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Book Your Car Rental from Bahrain International Airport with Rhino Car Hire

Welcome to Bahrain Airport Car Hire with Rhinocarhire: Start your Middle Eastern adventure right from Bahrain Airport with Rhinocarhire, your dependable car hire service. Situated as the gateway to the island nation of Bahrain, the airport serves as the perfect starting point for both leisure and business travelers. With Rhinocarhire, you can effortlessly transition from your flight to the road, exploring Bahrain's rich heritage, modern skyline, and stunning landscapes with ease and comfort. 

2. Why Choose Rhinocarhire for Your Car Hire at Bahrain Airport: Rhinocarhire stands as a premier choice for car hire at Bahrain Airport, offering a wide selection of vehicles to suit your specific travel needs. From sleek sedans for navigating the city's bustling streets to spacious SUVs for family excursions, our fleet ensures quality, comfort, and safety. Our commitment to transparent pricing and no hidden fees allows you to plan your journey with clarity and confidence.

  • Diverse Fleet: Choose from a wide selection of vehicles, from economical compact cars perfect for city driving to luxurious SUVs ideal for comfortable excursions across the island.
  • Transparent Pricing: Enjoy straightforward, competitive pricing with no hidden fees. Rhino Car Hire offers a transparent rental experience from start to finish.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Benefit from around-the-clock customer service, ready to assist you anytime during your rental.
  • Convenient Location: Pick up your vehicle directly at Bahrain International Airport, right after you land, making it easy to start your Bahrain adventure immediately.

3. Explore Bahrain's Wonders with Your Rental Car: With your own vehicle from Rhinocarhire at Bahrain Airport, the island's treasures are at your fingertips. Drive to the iconic Bahrain World Trade Center, visit the historical Bahrain Fort, or unwind at the Al Areen Wildlife Park. Your rental car also grants you the flexibility to discover local markets, exquisite dining venues, and serene beaches at your leisure.

4. Tailored Car Hire Experience at Bahrain Airport: We understand that every traveler's itinerary is unique. Rhinocarhire offers a variety of car rental options at Bahrain Airport to accommodate your individual preferences. Opt for additional features like GPS navigation for effortless exploration, child seats for the safety of your younger passengers, or extra insurance coverage for peace of mind during your travels.

5. Effortless Booking and Dedicated Customer Support: Booking your car hire at Bahrain Airport with Rhinocarhire is smooth and hassle-free. Our user-friendly online booking platform allows you to select and secure your ideal vehicle promptly. Furthermore, our dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist with any queries or special requests, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable car hire experience from the moment you arrive.

Booking your car rental in advance with Rhino Car Hire at Bahrain Airport offers several benefits:

  • Best Selection: Early booking secures the perfect vehicle for your travel needs.
  • More Affordable Rates: Take advantage of lower rates available for early bookings.
  • Peace of Mind: Settle your travel arrangements early, leaving more time to plan your visit and explore the diverse attractions of Bahrain and beyond.

6. Conclusion: Set off on a memorable exploration of Bahrain with the convenience and freedom of a Rhinocarhire vehicle. Whether you're captivated by Bahrain's cultural heritage, vibrant city life, or scenic beauty, our car hire service at Bahrain Airport is your key to a remarkable travel experience.

Book with Rhinocarhire today and unlock the wonders of Bahrain in comfort and style. 

Contact and FAQs

For more information or to book your car, refer to our FAQ section or contact Rhino Car Hire:

  • Email: info@rhinocarhire.com
  • Phone: +44(0)345 508 9845
  • Social Media: Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or X for updates and special offers.

Current Rental Rates at Bahrain Airport

Nissan Sunny

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 23.65 EUR/day
Nissan Sunny

7 Days rental at 165.55 EUR from 21/07/2024

  3 |
  Automatic |

Renault Symbol

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 24.68 EUR/day
Renault Symbol

7 Days rental at 172.80 EUR from 21/07/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |

Toyota Yaris

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 25.30 EUR/day
Toyota Yaris

7 Days rental at 177.12 EUR from 21/07/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |
Renting a car from Bahrain Airport allows you to fully experience the island’s dynamic environment and attractions:

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Bahrain Airport: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • Bahrain International Airport is found 4 miles north east of the capital Manama.
  • Historical Treasures: Drive from Bahrain Airport to explore ancient sites like the Bahrain Fort and the Bahrain National Museum, delving into the island's rich history.
  • Modern Marvels: Navigate with ease to modern architectural wonders such as the Bahrain World Trade Center and the iconic Bahrain Financial Harbour.
  • Scenic Beach Routes: Enjoy the freedom to visit Bahrain’s pristine beaches, like Al Jazayer Beach, offering sun, sand, and sea just a short drive away.
  • Cultural Immersion: Utilize your rental car to experience local markets and festivals, absorbing the vibrant culture and traditions of Bahrain.
  • Culinary Adventures: Explore Bahrain’s diverse culinary scene, from traditional Bahraini cuisine to international gourmet restaurants, all easily accessible by car.


Bahrain Airport - Popular Destinations

  • Manama - Drive into the capital’s bustling streets, where modern skyscrapers stand alongside traditional Bahraini architecture.
  • Muharraq - Explore this historic city 
  • Riffa - Visit Riffa Fort and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  • Jebel Al Dukhan - Drive to the highest point in Bahrain
  • Al Areen Wildlife Park - A perfect place for families.

Our Most Popular Rated Local Car Rental Suppliers from Bahrain Airport

No.1: SIXT,
based on 9 reviews
30 min (average wait time)

Bahrain Airport car hire information

  • 9.2/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    Sixt EMEA Franchise
  • € 165.55
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 23.65
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 10
    Most Popular Type:
  • 2
    Most popular model:
    Kia Carnival
  • 50
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day for car hire at Bahrain Airport

January€ 41
February€ 50
March€ 51
April€ 49
May€ 44
June€ 48
July€ 44
August€ 40
September€ 47
October€ 47
November€ 43
December€ 41
January€ 40
February€ 42
March€ 44
April€ 34
May€ 32
June€ 36
July€ 32
August€ 32
September€ 33
October€ 45
November€ 34
December€ 34
January€ 150
February€ 183
March€ 159
April€ 129
May€ 118
June€ 121
July€ 115
August€ 117
September€ 124
October€ 123
November€ 136
December€ 122
January€ 74
February€ 85
March€ 84
April€ 72
May€ 68
June€ 74
July€ 68
August€ 65
September€ 71
October€ 71
November€ 70
December€ 68
January€ 190
February€ 169
March€ 177
April€ 178
May€ 183
June€ 184
July€ 180
August€ 130
September€ 177
October€ 174
November€ 174
December€ 174
January€ 36
February€ 36
March€ 35
April€ 26
May€ 25
June€ 27
July€ 25
August€ 25
September€ 26
October€ 26
November€ 27
December€ 26
January€ 88
February€ 102
March€ 100
April€ 77
May€ 69
June€ 76
July€ 70
August€ 68
September€ 72
October€ 72
November€ 78
December€ 72
January€ 68
February€ 77
March€ 81
April€ 65
May€ 54
June€ 69
July€ 56
August€ 54
September€ 56
October€ 56
November€ 58
December€ 56

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FAQs about car hire at Bahrain Airport

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There are always some points on which you are not sure when hiring a car, so we have done our best to answer the frequently asked questions. Just click this link and you will find the questions are sorted by category for easy navigation.

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Rental Process at Rhino Car Hire

Renting a car with Rhino Car Hire at Bahrain Airport is straightforward:

  1. Booking: Reserve your car online, via email, or by phone. It's recommended to book in advance for the best rates and selection.
  2. Pick-Up: Upon arrival at Bahrain International Airport, head to the Rhino Car Hire location with your reservation details, a valid driver's license, and a credit card.
  3. Vehicle Inspection: Review the rental agreement and inspect the vehicle with an agent. Any existing damage will be documented.
  4. Enjoy Your Journey: Start exploring Bahrain and its diverse offerings at your leisure.
  5. Return: Return the car to the specified Rhino location for a final inspection.
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