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Ushuaia Car Hire - Did You Know?

  • Ushuaia is the capital city of Argentine Tierra del Fuego.
  • It’s acknowledged to be the most southerly city in the world.
  • Charles Darwin visited the area on his voyages.
  • It became a penal colony for hardened criminals.
  • Ushuaia was the scene of a false gold rush that claimed the lives of many.

Ushuaia Mini Guide

Where is Ushuaia?
Ushiaia is thought of as the world’s southernmost city, almost at the tip of the part of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. It has had an interesting history being a missionary town, a penal colony, an Argentine naval base and the site of a political prison during the dark days of Argentina. It’ s also known as a place Charles Darwin visited on his voyages and where he encountered the local Yamana people who he felt could have been a missing link in the evolution of humans. Today, the city is a very popular tourist destination which has a port for ship departures to Antarctica.

Ushuaia Port

How Can I Get to Ushuaia?
The city is served by Ushuaia International Airport, found a couple of miles away from the city but on the same island. It’s international in that it accepts flights from Chile and Brazil but from outside of these countries tourists would need to fly to a major hub such as Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires to access Ushuaia. It’s quite easy to get transport into the city with taxis and buses operating along the route.

What is There to See and Do in Ushuaia?
Despite being a remote city with seemingly little history, there are a number of very absorbing museums that should be visited during a stay in Ushuaia. The former prison which held political prisoners for decades has now been restored and tours can be taken of it during which details of the harsh regime are revealed, including those of the infamous part, called ‘The Presidio’. As well as being a memorial for those who were killed there, the prison museum is now used as an art gallery for local artists. Many people come to Ushuaia for its natural splendours, including the Tierra del Fuego National Park where several hiking trails can be walked. Closer to the city is the Glacier Martial which is easy to climb and gives a great view out over the island, the city and the Beagle Sound.

Ushuaia prison museum

What can I buy as Souvenirs in Ushuaia?
Many of the souvenirs are based on Ushuaia’s prominence as the city at the end of the world and include bits of rock from the region. Traditional Patagonian clothing is another good buy with sweaters and coats made from alpaca wool which are very effective against the cold.

What Should I eat Whilst in Ushuaia?
As with all the settlements this far south, food is expensive, having to be shipped in to the area. Local food is much cheaper, if less appetising, and includes stews made from local livestock such as goat, alpaca, rabbit and lamb, often served with root vegetables, beans and rice.

What is the Entertainment Like in Ushuaia?
Ushuaia is very popular with backpackers and several hostels exist for their accommodation. Additionally, cheap and cheerful bars have sprung up to serve them and these are often where the most life is to be found in the evenings. There are a number of good hotels and restaurants too with more subdued entertainment.

Latest Update from Ushuaia:

20/04/12 - The hunt for ever more unusual holiday destinations has meant that Ushuaia has seen a rise in people travelling there this year. The town has responded to this by offering new facilities including better accommodation for those who aren't comfortable with the backpacker experience.

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Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and a key starting point for exploring what’s known as ‘the end of the world’. Ice there, is mixed with the fire of volcanoes and the scenery is dramatic and forbidding.

Taking a rental car into the Tierra del Fuego National Park will lead you to some amazing walking trails which range in length from a couple of hours to several days. In the city there are several museums which detail the history of this inhospitable place and its notorious days as a prison city for political prisoners.

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