Iowa Car Hire - Did You Know?

  • The name comes from the Native American tribe, the Ioway who lived in the region
  • Iowa was once part of the French colony called ‘New France’
  • It’s known as the ‘food capital of the world’ on account of its huge annual corn production
  • The capital and largest city is Des Moines which translates from the French as ‘of the monks’
  • Iowa is regularly near the top of the list of safest American states

A Mini Guide to Iowa:

Where is Iowa?
Iowa is in America’s Midwest and bounded by the states of Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri and Wisconsin. It’s big on farming and is part of the ‘breadbasket’ states for the rolling fields of corn that turn the state a golden brown in the summer. The people live a simple life, well fed with the fresh food produced on the local farms. The cities of the state are small compared to other states but still have many of the attractions that bigger settlements offer. Ones of note include the state capital Des Moines, known for its huge insurance companies, Dubuque and Sioux City.

How do I get to Iowa?
There are no truly international airports as the state is almost in the centre of  the United States and, apart from flights from Canada, most that arrive at the main airport in Des Moines are domestic flights. Travellers from Europe should get flights into the cheapest available airport on the eastern seaboard that has connections to Des Moines or other Iowan airports..

What is There to See and Do in Iowa?
There’s actually surprisingly little of note as most of the state is flat agricultural land. The appeal of Iowa is in the simplicity of life and the countryside but there are some things that shouldn’t be missed there. Many will remember the Kevin Costner film ‘Field of Dreams’ and you can visit the actual ‘field’ in Iowa which still hosts baseball games. It’s considered a place of pilgrimage for baseball fans and attracts thousands of them each year who travel to Iowa just to see it.

In the town of Urbandale, you’ll find one of the state’s, and probably one of America’s best attractions, the Living History Museum. It’s not big and brash but instead has several farmsteads set up from different periods in history and each one is operated in the way it would have been at the time. There’s a farm from the early 18th, mid-19th and early 20th centuries and each is a stunning contrast to the others. Finally, if you’re in Des Moines at the time of the state fair you’re in for a treat. It’s the biggest, and some say the best, in the US with a complete package of shows, music, exhibitions and food and is a great place to see what the state has to offer.

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