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Renting a 4x4 in Rio de Janeiro

Arguably Brazil's postcard city, it's where many international visitors first think of when Brazil is mentioned. Home of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, it's had it's fair share of time in the limelight in recent years. The huge investment in the infrastructure has put Rio on the map as the authorities strive to attract tourism beyond their flagship games. The results have seen a dramatic increase in visitor numbers and with that Rio's 2 airports combine to attract over 25 million passengers every year. 11% of whom renting a vehicle opt for 4x4 rental in Rio to get around. Whilst it may not be needed within the city itself, you don't have to travel far beyond the confines of the city for the benefits of renting a 4x4 in Rio to come to the fore. The mountain roads all around the coastal city, whilst passable by a regular car are all the more fun in a 4WD. We have a great range of 4x4, 4WD and SUV rentals in Rio to suit even the most demanding customer needs. Get a quote today and you'll be pleasantly surprised how affordable renting a 4x4 in Rio de Janeiro can be.

4x4 rental Rio de Janeiro

Most Popular 4x4 Rentals in Rio de Janeiro

Whether you want to arrange to pick up from Galeão International or Santos Dumont Airport in Rio or indeed from any of our downtown or hotel locations across the city, you can be confident that we can provide the widest range of 4x4 rentals Rio has to offer from all of the leading international and local rental agents. Whether for a day or a month, a 4WD or SUV rental in Rio, we can match you needs to the best value 4x4 rental Rio has to offer. Get an instant quote to day and see what you can save from our customer favourites and many more.
Brazil 4x4 Suppliers
Brazil 4x4 Make / Models
Volkswagen Saveiro
Renault Duster
Ford Eco Sport
Fiat Toto Freedom
Double cab
Audi Q3
Ford Ranger
Double cab

Rio SUV Rental Options

  • Nissan X-Trail
  • Jeep Renegage
  • Audi Q3

Rio Pick Up Rental Options

  • Toyota Hilux Pick Up
  • Ford Ranger 4x4
  • Fiat Toro Pick Up

Other Car Hire Locations in Brazil

We specialise in car rentals throughout Brazil to find you the best price and that's a promise...

4x4 rental

4x4 Rental Galeão International Airport

16 million passengers and rising, 4x4 rental at Galeao Airport in Rio is big business. With around 10% of all vehicle rentals here being for 4x4 and SUV models, it's fair to say that Brazilians and visitors to Brazil have a real appetite to rent a 4x4 in Rio.

4x4 Rental Santos Dumont Airport

Rio's second airport, it's not to be underestimated as whilst it sits in the shadows of Galeao, 9 million passengers passing through its doors every year makes it a major player in Brazil. Make no mistake, 4x4 rental at Santos Dumont Airport is as popular as ever and equally competitively prices as its big brother.