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Explore Aruba with Ease:  Affordable Car Rental Services from Rhino Car Hire

Affordable Car Hire Aruba

Discover the stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes of Aruba with the convenience and flexibility of a rental car from Rhino Car Hire. Our competitive rates, diverse vehicle selection, and exceptional customer service ensure a seamless travel experience. From bustling towns and charming villages to scenic coastal drives and pristine beaches, enjoy everything Aruba has to offer at your own pace. Whether you're here for a short visit or an extended stay, hiring a car with Rhino Car Hire in Aruba provides the perfect opportunity to uncover the hidden gems of this beautiful island.

Advantages of Car Hire with Rhino Car Hire in Aruba

  • Access to Iconic Landmarks: Conveniently pick up your car and drive to top attractions like Eagle Beach, Arikok National Park, and the vibrant capital, Oranjestad.
  • Flexible Travel Options: Explore beyond the main towns and discover charming villages, beautiful coastal routes, and scenic countryside.
  • Wide Vehicle Selection: Choose from a variety of vehicles, including compact cars for city driving, spacious SUVs for family trips, and luxury models for a touch of elegance.
  • Local Expertise: Our staff can provide tips and recommendations for navigating Aruba’s roads and must-see sights, ensuring you get the most out of your visit.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Enjoy peace of mind with round-the-clock support, whether you need roadside assistance or travel advice.

Book Your Car Hire Early

Secure the best deals and ensure availability by booking your car hire early with Rhino Car Hire. Early bookings not only save you money but also give you the widest choice of vehicles to fit your travel plans. Don’t miss out on our exclusive offers – plan ahead and enjoy peace of mind on your journey through Aruba.

Car Rental Process with Rhino Car Hire

Renting a car with Rhino Car Hire in Aruba is straightforward and hassle-free. Here’s how it works:

  • Book Online: Use our easy online booking system to select your desired vehicle and rental dates.
  • Confirmation: Receive an instant confirmation with all the details of your booking.
  • Pick-Up: Collect your car from one of our convenient locations across Aruba. Our friendly staff will assist with any questions and provide a quick overview of your vehicle.
  • Drive: Enjoy the freedom to explore Aruba and beyond. Our well-maintained vehicles ensure a smooth journey.
  • Return: Return the car to the agreed location at the end of your rental period, adhering to the rental terms. Our efficient return process means you can be on your way without delay.

Contact and FAQs

For more information or to book your car in Aruba, refer to our FAQ section or contact Rhino Car Hire:

  • Email: info@rhinocarhire.com
  • Phone: +44(0)345 508 9845 - If calling from outside the UK, please visit our Customer Service page for alternative telephone numbers
  • Social Media: Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for updates and special offers.

Additional Car Hire Services in Aruba

Enhance your car hire experience in Aruba with our range of additional services. We offer GPS rental, child seats, additional driver options, and more to ensure your journey is comfortable and convenient.

Insurance and Coverage Options in Aruba

We offer a variety of insurance and coverage options in Aruba to ensure your peace of mind while driving. Choose from basic coverage to comprehensive plans that include theft protection, collision damage waiver, and more.

Car Hire Special Offers and Discounts in Aruba

Check out our latest deals and special offers on car hire in Aruba. Enjoy exclusive discounts and save more when you book with Rhino Car Hire. Whether you're planning a short trip or an extended stay, we have the perfect deal for you.

Key Highlights for Making the Most of Your Journey with a Rental Car

With a rental car from Rhino Car Hire, you can fully immerse yourself in the vibrant and diverse attractions of Aruba. Drive through historic streets, visit iconic landmarks, and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. Here are some key highlights to explore:

  • Visit the stunning Eagle Beach and relax on its white sands
  • Explore the rugged landscapes and natural pools in Arikok National Park
  • Drive along the scenic coastal roads to Baby Beach
  • Discover the vibrant culture and colorful architecture of Oranjestad
  • Enjoy a scenic drive through the island’s countryside and visit the Alto Vista Chapel

Book your car hire with Rhino Car Hire today and start your adventure in Aruba with confidence and convenience!

Picking the Right Vehicle:

  1. Compact Cars: Ideal for solo travelers or couples and are fuel-efficient for city travels.
  2. SUVs or Jeeps: Recommended if you're planning to explore Aruba's rugged terrains or the Arikok National Park.
  3. Climate Considerations: Aruba boasts a warm, dry climate. Ensure your vehicle has working air conditioning for a comfortable ride.

Navigating Aruba's Roads:

  1. Road Conditions: Main roads in tourist areas are well-maintained, but be cautious of unexpected potholes. Off-road adventures will require a sturdy vehicle.
  2. Parking: Most hotels, resorts, and popular tourist spots offer ample parking. Always lock your vehicle and avoid leaving valuables inside.
  3. Gas Stations: While the island is small, it's wise to refuel once you hit the half-tank mark, especially if venturing into less populated areas.

Renting a car in Aruba transforms your vacation from a mere beach holiday to an expansive island adventure. From the convenience of setting your schedule to uncovering Aruba's hidden gems, the benefits are endless. 

Cheapest car hire in Aruba

Hyundai i10

4 Adults, 5 Doors

From 51.97 EUR/day
Hyundai i10

7 Days rental at 363.80 EUR from 23/09/2024

  1 |
  Manual |

Hyundai i10

4 Adults, 5 Doors

From 52.26 EUR/day
Hyundai i10

7 Days rental at 365.86 EUR from 23/09/2024

  1 |
  Automatic |

Suzuki Alto

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 75.56 EUR/day
Suzuki Alto

7 Days rental at 528.96 EUR from 23/09/2024

  1 |
  Manual |

Hyundai Accent

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 52.98 EUR/day
Hyundai Accent

7 Days rental at 370.89 EUR from 23/09/2024

  3 |
  Manual |

Hyundai Accent

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 53.27 EUR/day
Hyundai Accent

7 Days rental at 372.95 EUR from 23/09/2024

  3 |
  Automatic |

Chevrolet Aveo

5 Adults, 3 Doors

From 62.30 EUR/day
Chevrolet Aveo

7 Days rental at 436.14 EUR from 23/09/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |

Toyota Yaris

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 52.55 EUR/day
Toyota Yaris

7 Days rental at 367.85 EUR from 23/09/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |

Hyundai i10

5 Adults, 3 Doors

From 61.06 EUR/day
Hyundai i10

7 Days rental at 427.42 EUR from 23/09/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |

Hyundai i10

5 Adults, 3 Doors

From 69.73 EUR/day
Hyundai i10

7 Days rental at 488.12 EUR from 23/09/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |

Hyundai H1

7 Adults, 5 Doors

From 145.86 EUR/day
Hyundai H1

7 Days rental at 1021.06 EUR from 23/09/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |

Hyundai H1

7 Adults, 5 Doors

From 162.23 EUR/day
Hyundai H1

7 Days rental at 1135.65 EUR from 23/09/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |

Hyundai H1

7 Adults, 5 Doors

From 219.12 EUR/day
Hyundai H1

7 Days rental at 1533.84 EUR from 23/09/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |

Hyundai Tucson

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 188.42 EUR/day
Hyundai Tucson

7 Days rental at 1318.96 EUR from 23/09/2024

  3 |
  Automatic |

Hyundai Elantra

5 Adults, 4 Doors

From 83.97 EUR/day
Hyundai Elantra

7 Days rental at 587.80 EUR from 23/09/2024

  4 |
  Automatic |

Renault Duster

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 103.94 EUR/day
Renault Duster

7 Days rental at 727.63 EUR from 23/09/2024

  3 |
  Automatic |

Top tips when hiring a car in Aruba

  • Eagle Beach: Drive to one of the world's top beaches for its famous soft white sands and turquoise waters.
  • Oranjestad: Explore the vibrant capital's colorful colonial buildings, museums, and shopping areas with your hire car.
  • Arikok National Park: Venture into this protected area with your rental car to discover Aruba's unique geology, wildlife, and hiking trails.
  • California Lighthouse: Drive up to this iconic landmark for panoramic views of the island.
  • Alto Vista Chapel: Visit this historic and serene chapel, accessible by a scenic drive, ideal for peace and reflection.

Popular car hire destinations in Aruba

  • Eagle Beach 
  • Oranjestad 
  • Arikok National Park
  • California Lighthouse 
  • Alto Vista Chapel 

Laws and rules of the road when driving in Aruba



    Road Driving Side



    Urban speed Limit



    Rural Speed Limit



    Motorway Speed Limit


    AWG  2.90/Ltr

    Current Petrol Price



    Drink Drive Limit


    AWG/USD $







    Min Rental Age


    Min Driving Age


    Front and Rear



    Fixed and Mobile

    Speed Cameras


    Hands Free Only

    Mobile Phones

Compare car rental agents in Aruba

Rental Agent
Rating (/10)
Customer Reviews
Mini (€/day)
Compact (€/day)
Intermediate (€/day)
Standard (€/day)
€ 51.97
€ 52.98
€ 83.97

Car rental agent statistics in Aruba

  • Highest Rated Agent Icon
    Highest rated agent:
  • Lowest Rated Agent Icon
    Lowest rated agent:
  • Total Number of Reviews Icon
    Total number of reviews in
  • Most Locations Icon
    Most Locations in Aruba:
  • Average Wait Time Icon
    Average wait time
  • Total Rental Companies Icon
    Total rental companies

Average prices per day for car hire in Aruba

January€ 78
February€ 66
March€ 60
April€ 64
May€ 67
June€ 66
July€ 67
August€ 63
September€ 63
October€ 66
November€ 70
December€ 83
January€ 69
February€ 57
March€ 52
April€ 54
May€ 56
June€ 57
July€ 59
August€ 56
September€ 56
October€ 62
November€ 62
December€ 77
January€ 146
February€ 298
April€ 123
May€ 160
June€ 182
July€ 162
August€ 123
September€ 131
October€ 103
November€ 169
January€ 130
February€ 111
March€ 96
April€ 122
May€ 115
June€ 116
July€ 105
August€ 111
September€ 110
October€ 101
November€ 102
December€ 98
January€ 67
February€ 51
March€ 52
April€ 52
May€ 49
June€ 50
July€ 50
August€ 48
September€ 49
October€ 56
November€ 51
December€ 79
January€ 116
February€ 107
March€ 134
April€ 130
May€ 135
June€ 129
July€ 133
August€ 131
September€ 139
October€ 148
November€ 175
December€ 228
January€ 128
February€ 110
March€ 96
April€ 121
May€ 116
June€ 119
July€ 107
August€ 114
September€ 113
October€ 101
November€ 104
December€ 98
*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for today's best prices.

Fuel prices in Aruba

Aug , 2023

€ 1.14

€ 1.36

Sep , 2023

€ 1.31

€ 1.48

Oct , 2023

€ 1.33

€ 1.50

Nov , 2023

€ 1.25

€ 1.26

Dec , 2023

€ 1.17

€ 1.22

Jan , 2024

€ 1.08

€ 1.18

Feb , 2024

€ 1.10

€ 1.20

Mar , 2024

€ 1.20

€ 1.30

Apr , 2024

€ 1.18

€ 1.37

May , 2024

€ 1.28

€ 1.38

Jun , 2024

€ 1.12

€ 1.33

Jul , 2024

€ 1.12

€ 1.32

Month, YearDiesel €/ltrUnleaded €/ltr
Jul , 2024 1.12 1.32
Jun , 2024 1.12 1.33
May , 2024 1.28 1.38
Apr , 2024 1.18 1.37
Mar , 2024 1.20 1.30
Feb , 2024 1.10 1.20
Jan , 2024 1.08 1.18
Dec , 2023 1.17 1.22
Nov , 2023 1.25 1.26
Oct , 2023 1.33 1.50
Sep , 2023 1.31 1.48
Aug , 2023 1.14 1.36

Car rental price statistics in Aruba

  • Average Price Icon
    € 363.79
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • Highest Daily Price Icon
    € 219.12
    Highest daily price:
    Hyundai H1
  • Total Vehicles Icon
    Total cars available
  • Most Popular Car Model Icon
    Most popular model:
    Hyundai i10
  • Locations with Most Cars Icon
    Location with most cars:
    Oranjestad - Queen Beatrix Intl. Airport
  • Cheapest Daily Price Icon
    € 52.0 per day
    Cheapest daily price:
    CARVENIENCE - Oranjestad - Queen Beatrix Intl. Airport
FAQs - How can we help?

There are always some points on which you are not sure when hiring a car, so we have done our best to answer the frequently asked questions. Just click this link and you will find the questions are sorted by category for easy navigation.

Booking car hire with Rhino Car Hire ensures a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. With competitive rates, a wide range of well-maintained vehicles, and exceptional customer service, Rhino Car Hire offers the perfect solution for your travel needs. By booking early, you can secure the best deals and the widest choice of vehicles. Enjoy the freedom to explore your destination at your own pace, with the peace of mind provided by our 24/7 customer support and comprehensive insurance options. Whether you're traveling in Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, or other nearby regions, Rhino Car Hire is your reliable partner for a memorable journey.

From serene beaches to vibrant city streets, navigate Aruba's wonders with ease using Rhino Car Hire.

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Other Car Hire Locations in Aruba

We specialise in car rentals throughout Aruba to find you the best price and that's a promise...

Queen Beatrix International Airport
Mini 4 5 2 from €28.0 /day
Standard 4 5 4 from €41.8 /day
Compact 5 5 3 from €46.9/day