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Hire a 4x4 in Oslo

No matter your reason for visiting, renting a 4x4 in Oslo is a great way to start your adventure. Whether a family holiday, business or adventure trip, our range of Oslo 4x4 rentals has something for everyone. From budget SUV rentals like the Nissan Qashqai, perfect for those not wanting to splash out, to the Audi Q5 Quattro (4WD) at the top of the range offering access into the premium SUV and 4x4 rental range in Olso. One of our most popular models however is the Toyota Rav4, popular on every continent on the planet it offers a great balance between budget and performance with 4WD options perfect for excaping the confines of the city.


Depending on what time of year you visit Norway, it's fair to say that you're likely to encounter snow and it's here where renting a 4x4 adds more than just style. The benefits of 4WD in snowy and icy conditions cannot be underestimated and is why so many customers book 4x4 rental in Oslo during the winter months. We offer a range of additional extras designed to make your trip safer and more comfortable including snow chains, sat nav and additional drivers, all available during our booking stage.

4x4 rental oslo

Oslo SUV Rental

Where previsouly the idea of renting a 4x4 in Oslo might have had your credit card quaking in your wallet, with the rise in popularity of this vehicle category the world over, more and more models have become avalable on rental fleets with most new additions in the budget SUV rental range bringing the concept of renting an SUV in Oslo within reach of millions more customers. Our budget rentals start from little more than the cost of a full size car of comparable size where the benefits are far more obvious. Take the road less travelled with a 4x4 rental in Oslo and enjoy the extra ground clearance the all terrain capability.

4x4 Rental Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL)

Our most popular pick up location for 4x4 rental in Oslo is directly from Gardermoen Airport. Serving around 27.5 million passengers per year, the airport is the second busiest in the Nordic countries, only Copenhagen handles more passengers. Of those arriving into OSL, whilst public transport is excellent in Norway, it's no substitute for renting a 4x4 in Oslo and reaching parts of this wonderful country that the train or bus simply cannot reach. We have the widest range of Oslo SUV rentals and 4x4 and 4WD rentals to suit even the most demanding of requirements all available to the best possible prices. Our current fleet and suppliers of 4x4 rentals in Oslo can be found below, check availability for your rental requirements by using our simple and secure search form above.
Norway 4x4 Suppliers
Norway 4x4 Make / Models
Nissan Qashqai
Mazda CX-3
Toyota Rav4
Mercedes-Benz GLC
Audi Q5

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4x4 Rental Gardermoen Airport (OSL)

Whether you want to rent a 4x4 from Gardermoen Airport or anywhere else in Oslo, we can arrange any combination of rental at the best possible prices. You can pick up from the airport and return to any of our downtown locations including Oslo train station, or the reverse and pick up from anywhere else in Norway and return to the airport.

The choice is yours and but leave the details to us we work with our network of Oslo 4x4 rental agents to ensure you have the optimum options available to make your trip to Olso in a rental 4x4 a memorable one.