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Exclusively for Charpenterie Gite guests

Charpenterie Gite
Your discount is only available when booked from this webpage, if you need to browse our site, please make sure you come back here to book your car otherwise you may not receive the discount. Our team are on hand if you need any help at all, you can use our Live Chat, call or e-mail us.  Exact discount may fluctuate marginally up or down depending on car / location selected - prices shown include discount. For further support, please contact us at info@rhinocarhire.com or call 0345 508 9845 and quote 'Charpenterie'.
Extra discount automatically applied to applicable rentals at quote stage – discount only available from booking engine on this page, should you navigate away from this page, please return here to proceed with your booking or you may not receive your discount. Exclusions apply. Please note that discount is not always offered at non airport locations or with certain agents at select locations.

For further support, please contact us at info@rhinocarhire.com or call 0345 508 9845 and quote ‘Charpenterie Gite’