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Car Hire Zwolle Mini Guide

When it comes to hiring a car in Zwolle, look no further than RhinoCarHire. We offer a seamless and convenient car rental experience in this picturesque Dutch city. With a diverse fleet of vehicles to choose from, you can explore Zwolle and its surroundings at your own pace. Whether you're visiting for business or leisure, our affordable rates, flexible booking options, and exceptional customer service ensure that your journey in Zwolle is hassle-free. Enjoy the freedom to discover this charming city and its attractions with ease, thanks to RhinoCarHire.

Here's what you need to know about driving in and around Zwolle:

Driving in Zwolle:

  1. Local Regulations: Like the rest of the Netherlands, traffic in Zwolle moves on the right-hand side of the road. Ensure you're familiar with Dutch traffic rules and signs before you start driving.

  2. Cyclists: Zwolle, as with many Dutch cities, has a significant number of cyclists. Always be cautious and watch out for cycle lanes and cyclists when making turns or navigating intersections.

  3. Parking: The city center is partly a pedestrian zone, so parking can be a bit challenging. However, there are several parking garages and areas available. P+R (Park and Ride) facilities can also be an economical and convenient option.

Distance from the Airport:

  • Zwolle doesn't have its own international airport. The closest major airport is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which is approximately 125 km (about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car) away.  

Tourist Attractions & Distances:

While Zwolle itself has several attractions, including the Museum de Fundatie, Sassenpoort, and Peperbus, there are other interesting places nearby that you can visit with a hire car:

  1. Giethoorn: Known as the "Venice of the North", this picturesque village with its canals and historic thatched-roof houses is about 30 km (around 35 minutes) from Zwolle.

  2. De Hoge Veluwe National Park: One of the largest national parks in the Netherlands, it's approximately 65 km (around 1 hour) from Zwolle. The park features heathlands, sand dunes, and woodlands.

  3. Kampen: A historic town known for its preserved old town and city gates. It's just 20 km (about 20 minutes) from Zwolle.

  4. Deventer: Another historic city with beautiful architecture and a rich history. It's approximately 40 km (around 35 minutes) from Zwolle.

  5. Lelystad: Here you can find the Batavialand, where you can see the replica of the 17th-century ship Batavia. Lelystad is about 50 km (around 40 minutes) away from Zwolle.


  1. Navigation: Use a GPS or navigation app to help guide you, especially if you're not familiar with the area.

  2. Rush Hour: As with any city, be cautious of the rush hours which typically occur in the mornings and late afternoons.

Zwolle is centrally located in the Netherlands, making it a great base for exploring various parts of the country with a hire car. The road network is well-maintained, and signage is clear. Drive safely and enjoy your trips!

Current Rental Rates in Zwolle

Toyota Aygo

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 33.27 EUR/day
Toyota Aygo

7 Days rental at 232.93 EUR from 17/06/2024

  2 |
  Manual |

Ford Fiesta

5 Adults, 3 Doors

From 33.27 EUR/day
Ford Fiesta

7 Days rental at 232.93 EUR from 17/06/2024

  2 |
  Manual |

Toyota Aygo

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 35.05 EUR/day
Toyota Aygo

7 Days rental at 245.39 EUR from 17/06/2024

  1 |
  Manual |

Polestar 2

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 57.37 EUR/day
Polestar 2

7 Days rental at 401.60 EUR from 17/06/2024

  3 |
  Automatic |

Toyota Corolla Hybrid Estate

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 55.07 EUR/day
Toyota Corolla Hybrid Estate

7 Days rental at 385.51 EUR from 17/06/2024

  4 |
  Automatic |

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Zwolle: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • Historic Hanseatic City: Zwolle is a historic Hanseatic city with a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. Its well-preserved medieval center is characterized by picturesque canals, historic buildings, and charming streets.
  • St. Michael's Church: The city is home to the stunning St. Michael's Church (Sint-Michaëlskerk), known for its impressive Gothic architecture and a tower that offers panoramic views of Zwolle. It's a must-visit for history and architecture enthusiasts..
  • Cultural Hub: Zwolle is a cultural hub with numerous museums and galleries. The Museum de Fundatie is particularly noteworthy, featuring a diverse collection of art, including works by Dutch masters and contemporary artists.
  • Culinary Delights: Foodies will appreciate Zwolle's culinary scene. The city boasts a variety of restaurants and cafes offering both traditional Dutch dishes and international cuisine. Be sure to try local specialties like stamppot and poffertjes.
  • Green Spaces: Zwolle is surrounded by beautiful green spaces and parks, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The nearby Wezenlanden Park and the Zwarte Water River offer opportunities for leisurely walks and picnics.


Zwolle - Popular Destinations

  • Kampen: About 20 km
  • Meppel: Approximately 22 km
  • Hasselt: Roughly 12 km
  • Ommen: About 29 km
  • Deventer: Approximately 30 km

Our Most Popular Rated Local Car Rental Suppliers from Zwolle

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20 min (average wait time)
No.1: AVIS,
based on 134 reviews
25 min (average wait time)
No.3: HERTZ,
based on 380 reviews
18 min (average wait time)

Zwolle car hire information

  • 8.8/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    Budget EMEA Franchise
  • € 232.89
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    (per week)
  • € 33.27
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 11
    Most Popular Type:
  • 4
    Most popular model:
    Toyota Aygo
  • 28
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day in Zwolle

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January€ 50
February€ 52
March€ 56
April€ 55
May€ 50
June€ 64
July€ 74
August€ 70
September€ 57
October€ 54
November€ 52
December€ 54
January€ 41
February€ 42
March€ 45
April€ 44
May€ 40
June€ 50
July€ 60
August€ 59
September€ 44
October€ 45
November€ 43
December€ 45
January€ 77
February€ 77
October€ 77
November€ 77
January€ 68
February€ 67
March€ 69
April€ 70
May€ 64
June€ 75
July€ 92
August€ 90
September€ 74
October€ 70
November€ 70
December€ 67
January€ 32
February€ 35
March€ 38
April€ 37
May€ 30
June€ 39
July€ 39
August€ 45
September€ 36
October€ 33
November€ 34
December€ 38
January€ 88
February€ 96
March€ 100
April€ 102
May€ 91
June€ 98
July€ 107
August€ 89
September€ 88
October€ 102
November€ 107
December€ 114
January€ 49
February€ 49
March€ 49
April€ 49
June€ 76
September€ 49
October€ 49
November€ 49
December€ 49
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