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Rent an Automatic in Alicante

When planning your trip to Alicante, consider the convenience and ease of hiring an automatic car with Rhino Car Hire. Automatic cars are perfect for those who prefer a smoother, more relaxed driving experience, especially when navigating unfamiliar roads.

Why Choose an Automatic Car in Alicante?

  • Ease of Use: Automatic cars are simpler to drive, allowing you to focus more on the road and scenery rather than shifting gears.
  • Comfort in Traffic: Alicante, especially during peak tourist season, can have heavy traffic. An automatic car reduces the stress of stop-and-go driving.
  • Perfect for Hilly Areas: The coastal and hilly regions around Alicante are easier to navigate with an automatic transmission, providing a more comfortable drive.
  • Booking Your Automatic Car

    Booking an automatic car with Rhino Car Hire is straightforward. Simply visit our website, select Alicante as your pickup location, and filter the results to show automatic vehicles. This ensures you find the perfect car for your needs. Always check the deposit and fees section under the Important Info Tab to understand the rental conditions.

automatic car hire Alicante

Exploring Alicante with an Automatic Car

Hiring an automatic car allows you to explore Alicante and the surrounding areas comfortably:

  • Costa Blanca Beaches: Easily drive to the stunning beaches along the Costa Blanca with your family or friends.
  • Historical Sites: Visit the historic sites like Santa B├írbara Castle and the old town without the stress of manual driving.
  • Scenic Drives: Enjoy the scenic coastal and mountain drives with ease and comfort, focusing on the beautiful views.

Popular Automatic Car Models

Rhino Car Hire offers a variety of automatic cars from leading manufacturers to meet your specific needs:

  • Ford Fiesta: Compact and economical, ideal for city driving.
  • Volkswagen Golf: A reliable and comfortable option for both city and longer trips.
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class: A premium choice for those seeking a more luxurious ride.

Convenient Pickup Locations

We provide several pickup locations in and around Alicante to ensure your rental experience is as convenient as possible:

  • Alicante Airport (ALC): Collect your automatic car as soon as you land for a hassle-free start to your trip.
  • Alicante City Centre: Perfect for those staying in the heart of the city or arriving by train.
  • Popular Tourist Areas: Including pickup points in popular destinations like Benidorm and Torrevieja.

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Best Deals on Automatic Car Hire in Alicante

Not only do we offer the best value automatic car rentals from Alicante Airport (ACL), we can also arrange pick up and return from the following locations on Alicante;
  • Alicante Train Station - 20, Avenida de la Estacion, Alicante, Spain, 03005
  • Alicante Town Locations
If you can't find an automatic rental car in Alicante to suit your needs, the new Corvera Airport, around 50km away has a great range of automatic rental cars available.