Guide to the Costa del Sol

The ideal location of the Costa Del Sol (sunshine coast) in the south of Spain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea has always made it a desirable place to live in.

Over the years Romans, Phoenicians, Moor, Visigoths and Carthaginians have lived in the Costa Del Sol. Today this coast and towns such as Malaga and Marbella annually attract thousands of tourists from all over Europe and beyond. Because the Costa Del Sol is considered to be a great getaway for people who are looking for sand, sea, sun and fun, the tourist industry and infrastructure has become incredibly advanced and efficient.

Flying in you will most likely arrive at the massive Malaga airport which caters to more than 12 million passengers every year. Airlines connecting with terminal one of Malaga airport include Delta Airlines, Aeroflot and TAP Portugal while from terminal two you can catch flights to and from Ireland with Aer Lingus, London with British Airways and domestic flights with Spanair, to name but a few.

Malaga airport is situated eight kilometres outside of the port city of Malaga which is the capital of Andalusia. Malaga is surrounded by mountains, has two rivers running through it, and is culturally very rich. It is a great place to enjoy a live Flamenco show while eating Spanish tapas and drinking the local wine. If you spend time in Malaga be sure to see the Gilbralfaro castle and the Alcazabar fort, the latter of which was built hundreds of years ago by the Moors. Meanwhile no visit to Malaga would be complete without stopping at the Pablo Picasso museum where a wide collection of works by Spain’s most celebrated artist is available to see.

Car hire in Malaga is the most way comfortable way to get out and see the region without subjecting yourself to the baking summer heat. Rhino hire cars come with air conditioning to combat the soaring temperatures and are a far more pleasant option than sitting on a crowded bus. To find more information on Malaga Spain give a visit as they have a wealth of informatioin on Malaga and the Costa del Sol in Spain.

Once you are mobile you can explore all sorts of quaint fishing villages along the Costa Del Sol or head to the luxurious areas such as Marbella where you will see many expensive boats and glamorous people. Car hire Marbella lets you explore this cosmopolitan beach resort and the main coastal A7 road in Marbella will give you some stunning views while you do so. Drive carefully as the road can be dangerous.

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