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Automatic car hire in Europe

Around 15% of all rental cars in Europe are now for automatic transmission cars, a figure that only a decade about was in single figures, availability of automatic rental cars in Europe has seen a dramatic increase. Where visitors from the US and Canada were the primary consumers of automatic rental cars in Europe, now that demand stretches far and wide with visitors from all over and domestic travellers opting to automatic car hire in Europe. More and more of us drive an automatic car at home as manufacturers offer more models with automatic gearboxes as standard. Many of us are either simply out of practise or have nearly forgotten entirely how to drive a manual car so renting an automatic is necessary.

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Most popular automatic car rental companies in Europe

  • Alamo: 38 counties / 500+ locations
  • Budget: 33 counties / 450+ locations
  • Dollar: 25 counties / 300+ locations
  • Enterprise: 18 counties / 200+ locations
  • Europcar: 42 counties / 500+ locations
  • Thrifty: 23 counties / 350+ locations
  • Sixt: 29 counties / 400+ locations
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Are automatic rental cars in Europe better for the environment?

According to manufacturer data, most rental cars offer improved efficiency, lower emission and higher MPG when fitted with a an automatic transmission than their manual counterparts. The technology allows the car to maximise efficiency and reduce emissions and also reduce fuel bills so whilst you can expect to pay a small premium for an automatic rental car in Europe over a manual, you’ll not only make a small saving on fuel, but also contribute lower emissions when driving in Europe.

Most popular locations to rent an automatic in Europe;

  • Heathrow Airport, UK: (from 21 EUR per day)
  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands: (from 26 EUR per day)
  • Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy: (from 31 EUR per day)
  • Barcelona Airport, Spain: (from 17 EUR per day)
  • Dublin Airport, Ireland: (from 22 EUR per day)
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport, Italy: (from 24 EUR per day)
  • Vienna Airport, Austria: (from 42 EUR per day)

Tips for renting an automatic in Europe

Renting an automatic car in Europe is a lot easier today than it was just 10 years ago. More and more rental cars are now offered with automatic transmission as standard than ever before but there are still ways to save when searching for automatic car rentals in Europe;
  1. Consider collecting from a downtown location and not the airport, you’ll likely find a cheaper deal at a city centre as demand is lower, you’ll likely save more than the cost of a taxi fare from the airport to the rental office downtown.
  2. Compare offers from a comparison site that brings together all of Europe’s leading car rental agents and compare the best deals for your rental needs
  3. Check to see if any loyalty points you have are valid against automatic car rentals in Europe
  4. Lookout for special offers and free upgrades, these are often free upgrades from a manual to an automatic rental car
  5. Look for smaller models with automatic transmission for keep costs to a minimum

What rental companies provide automatic car rental in Europe?

All of Europe’s leading car rental companies such as Avis, Budget, Hertz and Sixt offer automatic car rental in Europe. In addition, you’ll find domestic favourites like Dollar, Enterprise and Thrifty also have an extensive inventory across all countries and major airports in Europe.

Can you rent automatic cars in Europe?

Yes, automatic car rental is available across Europe from over 26 suppliers in 44 countries at over 800 international airports in Europe.

How must does it cost to rent an automatic car in Europe?

Automatic car rental in Europe starts from around 21 EUR per day ($25) for a mini / economy class car such as the Hyundai i10, approximately 20% more than a manual version of the same at the same location from the same rental agent.

Why is automatic car rental in Europe so expensive?

That is a bit of a myth as automatic car hire in Europe is no more expensive that in the US or Canada in general. Whilst you may get a smaller car for your money, cars in Europe in general are a lot smaller than in North America and prices are relative. Automatic rental cars in Europe may seem expensive, but that is partly due to manual car rental being so cheap.

How to rent an automatic car in Europe

Simply enter your pick-up and return location, date and times into our secure search form and we’ll return every rental car in Europe from the leading car rental companies at the lowest prices. Use our filter in the left-hand column of the results page to select ONLY automatic rental cars and then use the same car type and supplier filters to find the perfect automatic rental car in Europe to suit your needs.

Cheap automatic car rental in Europe

Despite what you might think or have read, it is possible to find cheap automatic car rental in Europe and you’ve already made a good start by finding us. By comparing rates from international acclaimed rental companies and also trusted rental agents exclusive to Europe we can help you find the cheapest automatic car rental in Europe.

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Most popular countries to rent an automatic car:

Most popular locations for automatic car hire in Europe: