Costa Dorado

With more than 200 kilometres of sandy beaches which overlook the calm, warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, it is no wonder that the Costa Dorado is among Europe’s most fancied holiday destinations.

The golden coast, as it translates to in English, takes its name from the rich, shiny sand which covers those beaches. The fact that the sand is kept so clean by the Spanish authorities has led to many beaches on the Costa Dorado being given the Blue Flag award in recognition of their excellent state. In all there are around 20 main towns in the Costa Dorado so leave yourself plenty of time to explore the area.

The best time of year to go to the Costa Dorado weather wise is between May and October. But over the summer the Costa Dorado does get crowded and some towns such as Salou see their populations swell from 15,000 inhabitants up to a quarter of a million people. Salou has every type of available accommodation and plenty to do, including a whole host of water sports which can be appreciated on its beaches.

However, car hire Salou will mean that you can get away from the hoards and head for quieter areas such as the small towns to the south west of the region. Those who are interested in nature can also go to the Delta of the River Ebro where a bird sanctuary provides protection to many migratory species.

Costa Dorado (or Costa Daurada) stretches from the Catalan capital of Barcelona to the city of Tarragona in north east Spain. Car hire Reus Airport is an excellent way to see this Spanish city which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Tarragona caters to tourists with a number of good bars and restaurants and if you like seafood you are in luck. You may wish to coincide your visit to Tarragona with seeing some of its international festivals which include the 100 concerts put on by Dixieland bands at the Tarragona International Dixieland Festival.

Costa Dorado is also an excellent place to take a family holiday as it is the site of the Port Aventura theme park which draws visitors from all over Europe to enjoy its roller coasters and other attractions. While the most accessible airport for the Costa Dorado is at Reus some 15 kilometres inland, it is also possible to fly into Barcelona’s massive international airport, pick up your Rhino rental car, and complete your journey.

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