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Sanitised car hire at Sofia Airport

Look out for this icon to see which car hire brands have committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines, the following car hire companies at Sofia Airport, Bulgaria offer sanitised rental cars:

At present, none of the car rental companies at Sofia Airport have committed to offering sanitised cars.

Sanitised car
This car rental company has committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines.
  • AVIS

Useful to know about Sofia Airport

  • It is possible to collect rental vehicles downtown in the capital Sofia.
  • Sofia Airport is also known as Letishte Sofia Vrazhdebna Airport.
  • Sofia Airport was expanded at the end of the 1960 after reaching passenger capacity.
  • A Bulgarian Air Force base is situated within Sofia Airport.
  • Wizz Air, BH Air and Bulgaria Air all have hubs at Sofia Airport.
  • Ryanair offer routes to the new Castellon Airport, one of only 3 airlines that serve the airport from Sofia.

Sofia Airport car hire reviews

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Rated 3.8 / 5 | 1,800 reviews

Best car rental companies in Sofia Airport

based on 40 reviews
17 min (average wait time)
based on 101 reviews
10 min (average wait time)
No.4: TOP,
based on 352 reviews
14 min (average wait time)

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Sofia Airport car hire information

  • 8.8/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    EUROPCAR Franchise
  • € 60.34
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 8.62
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 65
    Most Popular Type:
  • 15
    Most popular model:
    Skoda Octavia
  • 244
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day for car hire at Sofia Airport

January€ 28
February€ 27
March€ 26
April€ 26
May€ 35
June€ 41
July€ 53
August€ 55
September€ 35
October€ 42
November€ 41
December€ 34
January€ 18
February€ 17
March€ 17
April€ 18
May€ 21
June€ 26
July€ 38
August€ 43
September€ 30
October€ 31
November€ 28
December€ 24
January€ 96
February€ 79
March€ 74
April€ 73
May€ 95
June€ 105
July€ 124
August€ 136
September€ 72
October€ 99
November€ 94
December€ 79
January€ 36
February€ 34
March€ 34
April€ 37
May€ 41
June€ 49
July€ 64
August€ 72
September€ 58
October€ 52
November€ 51
December€ 46
April€ 142
May€ 159
June€ 123
July€ 174
August€ 182
September€ 168
October€ 211
November€ 208
December€ 198
January€ 13
February€ 13
March€ 13
April€ 14
May€ 17
June€ 22
July€ 33
August€ 33
September€ 21
October€ 20
November€ 19
December€ 19
January€ 75
February€ 73
March€ 70
April€ 61
May€ 72
June€ 74
July€ 88
August€ 92
September€ 88
October€ 76
November€ 75
December€ 82
January€ 38
February€ 36
March€ 38
April€ 35
May€ 32
June€ 44
July€ 57
August€ 66
September€ 45
October€ 37
November€ 38
December€ 50

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FAQs about car hire at Sofia Airport

How much does car hire at Sofia Airport cost?

Car hire at Sofia Airport costs as little as €8.60 per day, however the average price across all suppliers for a Economy class vehicle is €38.90 per day. The most expensive car to hire is €195.20 per day from AUTOJET for a Mercedes Vito.

What car hire companies offer sanitised car rental in Sofia Airport?

9 car hire brands have committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines in Sofia Airport, including HERTZ, CAR RENT, AVIS, see the full list here.

What car hire companies offer sanitised car rental at Sofia Airport?

None of the car hire companies at Sofia Airport are currently offering sanitised cars as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines.

Who is the best car rental agent at Sofia Airport?

Based on recent customer reviews over the last 3 months, EUROPCAR Franchise has the highest customer rating for car hire at Sofia Airport with a score of 8.7/10

with BUDGET EMEA Franchise rated second best with a score of 8.5/10


How much does it cost to hire a compact car at Sofia Airport?

Today’s cheapest price for compact car hire at Sofia Airport is €104.54 per week from CAR RENT.

Who is the cheapest car hire agent at Sofia Airport?

The cheapest car hire company at Sofia Airport is LOW COST CARS, with prices for a Economy class car such as the Dacia Sandero available from as little as €60.34 per week.

How much is fuel at Sofia Airport?

You can expect to pay €1.137/ltr of petrol and €1.115/ltr of diesel at Sofia Airport. You’ll pay a premium if refilling at motorway services of up to 10%.

What car hire agencies are available at Sofia Airport?

We can arrange great deals on car hire at Sofia Airport with leading car hire companies such as ALAMO, AUTOJET, AUTO-UNION, AVIS, BUDGET, CAR RENT, ENTERPRISE, EUROPCAR, FIREFLY, GREEN MOTION, HERTZ, INTERRENT, LOW COST CARS, SIXT, THRIFTY, TOP as well as reputable, local car hire companies.

What type of car can I hire at Sofia Airport?

We can arrange Compact, Compact Elite, Economy, Fullsize, Intermediate, Mini, Premium, Standard and Standard Elite class rental cars at Sofia Airport.

How much does it cost to hire a convertible car at Sofia Airport?

We don’t currently have any convertible cars to hire at Sofia Airport, but we are working in it and please check dates for future rentals.
The price at the moment for a convertible rental car at Sofia Airport is €837.26 per week from GREEN MOTION for a Volkswagen Eos Convertible.

Do you have a discount code for car hire at Sofia Airport?

We don’t have any discount codes for car hire at Sofia Airport at the moment, however LOW COST CARS rates start from just €60.34 per week. If you’ve found a cheaper price than €60.34 from LOW COST CARS in Sofia - Airport or any other rental agent, let us know and we’ll do our best to beat it.

How much does it cost to hire a car for a week at Sofia Airport?

The cheapest price to hire a car for a week at Sofia Airport is €60.20 per week with an average price of €272.30 per week across all car hire companies.
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Information about car hire agents at Sofia Airport

Most popular car hire companies at Sofia Airport

  • Europcar (tel: 359 888 330470)
  • Hertz (tel: +3592 9459217 / 9459960)
  • Sixt (tel: +359-28169575)
  • City rent (tel: +359 889 21 80 80)
  • Thrifty (tel: +359 2 4740181)
  • Car rent (tel: +359 888 22 16 00 )
  • Top (tel: +359 887 205 813)
  • Avis (tel: 359 (0) 70091150)
  • Veger (tel: +359893302614, +359893302611)
  • Yes (tel: +359 (0) 887 50 30 30)

Pick-up locations for car hire companies at Sofia Airport

  • Hertz (Sofia Airport, Temrinal 2, Sofia)
  • Sixt (T2 - Sofia Airport, Sofia, 1000)
  • City rent (Sofia Airport, Sofia)
  • Thrifty (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, Sofia, 1540)
  • Car rent (Meet and Greet Service, Sofia)

Car hire company reviews at Sofia Airport

  • EUROPCAR Franchise: Rated 8.7/10 from 7 reviews
  • BUDGET EMEA Franchise: Rated 8.5/10 from 7 reviews
  • Enterprise Franchise: Rated 7.6/10 from 6 reviews
  • TOP: Rated 7.6/10 from 16 reviews
  • Low Cost Cars: Rated 7.5/10 from 11 reviews
  • SIXT Franchise: Rated 7.4/10 from 6 reviews

Sofia Airport Mini Guide

Welcome to Sofia Airport
Sofia Airport, found 7 miles from the city centre, has two terminals. The older T1 now deals mostly with budget airlines and charter flights whilst the four year old T2 handles scheduled international flights. The airport is rapidly growing in terms of passenger numbers with over 6 million passing through the terminals last year. Outside the terminals there is plenty of parking with 400 outside T1 and 820 outside T2, both parks are split into long and short term.

Getting There
32 scheduled airlines fly there providing international and domestic flights whilst 18 charter airlines bring passengers for the summer beach season and the winter skiing season.

Getting to Your Destination After Landing
There are no trains directly from Sofia Airport although a metro link is under construction. For now passengers have to take the number 384 bus to Mladost 1 metro station which links to the national rail network. Bus 84 from the airport will take you to the downtown campus of the University whilst shuttle bus no. 30 goes into the central business district and on to the busy suburb of Lyulin.

Taxis are plentiful at the airport but make sure the fare is agreed before you set off. Scams are frequent there. If hiring a car for your onward journey, the desks are found in the arrivals hall after customs and are easily spotted. You should try to pre-book your car, especially at peak times, and send a member of your group through to queue as the desks can get busy when several flights land at the same time.

Getting into the city is easy along Brussels Boulevard and exiting the city via the north is also trouble free if you follow East tangent Street which eventually arrives at the Trakya highway.

Public Information
Public information is available from the desk in the main foyer of each terminal building and the desk is clearly marked. There too, you can get information about local attractions and accommodation.

Sofia Airport (SOF) is the main gateway into Bulgaria and it is located in the country’s capital. Car hire in Sofia Airport is a good idea as the airport is actually located a few miles east of central Sofia and having your own vehicle is more reliable than waiting around on public transport.

In 2018 over six million passengers used Sofia Airport. We cater to their needs by offering vehicles that are reliable for business travel and fun and secure for holiday rentals. The airport is located in the west of Bulgaria. Book ahead to reserve your vehicle.
  • Sofia Airport car hire special offers

    We currently have 4 special offers for car rental in Sofia Airport including;

  • Free additional driver
    With this car you get 1 free additional driver available from ALAMO, AVIS, BUDGET, ENTERPRISE, EUROPCAR, GREEN MOTION, HERTZ, LOW COST CARS, TOP.
  • GPS Included
    Free GPS is included in the price available from ALAMO, AVIS, BUDGET, ENTERPRISE, EUROPCAR, GREEN MOTION, HERTZ, LOW COST CARS, TOP.
  • Guaranteed 2020/2021-registered car
    We guarantee that you are going to get a 2020/2021-registered car at the desk available from ALAMO, AVIS, BUDGET, ENTERPRISE, EUROPCAR, GREEN MOTION, HERTZ, LOW COST CARS, TOP.
  • Pre-Registration available
    For faster, easier car hire, add driver details before pick-up available from ALAMO, AVIS, BUDGET, ENTERPRISE, EUROPCAR, GREEN MOTION, HERTZ, LOW COST CARS, TOP.

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