The Results Are In!

Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone who took part, we've had great fun judging the entries and sorry it's taken so long, but it's been harder than we thought! We need to restock the office supply of coffee as many a cup was consumed whilst we deliberated the overall winner!

But without further delay, we are delighted to announce that the Winner of the 2013 Travel Your Way Photo Competition is from Lucy @ The team felt that the image represented what travel really is all about and that's people. People travel as a mean to get from a-b, for whatever reason, pleasure, intrigue, work, survival, we all travel. Whether it's a mile or 1,000 miles, travel is part of our everyday lives and we felt this shot captured the essence of travel in every way. Well done Lucy, you've won our £1,000 prize!

Runner Up
The runner up for the over prize goes to Jeff @  A great shot of a passing freight train showing another side to travel. This time not from a personal perspective but the way in which we transport goods all around the world, whilst it happens all around us, rarely do we see it with as great a backdrop as this!

Category Winners

As you can imagine, we have some great and varied shots throughout the categories, but we did have to pick winners. We've also included the runners up in each category and whilst you narrowly missed out on the prize, we'd like to congratulate you on coming so close!

Winner - Kat Clay @, we loved this shot for its sense of fun and colour. Getting the shot from the back of a tuk-tuk was a great idea and it looks like the guys were having a great time!
Runner up goes to;

See the full entry here -

Winner - Bram @, we loved this shot for it sense of natural beauty but as you say, a bit of a once in a life time experience and you can really see that in the shot.
Runner up goes to;

See the full entry here -

Winner - Jeff @, a great entry all round here and a few of your shots made it to the final rounds, but it was your rail shot that really stood out for us. A fabulous backdrop for any journey and seems a little wasted on freight!
Runner up goes to;

See the full entry here -

Winner - Lucy @, another entry with lots of photos in the final running, but the Sea category really captured a sense of calm and perspective. We loved the tranquility the shot conveys and the sense of time standing still whilst we enjoy travel.
Runner up goes to;

See the full entry here -


As promised, the nominator of the overall winner is set to win a prize and here's to Arianwen at for nominating Lucy! Truth be told, Arianwen ran a few of the categories very close by her own rights and in fact her rail effort was heavily backed one of our judges but narrowly missed out. Too good not so share, so here it is anyway!

See the full entry here -

A Final Thanks

We'd just like to say a final thank you to all those that took part and made such a great competition. It's been a great success and I am sure we will back back next year to run similar competition, so keep those camera's at the ready and grab any shots that you think are worthy of sharing. To those that didn't get in amongst the prizes, we had some very tough decisions and I'm sure you'll all agree that the winning entries are worthy and thankyou to everyone for entering. And not forgetting the prizes, we'll be in touch with each successful entrant to arrange delivery of the prize!

Safe Travels!