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Top tips when hiring a car in Finland

  • You drive on the right-hand side of the road in Finland and only overtake on the left
  • Don't be concerned about driving in the winter, all rental cars come with winter tyres for safety and speed limits are lower in winter months / conditions
  • Be aware of wildlife, particularly elks who generally are most active at dawn and dusk in low light conditions
  • Most petrol stations are self-service - unmanned facilities. Chip and pin or contactless credit cards are advised

Finland car hire reviews

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Laws and rules of the road when driving in Finland



    Road Driving Side



    Urban speed Limit


    80 or 100kph

    Rural Speed Limit



    Motorway Speed Limit


    EUR  1.38/Ltr

    Current Petrol Price



    Drink Drive Limit


    EUR €







    Min Rental Age


    Min Driving Age


    Front and Rear



    Fixed and Mobile

    Speed Cameras


    Hands Free Only

    Mobile Phones

Recent customer reviews (average rating 7.0/10)

Paul Dunkley


Your service is

Your service is very easy to use, every time i need to hire a car i always check your prices first. they are always the best and the service is also very good.

Arthur Hall


Not sure how co

Not sure how competitive the price was for the hire car as was booked for me by my company, but the vehicle was in good order (BMW).

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Compare car rental agents in Finland

Rental Agent
Rating (/10)
Customer Reviews
Mini (€/day)
Compact (€/day)
Intermediate (€/day)
Standard (€/day)
€ 25.76
€ 29.33
€ 37.69
€ 121.05
 Green motion
€ 28.85
€ 29.35
€ 61.54
€ 177.59
€ 25.95
€ 29.36
€ 46.76
€ 38.08
€ 27.65
€ 32.77
€ 38.05
€ 74.15
€ 24.00
€ 24.98
€ 34.71
€ 59.53

Car rental agent statistics in Finland

  • 9.5/10
    Highest rated agent:
  • 7.9/10
    Lowest rated agent:
  • 1,182
    Total number of reviews in
  • 75
    Most Locations in Finland:
  • 16
    Average wait time
  • 11
    Total rental companies

Average prices per day for car hire in Finland

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Fuel prices in Finland

Month, YearDiesel €/ltrUnleaded €/ltr
Nov , 2020 1.23 1.38
Oct , 2020 1.23 1.41
Sep , 2020 1.22 1.42
Aug , 2020 1.25 1.44
Jul , 2020 1.19 1.39
Jun , 2020 1.16 1.35
May , 2020 1.12 1.26
Apr , 2020 1.18 1.28
Mar , 2020 1.25 1.36
Feb , 2020 1.37 1.49
Jan , 2020 1.41 1.51
Dec , 2019 1.41 1.51

Car rental price statistics in Finland

  • € 161.14
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 509.30
    Highest daily price:
    Tesla Model X
  • 4,868
    Total cars available
  • 348
    Most popular model:
    Volkswagen Golf Estate
  • 211
    Location with most cars:
    Helsinki - Airport
  • € 23.0 per day
    Cheapest daily price:
    SCANDIA - Rovaniemi - Airport

FAQs about car hire in Finland

How much does it cost to hire a car in Finland?

Car hire in Finland starts from just €23.00 per day for a (economy) class car from Scandia. The average price to hire a car in Finland is just €110.40 per day, whilst the most expensive hire car in Finland is a Tesla Model X car for a (intermediate elite) class from Sixt costing €509.30 per day.

How do I get a free additional driver when hiring a car in Finland?

We often have special offers on car hire in Finland including free additional drivers, for example, is offering free additional driver and express check-in at for €0.00 per day.

Why is car hire so cheap in Finland?

Car hire prices in Finland are kept low thanks to the 10 car hire companies across the country. With over 104 car hire locations and 27,097 car hire options available, competition keeps prices low in Finland.

Who is the best car hire company in Finland?

Based on over 1,182 reviews from recent car hire customers, the best car hire agency in Finland Is Scandia who score on average 7.9/10 across all locations in Finland.

What is the most popular car hire location in Finland?

The most popular locations to hire a car in Finland is Helsinki - Airport with 10 car hire companies and 211 cars to choose from.

How much does fuel cost in Finland?

Current fuel prices in Finland are €1.38/ltr for petrol and €1.23/ltr for diesel as of 23 November 2020, it’ll cost on average €55 to fill an average compact class car with petrol and €49 for diesel.

What are the speed limits in Finland?

Speed limits in Finland are in km/h and are generally 50 km/h on urban roads, 90 km/h on rural roads and 120 km/h on the motorways but you should always follow local signage.

What is the cheapest car hire company in Finland?

Scandia is the cheapest car hire company in Finland offering a (economy) class car such as the Volkswagen Polo for as little as €161.00 per week.

What is the most popular hire car in Finland?

The most popular car hire category in Finland is the Volkswagen Polo available from 8 car hire companies in over 92 locations.

Should you rent a car in Finland?

Hiring a car in Finland is a really good way to see more of this enchanting country which boasts endless forests, winters guaranteed heavy with snow, warm summers and beautiful countryside. Whether you're travelling to a business meeting in Helsinki or taking the family on holiday to the world famous Lapland region you can be sure that Rhino will find you the very best price and deal on your car hire.

What type of rental car in Finland?

Considering the snowy conditions, economy and compact class cars are the most popular to hire as whilst 4 wheel drive vehicles might seem appropriate a standard car is usually sufficient and often significantly cheaper. All rental cars will be fitted with appropriate tyres for the conditions with winter (M&S) tyres standard for much of the year. For those who specifically want an SUV or 4x4 we have a good range available from with models such the Volvo XC90 and Toyota Rav4.

Most popular locations to pick-up a rental car in Finland:

Finland Mini Guide

Located in Northern Europe, Finland has land borders with Sweden in the west, Norway in the north and Russia in the east.  The tourist industry in Finland is mostly focused around winter sports and a large selection of some of the world’s best ski resorts can be found within its borders. An exception to this is the area known as Lapland, Finnish folk tales name the mountain of Korvatunturi is the home of Santa Claus, and a whole tourist industry has grown up around this myth. This makes Lapland a fairytale Christmas adventure for thousands of tourists each year.

Travel within Finland can be fairly expensive; in many ways it is most cost effective to hire a car for the duration of a visit. The roads in Finland are generally well kept, although they can become treacherous in some areas due to extreme weather conditions. Some excellent car hire deals are available for winter visitors in all of the major cities and tourist areas.

Western Finland incorporates the coastal areas around the old capital city of Turku and includes the cultural province of Ostrobothnia. Eastern Finland is against the Russian border and features a landscape of lakes and forests. Major cities include Helsinki the capital, known as the Daughter of the Baltic. Located in central Finland, Jyvaskla is a large and affluent university town. Oulo is termed the technology city, and is located in the Gulf of Bothnia.

There are three major ski resorts within Finland. Levi is considered to be one of the world’s largest winter sports locations and is located within Lapland. Located 1000km away from Helsinki and 250km to the north of the Arctic Circle, Saariselka is one of the most widely acclaimed centres for winter sports. The third largest ski resort in Finland is Yllas, nestled within a landscape made up of forests and swamps.

Airport locations where you can hire a car in Finland

  • Ivalo Airport
  • Kemi Airport
  • Kittila Airport
  • Kuopio Airport
  • Jyvaskla Airport
  • Pori Airport
  • Rovaniemi Airport
  • Tampere Airport
  • Turku Airport
  • Vaasa Airport

When to rent a car in Finland

Finland is probably best known as being the home of Santa Claus, who resides in Lapland with his helpers and reindeer and is an extremely popular destination to take children on holiday. With that in mind if you are planning to hire a car to explore Lapland, especially around the festive season, we would strongly recommend making your car hire booking as far in advance as possible, as understandably it is a very busy period.

Our car rental rates in Finland include insurance, collision damage waiver, theft waiver, taxes and unlimited mileage. We also include free breakdown assistance, in the unlikely event that you should run into any problems. There are numerous pick up points all across Finland where you can collect your hire car from and some of these include Helsinki Airport, Helsinki, Oulu and Vaasa.

Popular car hire destinations in Finland

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Fuel Prices in Finland

  • Price of petrol in Finland in November

    € 1.38/Ltr

    ($ 1.69/Ltr | 1.38/Ltr)
  • Price of diesel in Finland in November

    € 1.23/Ltr

    ($ 1.51/Ltr | 1.23/Ltr)

Cost to fill a rental car in Finland in November

  Petrol Diesel
Economy € 55.20  ($ 67.60) | € 49.20  ($ 60.25)
Compact € 55.20  ($ 67.60) | € 49.20  ($ 60.25)
Full Size € 69.00  ($ 84.50) | € 61.50  ($ 75.31)
SUV € 82.80  ($ 101.39) | € 73.80  ($ 90.37)
Carrier € 96.60  ($ 118.29) | € 86.10  ($ 105.44)

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Police Car in Finland

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Police Cars Finland

Other Car Hire Locations in Finland

We specialise in car rentals throughout Finland to find you the best price and that's a promise...

Car Hire Helsinki
Mini 3 4 1 from €31.5 per day
Compact 3 5 3 from €33.9 per day
Economy 3 5 2 from €32.3 per day
Car Hire Tampere
Mini 3 4 1 from €32.6 per day
Compact 3 5 3 from €38.2 per day
Economy 3 5 2 from €32.5 per day
Car Hire Turku
Mini 3 4 1 from €34.3 per day
Compact 3 5 3 from €37.0 per day
Economy 3 5 2 from €34.6 per day
Car Hire Vaasa
Mini 3 4 1 from €34.3 per day
Compact 3 5 3 from €37.0 per day
Economy 5 5 2 from €33.7 per day