux, Geneva, Switzerland, 1201
  • 23, Route Des Acacias, Geneva, Switzerland, 1227
  • Metro Shopping Gallery, Level 1, Gare de Genève Cornavin, Geneva, Switzerland, 1203