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Exploring Stamford, Connecticut with a Rental Car

When hiring a car in Stamford with Rhinocarhire, you're opening the door to seamless exploration of this charming city and its picturesque surroundings. With our wide selection of vehicles, ranging from compact cars to spacious SUVs, you can find the perfect ride to suit your needs and preferences. Enjoy the convenience of picking up your rental directly in Stamford, allowing you to hit the road and start your adventure without delay. Whether you're visiting for business or leisure, having a rental car at your disposal provides the freedom to discover Stamford's historic landmarks, scenic parks, and vibrant cultural scene at your own pace. Experience hassle-free car rental with Rhinocarhire and make the most of your time in Stamford.

Stamford, located on Connecticut's Gold Coast, combines the charm of a New England town with the buzz of a thriving metropolitan area. A rental car is your ticket to experiencing Stamford and the broader region at your own pace.

Proximity to Airports:
Stamford is conveniently located in relation to several major airports.

  • Westchester County Airport (HPN): About 20 miles northeast, roughly a 30-minute drive 
  • LaGuardia Airport (LGA): Approximately 37 miles southwest, generally a 50-minute to 1-hour 
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK): Roughly 45 miles southwest, typically an hour's drive 

Rental Car Benefits:

  1. Flexibility: Visit surrounding towns like Greenwich and Norwalk or even venture to nearby states.
  2. Scenic Drives: Enjoy coastal drives along the Long Island Sound or upcountry routes in the fall to experience New England’s famous foliage.
  3. Economic: Especially if traveling with family or in groups, a rental car often proves to be more cost-effective than relying on public transport or taxis.

Recommended Attractions and Routes:

  1. Stamford Museum & Nature Center: Just a 15-minute drive from downtown, it offers a blend of art, history, nature, and agriculture.
  2. Cove Island Park: A mere 10-minute drive south of downtown offers beaches, a salt marsh, walking tracks, and more.
  3. Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens: Located about 20 minutes north of downtown, it's a beautiful spot for nature lovers.
  4. Day Trips: With a car, you're perfectly placed for day trips. Drive to New Haven to explore Yale University, or head to Sleepy Hollow, New York, for a taste of American legend.

Stamford, with its mix of corporate energy and coastal tranquility, is a gem to explore. A rental car amplifies the experience, letting you explore deeper into Connecticut's charm, navigate to nearby states, or simply enjoy scenic drives. When hiring a car in Stamford, ensure you're aware of local driving customs, and have mapped out tolls and parking in areas you intend to visit. 

The best rates are found by pre-booking your car online at Rhinocarhire.com as we have searched the market for the best car hire rates in Stamford to bring you the lowest prices on the best quality cars. In addition to low rates, we offer a range of options to make your car hire in Stamford more practical or comfortable such as sat-nav systems or roof bars.

Current Rental Rates in Stamford

Kia Soul

5 Adults, 4 Doors

From 49.72 EUR/day
Kia Soul

7 Days rental at 348.10 EUR from 21/07/2024

  3 |
  Automatic |

Toyota Corolla

5 Adults, 4 Doors

From 49.97 EUR/day
Toyota Corolla

7 Days rental at 349.79 EUR from 21/07/2024

  4 |
  Automatic |

Kia Soul

5 Adults, 4 Doors

From 53.20 EUR/day
Kia Soul

7 Days rental at 372.45 EUR from 21/07/2024

  3 |
  Automatic |

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Stamford: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • Scenic Coastal Drives and Beaches: Utilize your rental car to explore the picturesque Connecticut coastline. Drive to Cove Island Park or Cummings Park for beachside relaxation, walking trails, and bird watching.
  • Cultural and Artistic Exploration: Visit Stamford’s vibrant arts scene, including the Stamford Center for the Arts, the Avon Theatre Film Center, and numerous galleries. Drive around to discover public art installations and cultural events throughout the city.
  • Shopping and Dining: Use your rental car to access Stamford’s diverse shopping and dining options. Explore the Stamford Town Center, the shops and restaurants of Harbor Point, or the unique boutiques and eateries in the Downtown area.
  • Outdoor Activities and Parks: Drive to local parks and nature reserves such as Mianus River Park and the Stamford Museum & Nature Center for hiking, wildlife viewing, and outdoor education.
  • Historical Sites: Explore Stamford's history by visiting the Stamford Historical Society, the Hoyt-Barnum House, or taking a short drive to neighboring towns with historic sites and colonial architecture.


Stamford - Popular Destinations

  • Greenwich, Connecticut: Approximately 5 miles southwest of Stamford - Known for its upscale shops, beautiful beaches like Greenwich Point Park, and cultural attractions such as the Bruce Museum.
  • Norwalk, Connecticut: Roughly 10 miles northeast of Stamford - Home to the Maritime Aquarium, historic South Norwalk (SoNo), and the Sheffield Island Lighthouse.
  • New Canaan, Connecticut: About 8 miles north of Stamford - Visit the Philip Johnson Glass House and explore quaint downtown New Canaan,

Our Most Popular Rated Local Car Rental Suppliers from Stamford

No.1: ALAMO,
based on 5275 reviews
24 min (average wait time)
based on 4754 reviews
14 min (average wait time)
No.2: HERTZ,
based on 2787 reviews
19 min (average wait time)

Stamford car hire information

  • 9.2/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    Alamo US Corporate
  • € 348.04
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 49.72
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 6
    Most Popular Type:
  • 2
    Most popular model:
    Chrysler 300
  • 26
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day in Stamford

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January€ 78
February€ 74
March€ 76
April€ 89
May€ 72
June€ 115
July€ 106
August€ 87
September€ 76
October€ 74
November€ 79
December€ 82
January€ 75
February€ 69
March€ 69
April€ 78
May€ 73
June€ 95
July€ 99
August€ 85
September€ 71
October€ 73
November€ 79
December€ 79
January€ 123
February€ 108
March€ 104
April€ 114
May€ 110
June€ 147
July€ 151
August€ 134
September€ 116
October€ 114
November€ 114
December€ 125
January€ 82
February€ 77
March€ 76
April€ 84
May€ 78
June€ 106
July€ 111
August€ 99
September€ 85
October€ 87
November€ 87
December€ 94
January€ 108
February€ 101
March€ 94
April€ 99
May€ 94
June€ 122
July€ 151
August€ 140
September€ 113
October€ 116
November€ 130
December€ 134
January€ 91
February€ 83
March€ 80
April€ 88
May€ 85
June€ 110
July€ 118
August€ 107
September€ 91
October€ 90
November€ 95
December€ 99
January€ 85
February€ 80
March€ 90
April€ 114
June€ 137
July€ 115
August€ 91
September€ 71
October€ 71
November€ 78
December€ 70
*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for today's best prices
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