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Rent a 4x4 in Alicante

Your holiday, or trip to Alicante doesn't have to conform to the stereotype, you don't have to look for the most affordable rental car that will fit the kids and luggage in with little enjoyment for yourself, oh no, the days of the hum drum rental in Alicante are over. In line with customer demand, we've seen out fleet of 4x4 rentals in Alicante boom in recent years as customers have been telling us what they want, we have delivered. We now enjoy a wider range of vehicles than ever before, so if you're looking to hire a 4x4 in Alicante, you're in safe hands.

4x4 rental alicante

SUV Rental Alicante

Whether you're renting for a day or a month or anything inbetween, renting a 4x4 in Alicante is affordable and within reach of almost anyones budget. Prices start from little more, often equal to a comparable sized regular rental car in Alicante, meaning it's no longer just for those able to stretch the budget. As 4x4 and SUV models have become ever popular on the roads in the last decade, rental fleets have also boomed and now you'll see more 4x4 rentals in Alicante that ever before, a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

How Much to rent a 4x4 in Alicante?

You'll be pleasantly surprised that it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to rent a 4x4 in Alicante, as we have a range of SUV's and budget end 4x4 rentals in Alicante, it doesn't have to cost a great deal more than a regular car. Considering that most 4x4 and SUV rentals in Alicante are larger than the cheapest economy and medium class cars, you have to expect a certain uplift in price, however the graph below demonstrates that it needn't cost the earth to rent a 4x4 in Alicante.

4x4 Rental in Alicante - AWD / 4WD

Unless specifically stated as a 4WD vehicle, the majority of our 4x4 rentals in Alicante are SUV's and most likely to be 2WD models. Whilst benefiting from many of the features of a 4x4 such as higher ride height and ground clearance many of our models available are SUV's, the most popular shown below. The good news here is that they are very competitively priced and you'll only pay a small premium over a comparably sized car to get behind the wheel of a 4x4 rental in Alicante.
  • Jeep Renegade
  • Nissan Juke
  • Opel Mokka
  • Audi Q5

Other Car Hire Locations in Spain

We specialise in car rentals throughout Spain to find you the best price and that's a promise...

4x4 rental

Best Deals on 4x4 Rental in Alicante

We offer 4x4 rentals from Alicante Airport as well as the Train Station. Whilst 90% of 4x4 rentals in Alicante are collected from the Airport (ACL), it's useful to have the option to arrange from the following addresses;
  • Alicante Station - 20, Avenida de la Estacion, Alicante, 03005
  • Alicante Airport (ALC)
If you can't find a 4x4 rental in Alicante, the new Corvera Airport, less than 50km away has a great range of cars available.