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Useful to know about Windsor

  • Windsor is known as the City of Roses.
  • The Windsor and Quebec City corridor is one of the most populated parts of Canada.
  • People who live in Windsor are known as Windsorites.
  • Windsor is part of Essex County.
  • Windsor was originally inhabited by Native Americans.


Popular car hire destinations in Windsor

Nearest car hire pickup locations in or near Windsor


3200 County Rd 42, Windsor, N8v1a1, On, Ontario


460 York Street, London/york Street, On, Canada, On, Ontario


1225 Hyde Park Road, London, N6h 5k6, On, Ontario


1750 Crumlin Road, London, N5v 3b6, On, Ontario


109 Bridgeport Rd E, Waterloo, N2l2k3, On, Ontario


160 Weber Street South, Waterloo, N2j 2a8, On, Ontario

Average prices per day for car hire in Windsor

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FAQs about car hire in Windsor

How much does car hire in Windsor cost?

Car hire in Windsor costs as little as € per day, however the average price across all suppliers for a class vehicle is € per day. The most expensive car to hire is € per day from for a .

What car hire companies offer sanitised car rental in Windsor?

0 car hire brands have committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines in Windsor, including , see the full list here.

What car hire companies offer sanitised car rental in Windsor?

None of the car hire companies in Windsor are currently offering sanitised cars as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines.

Who is the best car rental agent in Windsor?

Based on recent customer reviews over the last 3 months, has the highest customer rating for car hire in Windsor with a score of /10

with rated second best with a score of /10


How much does it cost to hire a compact car in Windsor?

Today’s cheapest price for compact car hire in Windsor is € per week from .

Who is the cheapest car hire agent in Windsor?

The cheapest car hire company in Windsor is , with prices for a class car such as the available from as little as € per week.

How much is fuel in Windsor?

You can expect to pay €1.48/ltr of petrol and €1.613/ltr of diesel in Windsor. You’ll pay a premium if refilling at motorway services of up to 10%.

What car hire agencies are available in Windsor?

We can arrange great deals on car hire in Windsor with leading car hire companies such as as well as reputable, local car hire companies.

What type of car can I hire in Windsor?

We can arrange rental cars in Windsor.

How much does it cost to hire a convertible car in Windsor?

We don’t currently have any convertible cars to hire in Windsor, but we are working in it and please check dates for future rentals.
The price at the moment for a convertible rental car in Windsor is € per week from for a .

Do you have a discount code for car hire in Windsor?

We don’t have any discount codes for car hire in Windsor at the moment, however rates start from just € per week. If you’ve found a cheaper price than € from in Windsor - Downtown or any other rental agent, let us know and we’ll do our best to beat it.

How much does it cost to hire a car for a week in Windsor?

The cheapest price to hire a car for a week in Windsor is € per week with an average price of € per week across all car hire companies.
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Information about the car hire agents in Windsor

Windsor Mini Guide

What Can you Tell me About Windsor?
It was named after Windsor in the UK and is the southernmost Canadian city. It’s even further south than a couple of American cities! Originally called Petit Côte by the French, the city is the second oldest in Canada after Montreal. It became a British settlement called Sandwich after the American Revolution and finally changed its name to Windsor in 1854. It is unusual in that its best attraction is actually in America as the view of the city of Detroit across the Detroit River is a much photographed sight.

How can I get to Windsor?
Windsor has its own airport a couple of miles from the city which serves domestic and international holiday routes to the Caribbean and Mexico. Transportation into the city can be by bus or taxi although car rental is also an option available at the airport. Some travellers may find it easier to fly into Detroit Airport across the border which serves a greater range of international flights including some form Europe.

What is There to See and Do in Windsor?
Windsor has a number of attractions, the most popular of which is to stand on the banks of the Detroit River and photograph the US city’s skyline by day and night. Other popular places to visit are the Hiram Walker Distillery, producers of the world famous Canadian Club Whisky. Guided tours are available and the history of the man is just as interesting as the distillery itself. Another great place inextricably linked to the city’s wealth and that of nearby Detroit is Ford City, where Henry Ford set up his first Canadian Ford motor car factory. Beyond this there are several museums and art galleries of note.

What Should I buy to Take Home as Souvenirs from Windsor?
Rather naughtily, you could join in with the American tourists that cross the border just to stock up on Cuban cigars which are illicit purchases in the States under the trade embargo. Whilst you are open to being stopped by US customs and having them confiscated, millions of Americans do the same each year without being stopped.

What do you Recommend to eat in Windsor?
Being this close to America, much of the food to be found in Windsor is of a similar style to that you’d find in the States. There is a difference though in that the influence of French Canada is prevalent in many restaurants and street vendors sell French style crepes to hungry tourists.

What do the People of Windsor do for Entertainment?
Festivals in Windsor seem to centre around the ideal of freedom with the July 1st Canada Day being celebrated as a Freedom Festival in the city whilst in August the city celebrates an Emancipation Festival remembering the city as one of the closest for slaves from the USA to get to in order to claim their freedom. The city also hosts a jazz festival and an international film festival in the summer.

Windsor is located to the west of the Windsor and Quebec City corridor. Unusually although Windsor is in Canada the vagaries of the international border mean that it is actually located south of the US city of Detroit.

Windsor is also the oldest city to the west of Montreal which has been continually inhabited in Canada. It is also one of the French Canadian cities which you will notice when driving car hire Windsor because of the French street names. However Windsor was in fact named after the town in England - its name was originally Sandwich.

Other car hire locations in Canada

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