Sanitised car hire in Zug

Look out for this icon to see which car hire brands have committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines, the following car hire companies in Zug, Switzerland offer sanitised rental cars:

At present, none of the car rental companies in Zug have committed to offering sanitised cars.

Sanitised car
This car rental company has committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines.

Cheapest car hire in Zug


Volkswagen Touran

7 Adults, 5 Doors

From 93.37 EUR/day
Volkswagen Touran

7 Days rental at 653.65 EUR from 17/05/2021

  1 |
  Automatic |

Skoda Kodiaq

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 97.40 EUR/day
Skoda Kodiaq

7 Days rental at 681.84 EUR from 17/05/2021

  6 |
  Automatic |

Volkswagen Sharan

7 Adults, 5 Doors

From 107.42 EUR/day
Volkswagen Sharan

7 Days rental at 751.98 EUR from 17/05/2021

  2 |
  Automatic |

Volkswagen T6

9 Adults, 5 Doors

From 158.82 EUR/day
Volkswagen T6

7 Days rental at 1111.74 EUR from 17/05/2021

  4 |
  Automatic |

Mercedes V Class

7 Adults, 5 Doors

From 174.58 EUR/day
Mercedes V Class

7 Days rental at 1222.06 EUR from 17/05/2021

  3 |
  Automatic |

Audi Q7

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 263.81 EUR/day
Audi Q7

7 Days rental at 1846.71 EUR from 17/05/2021

  3 |
  Automatic |

*daily rates in Zug based on a 1 day rental (24hr period) and for guidance purposes only.

Useful to know about Zug

  • The town is mainly German speaking.
  • Roman Catholicism is very strong there.
  • It’s a dedicated low tax region, as such it is the home of the head offices of several multinational companies.
  • Catherine the Great of Russia’s ancestors hailed from Zug.

Zug car hire reviews

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Rated 3.8 / 5 | 1,800 reviews

Best car rental companies in Zug

based on 898 reviews
17 min (average wait time)
based on 53 reviews
18 min (average wait time)

Nearest car hire pickup locations in or near Zug


Zuger Strasse 77, Baar, 6340


Fuertistrasse 11, Wollerau, 8832


Luzernerstrasse 48, Lucerne, 6030


Auto Notruf Luzern Neuenkirchstrasse 90, Emmenbruecke, 6020


Josefstrasse 53, Zurich, 8005


Gartenhofstrasse 17, Zurich, 8004

Zug car hire information

Zug car hire information

  • 7.6/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    EUROPCAR Franchise
  • € 653.59
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 93.37
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 2
    Most Popular Type:
  • 1
    Most popular model:
    Mercedes V Class
  • 6
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day for car hire in Zug

January€ 76
February€ 86
April€ 76
May€ 74
June€ 66
July€ 75
August€ 73
September€ 73
October€ 72
November€ 73
December€ 78
January€ 63
February€ 77
April€ 64
May€ 62
June€ 55
July€ 63
August€ 61
September€ 61
October€ 60
November€ 61
December€ 65
January€ 118
February€ 128
April€ 114
May€ 109
June€ 100
July€ 117
August€ 106
September€ 105
October€ 105
November€ 105
December€ 123
January€ 89
February€ 101
April€ 90
May€ 89
June€ 80
July€ 90
August€ 87
September€ 86
October€ 84
November€ 84
December€ 92
January€ 193
February€ 193
April€ 188
May€ 438
June€ 434
July€ 437
August€ 438
September€ 434
October€ 434
November€ 433
December€ 440
January€ 60
February€ 69
April€ 60
May€ 59
June€ 52
July€ 59
August€ 58
September€ 57
October€ 57
November€ 57
December€ 62
January€ 126
February€ 144
April€ 122
May€ 120
June€ 109
July€ 123
August€ 116
September€ 115
October€ 114
November€ 110
December€ 125
January€ 108
February€ 123
April€ 108
May€ 103
June€ 95
July€ 101
August€ 102
September€ 101
October€ 100
November€ 101
December€ 114

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FAQs about car hire in Zug

How much does car hire in Zug cost?

Car hire in Zug costs as little as €93.40 per day, however the average price across all suppliers for a Intermediate class vehicle is €93.40 per day. The most expensive car to hire is €263.80 per day from EUROPCAR for a Audi Q7.

What car hire companies offer sanitised car rental in Zug?

1 car hire brands have committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines in Zug, including EUROPCAR, see the full list here.

What car hire companies offer sanitised car rental in Zug?

None of the car hire companies in Zug are currently offering sanitised cars as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines.

Who is the best car rental agent in Zug?

Based on recent customer reviews over the last 3 months, EUROPCAR Franchise has the highest customer rating for car hire in Zug with a score of 7.6/10

with EUROPCAR Direct rated second best with a score of 7.1/10


How much does it cost to hire a compact car in Zug?

Today’s cheapest price for compact car hire in Zug is € per week from .

Who is the cheapest car hire agent in Zug?

The cheapest car hire company in Zug is EUROPCAR, with prices for a Intermediate class car such as the Volkswagen Touran available from as little as €653.59 per week.

How much is fuel in Zug?

You can expect to pay €1.379/ltr of petrol and €1.461/ltr of diesel in Zug. You’ll pay a premium if refilling at motorway services of up to 10%.

What car hire agencies are available in Zug?

We can arrange great deals on car hire in Zug with leading car hire companies such as EUROPCAR as well as reputable, local car hire companies.

What type of car can I hire in Zug?

We can arrange Fullsize, Intermediate, Oversize, Special and Standard class rental cars in Zug.

How much does it cost to hire a convertible car in Zug?

We don’t currently have any convertible cars to hire in Zug, but we are working in it and please check dates for future rentals.
The price at the moment for a convertible rental car in Zug is € per week from for a .

Do you have a discount code for car hire in Zug?

We don’t have any discount codes for car hire in Zug at the moment, however EUROPCAR rates start from just €653.59 per week. If you’ve found a cheaper price than €653.59 from EUROPCAR in Zug or any other rental agent, let us know and we’ll do our best to beat it.

How much does it cost to hire a car for a week in Zug?

The cheapest price to hire a car for a week in Zug is €653.80 per week with an average price of €653.80 per week across all car hire companies.

Information about the car hire agents in Zug

Most popular car hire companies in Zug

  • Europcar (tel: 41 41 7412424)
  • Europcar (tel: 41 41 7412424)
  • Edel and stark luxury fleet (tel: +41 62 295 15 15)

Pick-up locations for car hire companies in Zug

  • Edel and stark luxury fleet (Zug, Delivery and Collection, Zug, 6300)

Car hire company ratings in Zug

  • EUROPCAR Franchise: Rated 7.6/10 from 123 reviews
  • EUROPCAR Direct: Rated 7.1/10 from 48 reviews

Zug Mini Guide

Tell me About Zug
Zug is a German speaking canton in the centre of Switzerland. It is the smallest of the cantons – it contains 11 villages and Zug is also the capital.

How Would I get There?
The SBB CFF and FFS railways all link Zug with Zurich, which has the nearest airport and major rail links with Europe. You can also use the S-Bahn lines S9 and S21 or driving is a good option via the A4 motorway; it should take around 45 minutes. For first timers hiring a car in Switzerland there's little to be concerned about, cars are rarely more than a year old and the average customer service rating is extremely high.

What can I see There?
Firstly, take a walk along the lake shore promenade and see the views of Rigi and Pilatus. Visit the old town where you will see four walls from the towers of the original city and the parish church of St Oswald, which was built in1485. The town hall now houses the Historical and Antiquarian Museum and you can visit the Museum of Pre-history Zug which has archaeological remains from the bronze age settlement. If you are interested in art, the Kunsthaus is worth visiting. Rather manic in tone are the summer Monday evening rollerskate/rollerblade conventions that happen on the streets of Zug up to the end of September. Bring your own or hire some skates for some speedy fun!

Out and About
You can take an Earth Trail through Steinhausan Forest or hike up Zugerberg. After using all that energy, have a relaxing dinner cruise on Lake Zug or Lake Aegeri. Food lovers should try the cherry cake at Confiserie Speck and then visit the brewery at Baar to see how the local beer is made.

Souvenirs from Zug
A bottle of the locally made Kirsch Liqueur, in Zug it is used in cakes and truffles.

Where can I Stay?
The City Hotel Ochsen was built in 1543, it’s an old building with modern facilities and Wi-Fi. It is the centre of town, but also close to the lake and the train station, so a perfect base for exploring the town. Fine Swiss cuisine is served at the hotel’s restaurant and bar.

Zug has an attractive position on Lake Zug with the mountain Zugerberg behind it. The town itself is promising and has a tightly packed old quarter worth visiting. If venturing away from Zug old town, take your hire car down to the lake shore and walk the promenade that has been fashioned there.

Stunning views of the lake and the mountains; Pilatus and Rigi can be gained from there. Finally, drive through the orchards that crowd the slopes of the Zugerberg and buy some of the locally produced kirsch that Zug is famed for!
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  • Pre-Registration available
    For faster, easier car hire, add driver details before pick-up available from EUROPCAR.

Next Upcoming Holiday


    Thursday 1 Apr 2021

    Näfelser Fahrt - Common local holiday

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