Do you want to rent an Electric car in the USA?

If you’re wandering why the car rental world has been so slow to adopt electric car rentals or why you can’t find an electric rental car in the USA the answer if quite simple. Supply and demand is a simple equation and the move demand for electric car rentals in the USA, the more supply will come. It’s true that as of 2021, electric car rental availability across the USA is low and in some locations non-existent.

This is a reflection of the general car market in the US where EV take up has been muted. Large travel distances and cheap fuel provide the perfect storm for EV hesitancy. In fact, the US is lagging significantly behind the Europe and China where EV sales continue to surge.

What rental agents have EV rental cars in the USA?

The following rental agents currently offer EV rentals in the US; (including plug-in Hybrids)
  • Enterprise (4 models)
  • Sixt (1 model)
  • Avis (1 model)
  • Alamo (5 models)
  • Europcar (4 models)
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What EV rental car models are available in the USA

  • Tesla Model 3 (EV)
  • Tesla Model S (EV)
  • Nissan Leaf (EV)
  • Polestar 2 (EV)
  • Renault Zoe (EV)
  • Hyundai Ioniq (EV)
  • BMW 13 (EV)
  • Kia E-Niro (EV)
  • Toyota Prius (Hybrid)
  • Ford Fusion (Hybrid)

FAQs about Electric Car Rental in USA

How much does it cost to rent a electric car in the USA?

Electric car rentals start from as little at $40 per day for a Nissan Leaf where available.

Can I rent a Tesla in the USA?

Yes, both the Model S and Model 3 are available at limited locations, check for availability.

What is the most popular electric rental car in the USA?

The Nissan Leaf is the most popular EV rental in the USA, offered by more rental agents than any other model.

What is the best rental agent for electric car rental in the USA?

Alamo have the widest range of EV models currently available, followed closely by Europcar.

What is the cheapest electric rental car in the USA?

The Renault Zoe, available from Europcar is the cheapest electric rental car in the USA with rates starting from around $25 per day.


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Tesla rental USA

When you do find an electric rental car in the USA, the chances are it’ll be a Tesla. Nearly two thirds of all EV’s registered in the USA are from Tesla. Whilst aimed at the premium / luxury end of the market and priced accordingly, the discerning business traveller is more likely to find an electric rental car in the USA than the eco-conscious family or young couple. Where EV rental cars stretch beyond the Tesla, the Nissan Leaf if the model of choice with space of 5, plus ample luggage and range in excess of 200 miles, it’s a useful addition to many rental fleets and we expect to see numbers grow significantly over the coming years.

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