Meet the Team

As a family owned and run business, we think it's important that our customers, partners and associates know who's behind the brand. Whether you're a customer in contact with any of our team in Customer Services, or a partner collaborating with us, see the faces behind the names with our office selfies here;

Scott Demaret

Scott Demaret – CEO & Director

2007 to present

Founder, ideas guy, IT specialist. Scott founded way back in 2007 and has steered the ship to where it is today, an award-winning car rental broker that has stood the test of time. A petrol head through and through, unless it’s got a V8 under the bonnet it’s a hairdryer.

Phil Partridge – Marketing and Partner Manager

2009 to present

Marketing, content, collecting awards. Phil has been involved with since 2009 bringing project management experience to the team. Phil develops and implements the marketing strategy and takes a very hands on approach to the website content. He’s also the face you’ll see in the media when collecting industry awards – a frequent pastime of Phil’s. Did we mention we’ve won a few car hire awards?

Kellie Hodge

Kellie Hodge – Customer Service Manager

2007 to present

Customer first, customer second, customer… you get the picture. Kellie is our customer service champion and looks after the rest of the CS team, both internal and external. What Kellie doesn’t know about the car rental process, isn’t worth knowing. Kellie’s input into content and car rental advisory articles is invaluable, based on real world, real customer experiences.

Courtney Demaret – Sales Manager

2008 to present

Keeping the cogs turning, Courtney sees that everything is running as it should whether you’re booking your rental car online, by phone or va LiveChat, Courtney sees to it that all facets of the car rental booking process are in order. If there’s a problem, she’ll find it and see that it’s fixed, likely long before you were ever even aware.

Chloe Demaret

Chloe Demaret – Social Media Manager

2013 to present

Share, Like, Retweet, when it comes to social media, we turn to Chloe. A healthy obsession with all things social, Chloe manages our online presence in a rapidly evolving socially engaging world. Whether you tweet, follow on facebook or like on insta, Chloe will ensure you are always up to date with all things car rental via all of our channels. Turn off notifications at your peril.

Julie Demaret – Chief Executive Officer & Director

2007 to present

Co-founder with Scott, Julie has primary responsibility  to provide strategic leadership, steer the company's vision, and drive growth initiatives.  Having a pivotal role in overseeing the company's operations, ensuring compliance, and fostering a culture of excellence.

Somnath Kar – Head of IT

2012 to present

Supporting the IT integration and development of all things ‘www’ on, if Somnath can’t find a technical solution, simply put, there isn’t one… yet.