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Automatic car hire Heathrow

Looking for a hassle-free and affordable car hire experience at Heathrow Airport? Look no further! Our car rental services offer a wide range of automatic gear cars, perfect for those seeking a comfortable and convenient driving experience. No matter whether you need to hire an automatic from Heathrow Terminal 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 you can search, compare and save on Heathrow automatic car hire from leading rental agents such as Avis, Budget, Thrifty and Sixt to find the cheapest price. With a wide range of automatic hire cars in Heathrow available to rent with prices starting from under £25 per day there has never been a cheaper time to rent an automatic at Heathrow Airport. Over 90% of visitors from the USA require an automatic rental car at Heathrow and with such high demand it's clear why so many car hire companies offer automatic car hire at Heathrow.

With competitive prices and flexible rental options, we make cheap car hire at Heathrow Airport a reality.


automatic car rental Heathrow

Why is automatic car hire in Heathrow expensive?

Compared to a regular rental car, many people consider the cost of an automatic hire car at Heathrow to be expensive. Whilst there is a premium to pay for an automatic rental car at Heathrow there is good reason. The primary reason is that the cheapest automatic hire car at Heathrow is unlikely to be a mini / economy class vehicle than the cheapest manual option might be. Not only are you paying a small premium for the hire car being automatic, you are also paying for a bigger car. Other factors include;
  • Automatic cars cost more for the rental companies to purchase
  • Servicing costs can be higher on automatic cars
  • Repair costs can be higher on automatic rental cars
  • Fewer automatic hire cars are available, less competition leads to higher prices

Most popular automatic car hire models at Heathrow:

  • Kia Picanto (economy)
  • Hyundai i30 (compact)
  • Ford Focus (compact)
  • Skoda Octavia (fullsize)
  • Nissan Qashqai (SUV)
  • Mercedes E Class Estate (estate)
  • BMW 5 Series (premium)
  • Citroen Grand Picasso (7 seater)
  • Mercedes Vito (9 seater)
  • BWW 4 Series Convertible (convertible)
automatic car rental

Automatic car hire at Heathrow guaranteed

When renting an automatic hire car at Heathrow you are guaranteed to receive a rental car with automatic transmission. Unlike the frequently used term 'or similar' when hiring an automatic at Heathrow it is guaranteed. You may not receive the exact make and model booked but any alternative will be an automatic hire car or equal or higher class than that booked.