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Exploring Santiago with Car Rental from Rhino Car Hire

Exploring Santiago: A Comprehensive Car Rental Guide from Rhinocarhire

Santiago, the capital city of Chile, sits nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Chilean coastal range. It's a bustling urban hub teeming with history, culture, and modern conveniences. For those considering a deeper exploration of Santiago and its surroundings, hiring a car can be a valuable decision.  

Opting for Rhino Car Hire in Santiago provides the perfect solution for travelers seeking to explore the bustling city, its surrounding wine country, and the scenic Pacific coast at their own pace. Whether you’re planning to immerse yourself in the urban culture, enjoy the tranquility of nature, or savor gourmet delights, Rhino Car Hire offers a variety of vehicles to cater to your travel needs, ensuring a comfortable and seamless journey.

With Rhino Car Hire, you can enjoy competitive rates and transparent pricing, ensuring that your exploration of Santiago and its enchanting surroundings is both memorable and affordable. The booking process is simple and efficient, allowing you to easily reserve your vehicle online and conveniently pick it up upon arriving in Santiago.

Having your own rental car enables you to tailor your Chilean adventure to your interests, from leisurely drives through the rolling vineyards to adventurous excursions in the Andean foothills and relaxing days by the sea. The freedom of having your own vehicle enhances your travel experience, allowing you to discover Santiago’s diverse attractions and hidden gems at your own pace.

Furthermore, with Rhino Car Hire, you are supported throughout your journey with 24/7 customer service, providing peace of mind as you navigate through the vibrant streets and scenic routes of Santiago and beyond.

Nearest Airport

  • Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL): Located approx. 20 km northwest of downtown Santiago. By car, this distance can typically be covered in around 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic.

Tolls, Road Conditions, and Traffic

  • Tolls: Santiago features several toll roads, especially highways leading in and out of the city. Costs can vary, but electronic tags or 'televía' are often used for automatic deductions.
  • Road Conditions: Major roads and highways in and around Santiago are in excellent condition. Signage is clear, but it's beneficial to have a GPS.
  • Traffic: As with most major cities, Santiago's roads can become congested, particularly during rush hours (7-9 am and 6-8 pm). Plan journeys accordingly.

 Recommended Attractions & Distances/Routes

a. Within Santiago:

  • San Cristóbal Hill: Offers panoramic views of the city. Drive through Bellavista and head upwards. Approximately 10-15 minutes from downtown.
  • Barrio Lastarria: A historic neighborhood brimming with cafés, boutiques, and cultural spots. Only a 5-minute drive from the city center.

b. Outside Santiago:

  • Valparaíso: A UNESCO World Heritage port city known for its hills and colorful houses. Approx. 120 km northwest of Santiago, around a 1.5-hour drive via Ruta 68.
  • Cajón del Maipo: A canyon located southeast of Santiago, renowned for its landscapes and hot springs. Approx. an hour's drive via the G-25 route.
  • Viña del Mar: A coastal resort city neighboring Valparaíso. It's known for its gardens, beaches, and casino. From Santiago, it's around a 1.5-hour drive via Ruta 68.

Car Rental Tips for Santiago

  • Ensure you have a valid driver's license and an International Driving Permit if required.
  • Always keep some Chilean pesos on hand for tolls.
  • Parking in Santiago can sometimes be challenging. Opt for accommodations or venues with parking facilities.
  • If venturing into snowy areas, ensure your rental car is equipped with snow chains.

In Conclusion

Hiring a car in Santiago grants you the autonomy to truly immerse yourself in the Chilean experience, from its vibrant city life to its scenic outskirts. Whether it's the historical corners of the city, the alluring coastline, or the majestic Andes, Santiago and its surrounding regions promise a rich and varied journey for every traveler. 

Early Booking Recommendation: To ensure the best selection, rates, and availability for your travel needs, we recommend booking your car hire from Santiago as early as possible. Early booking with Rhino Car Hire not only secures your preferred vehicle but also helps you benefit from the best deals and offers, making your trip to Santiago, Chile, both enjoyable and cost-effective.

Current Rental Rates in Santiago

Hyundai i10

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 27.92 EUR/day
Hyundai i10

7 Days rental at 195.50 EUR from 17/06/2024

  2 |
  Manual |

Suzuki Swift

5 Adults, 3 Doors

From 28.96 EUR/day
Suzuki Swift

7 Days rental at 202.78 EUR from 17/06/2024

  2 |
  Manual |

Suzuki Baleno

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 29.77 EUR/day
Suzuki Baleno

7 Days rental at 208.42 EUR from 17/06/2024

  3 |
  Manual |

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Santiago: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • City Exploration and Cultural Sites: Utilize your rental car from Santiago to delve into the city's rich cultural tapestry. Visit the historic Plaza de Armas, the impressive Palacio de La Moneda, and the vibrant Barrio Lastarria. Don't miss exploring the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the hilltop vistas from San Cristóbal Hill.
  • Wineries and Vineyard Tours: Use your rental car to explore the renowned Maipo Valley, just outside Santiago, famous for its exquisite wines, especially Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy wine tasting sessions and vineyard tours to understand the local wine-making process.
  • Scenic Drives and Outdoor Activities: Drive to Cajón del Maipo, an Andean canyon offering breathtaking natural scenery, hiking, rafting, and thermal baths. The scenic drive itself, surrounded by mountains and rivers, is an adventure.
  • Coastal Escapes: Take a day trip to the Pacific coast. Visit the picturesque cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, which are about a 1.5-hour drive from Santiago. Enjoy the coastal scenery, beaches, and fresh seafood.
  • Local Cuisine and Markets: Embark on a culinary journey through Santiago's markets like Mercado Central and La Vega Central. Sample traditional Chilean dishes and fresh produce. Explore the city's burgeoning restaurant scene offering a fusion of local and international flavors.


Santiago - Popular Destinations

  • Valparaíso: Approximately 120 km west of Santiago - A colorful, UNESCO-listed port city known for its steep funiculars, vibrant street art, and cultural landmarks.
  • Viña del Mar: Roughly 125 km west of Santiago - Known as the 'Garden City', famous for its beautiful beaches, botanical gardens, and the annual Viña del Mar International Song Festival.
  • Pomaire: About 60 km west of Santiago - A small rustic village famous for its traditional Chilean pottery and crafts, as well as typical Chilean culinary delights.

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Average prices per day in Santiago

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January€ 57
February€ 65
March€ 55
April€ 54
May€ 47
June€ 46
July€ 64
August€ 57
September€ 51
October€ 54
November€ 54
December€ 59
January€ 39
February€ 52
March€ 49
April€ 48
May€ 41
June€ 41
July€ 50
August€ 44
September€ 42
October€ 38
November€ 41
December€ 43
January€ 83
February€ 87
March€ 69
April€ 69
May€ 62
June€ 68
July€ 61
August€ 62
September€ 59
October€ 54
November€ 92
December€ 107
January€ 62
February€ 74
March€ 59
April€ 56
May€ 54
June€ 51
July€ 70
August€ 59
September€ 54
October€ 59
November€ 58
December€ 62
January€ 35
February€ 48
March€ 42
April€ 42
May€ 42
June€ 41
July€ 49
August€ 45
September€ 40
October€ 34
November€ 32
December€ 38
January€ 82
February€ 110
March€ 78
April€ 70
May€ 69
June€ 68
July€ 81
August€ 82
September€ 76
October€ 79
November€ 82
December€ 91
January€ 61
February€ 68
March€ 53
April€ 54
May€ 54
June€ 50
July€ 70
August€ 59
September€ 59
October€ 60
November€ 61
December€ 67
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