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Automatic Car Rental in Iceland

Popular with tourists from the US and Canada in particular, renting an automatic in Iceland is a great option for anyone looking to take the stress out of driving in Iceland. Whilst the roads outside of the major cities are often quiet there are still many benefits to renting an automatic car in Iceland. There is less to worry about if you're driving on the other side of the road (and car) than you are used to and you can take your time to enjoy the stunning scenery and your surroundings when out on the open road. Iceland has more automatic rental cars than many other countries as they are so popular her and supply has been in increased dramatically to meet demand.

The most popular automatic car rental agents in Iceland:

  • Avis (Tel: +354 591 40 00)
  • Hertz (Tel: +354 522 44 00)
  • Europcar (Tel: +354 461 60 00)
  • Enterprise (Tel: +354 519 93 00)
  • National (Tel: +354 519 93 00)
automatic car rental Iceland

Automatic or manual gearbox?

That really depends on what you want to get out of your trip to Iceland and if you've even driven a manual car before. If you are used to driving an automatic car or only have a license that permits you to drive an automatic we strongly recommend filtering our search results to display all of the cheapest automatic car hire in Iceland we have available. Expect to pay a small premium over a manual car, that's because the automatic will cost more to purchase and service for the rental agent over a manual car and those costs are passed on.

Popular make and model to automatic car rental in Iceland

  • Hyundai i10 (mini)
  • Volkswagen Polo (economy)
  • Opel Astra (compact)
  • Suzuki Vitara (SUV)
  • Toyota Corolla (intermediate)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser (4x4)
  • Mercedes Vito (7/9 seat minivan

FAQs about Automatic car rental in Iceland

What is the cheapest automatic rental car in Iceland?

The cheapest automatic car hire in Iceland is a Hyundai i10 from Payless that costs £58 per day

Why is automatic car hire in Iceland? so expensive?

Automatic cars in Iceland are more expensive to buy in the first place and there is less competition for automatic car rental which pushes prices up

What car hire companies have automatic rental cars in Iceland?

Avis, Enterprise, Europar, Geysir, Sixt and more provide automatic car hire in Iceland

Can I rent an automatic in Iceland?

Yes, you just need your drivers license, a valid credit card and another form of ID. Most rental agents require drivers to be at least 21 years old with a clean license held for at least 12 months.
automatic car rental

Best deals on automatic car hire in Iceland

The easiest way to get the best deals on automatic car hire in Ireland is to use a comparison service to search and compare deals from all of Iceland's leading automatic car hire companies. Rental agents such as Avis, Hertz and Payless all offer low prices on automatic car rental in Iceland if you know where to look.

Our comparison service brings all the best deals together into one convenient place enabling you to filter, compare and pick the cheapest automatic car rental in Iceland without compromising on quality.