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Car Hire Guide Isle of Man

Rhinocarhire Isle of Man: Your Gateway to the Gem of the Irish Sea

Whether it’s the breathtaking sight of Laxey Wheel, the world's largest working waterwheel, or the exhilarating thrill of the TT motorcycle races, Rhinocarhire Isle of Man is here to ensure you explore this island gem with unmatched ease and comfort.  The Isle of Man is located between Ireland and Great Britain in the Irish Sea and is part of the United Kingdom (UK).  It is a very small island and is only about 32 kilometres long by 12 kilometres wide (approximately) and surrounded by shingle beaches.  Many visitors to the Isle of Man choose to hire a car to get around as it means you don't have to rely on public transport or pay out for expensive taxi fares.

Why Choose Rhinocarhire Isle of Man?

  • Competitive Rates: Mirroring the commitment of our branches globally, we ensure top-notch services at prices that don't break the bank, making your Manx journey more enjoyable.

  • Versatile Fleet: From sleek sedans perfect for Douglas's roads to sturdy SUVs for those off-road Manx adventures, we have the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.

  • Safety Assured: The Isle of Man offers varied terrains and driving conditions. Rest easy knowing our vehicles are primed to the highest standards, ensuring your journey is smooth and safe.

  • Local Insights: Our team, with deep roots on the island, provides invaluable advice from driving tips to hidden spots that only locals know of.

Driving on the Isle of Man: Tips and Recommendations

  • Follow the Limits: The island might have areas without specific speed limits, but it's essential to drive cautiously and responsibly, especially during the TT race season.

  • Scenic Routes: Embark on a coastal drive around the island to witness its majestic cliffs and beaches or traverse through the inland roads for a refreshing countryside experience.

  • Unique Etiquettes: Don't be surprised if locals wave when you drive by in the more rural parts; it's a friendly Manx custom!

  • Heritage Sites: The island is dotted with historical landmarks. Make sure to visit Peel Castle, Rushen Abbey, and the ancient capital, Castletown.

First Time on the Isle of Man?

A visit to the Isle of Man is like stepping into a storybook. With its ancient Viking roots, folklore filled with fairies, and unique cultural festivals, there's an adventure at every corner. Try out the traditional Manx cuisine with dishes like 'kippers' or 'Queenies' (Manx Queen Scallops). Don't forget to catch a ride on the Isle of Man Steam Railway for a nostalgic trip through time.

Embark on your Isle of Man adventure with Rhinocarhire and experience the island like never before. 

Top tips when hiring a car in Isle Of Man

  • Know the Local Traffic Rules: The Isle of Man has some unique driving customs, and while it might be known for its high-speed TT races, always adhere to road signs and drive cautiously.

  • Choose the Right Vehicle: Given the island's varied terrains, select a car that matches your itinerary. Compact cars are great for town driving, while SUVs can handle rural roads better.

  • Book in Advance: Especially during peak tourist seasons or the TT race events, car availability can be limited. Secure your preferred vehicle by booking ahead.

  • Check Insurance Coverage: Ensure your rental agreement includes adequate insurance coverage for peace of mind. Remember, some parts of the island can have challenging roads.

  • Plan Your Routes: With so many scenic drives and historical landmarks, chart out your must-visit spots to maximize your exploration of this enchanting island.


Popular car hire destinations in Isle Of Man

  • Isle of Man Airport 
  • Douglas - Approximately 20 kilometers.
  • Peel - Around 16 kilometers.
  • Castletown - Approximately 7 kilometers.
  • Ramsey - Around 26 kilometers.
  • Laxey - Approximately 22 kilometers.

Laws and rules of the road when driving in Isle Of Man



    Road Driving Side



    Urban speed Limit



    Rural Speed Limit



    Motorway Speed Limit


    GBP  1.45/Ltr

    Current Petrol Price



    Drink Drive Limit


    GBP £







    Min Rental Age


    Min Driving Age


    Front and Rear



    Fixed and Mobile

    Speed Cameras


    Hands Free Only

    Mobile Phones

Average prices per day for car hire in Isle Of Man

*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for today's best prices.

Fuel prices in Isle Of Man

Apr , 2022

€ 2.12

€ 1.96

May , 2022

€ 2.12

€ 1.95

Jun , 2022

€ 2.17

€ 2.06

Jul , 2022

€ 2.32

€ 2.23

Aug , 2022

€ 2.31

€ 2.18

Sep , 2022

€ 2.12

€ 1.96

Oct , 2022

€ 2.07

€ 1.87

Nov , 2022

€ 2.17

€ 1.90

Dec , 2022

€ 2.13

€ 1.85

Jan , 2023

€ 1.96

€ 1.70

Feb , 2023

€ 1.91

€ 1.67

Mar , 2023

€ 1.88

€ 1.65

Month, YearDiesel €/ltrUnleaded €/ltr
Mar , 2023 1.88 1.65
Feb , 2023 1.91 1.67
Jan , 2023 1.96 1.70
Dec , 2022 2.13 1.85
Nov , 2022 2.17 1.90
Oct , 2022 2.07 1.87
Sep , 2022 2.12 1.96
Aug , 2022 2.31 2.18
Jul , 2022 2.32 2.23
Jun , 2022 2.17 2.06
May , 2022 2.12 1.95
Apr , 2022 2.12 1.96
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