Yes indeed, we usually confirm your rental within a few minutes where you’ll receive a booking confirmation email with all the information required to collect you car. You can also log into ‘My Booking’ using your booking reference and email address to check the status of your rental. If in doubt, please contact us

Yes, the majority of our rental agents will offer baby or child car seats for hire. Prices will vary between suppliers, however typically range from £5-£10 per day. You can reserve child seats (and other extras) at stage 2 of the booking process, all extras are paid locally, directly to the rental agent on collection of the car. It’s worth reading our blog ‘should I hire a car seat or take my own’ before you decide to hire a car seat.

In most cases, it is permitted to take a car out of the country of rental (cross border travel), however not all agents permit and where they do, there is often a limited list of countries. Details can be found in the individual rental terms and conditions, however if in doubt, please contact us. There is a charge (payable on collection) for cross border travel.

Typically, we cannot arrange delivery of rentals cars. With over 50,000 locations now available it’s likely that we will have a rental agent conveniently located from wherever you are in the world. However there are exceptions with Barbados Hotel Delivery a notable locations where we can arrange hotel delivery, please contact us for details.

Most rental agents will permit travel from Ireland to Northern Ireland (and visa versa), however please check the car specific rental conditions or contact us before booking to confirm. As with all cross border car hire, charges will apply.

Whilst you can hire a car with points on your licence, major endorsements such as drink driving (DR10) convictions will restrict you from hiring a car. 6 points it typically considered acceptable, however if you have in excess of 6 points on your licence, please contact us before booking so that we can check with the individual rental agents. Read our full articles on 'hiring a car with points on your licence' and 'hiring a car with drink driving conviction'.

The majority of rental agents have a minimum age requirement of 25 to hire car at standard rates. Under 25’s can usually hire a car subject to a young driver fee (payable on collection, typically around £15-20 per day). 21 is a typical minimum age, however some agents set 23 as the minimum age. All rental agents require that you have held your licence for at least 12 months. We offer an under 25 car hire discount to help young drivers offset the young driver surcharge.

When collecting your rental car, you will be required to provide the following documents;

  • Rental voucher (print copy required).
  • Valid Credit Card (in name of main driver) with sufficient available funds to cover the rental deposit.
  • Driving Licence – International Driving Permit may be required – check terms and conditions for your rental.
  • DVLA Licence Check Code – If hiring in the UK, you will required a DVLA Licence Check code when hiring a car.
  • Photographic ID - passport etc

Any additional required documents will be scheduled on your booking confirmation.

The rental excess will differ for different rentals and varies from supplier to supplier and car type. Typically, the higher the vehicle class, the higher the excess. We display the rental excess for every available rental under the ‘Terms and Conditions’ at quote stage, navigate to Deposits, Excess and Cover for full details. The rental agent will ‘pre-authorize’ or block the rental excess from your credit card on arrival so please ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the excess and any planned expenditure on your credit card.

Please use the ‘My Booking’ facility to cancel an existing booking, or contact us by email / phone to request. Please check for confirmation if applying by email to ensure your request was received and actioned. To receive a full refund you must cancel (and have confirmed) your booking outside of 48 hours of the pick up time in the local time zone.

Once confirmed, your rental voucher will provide details of the location of the rental agent. This is also displayed at the quote stage with an address or ‘in terminal’ / ‘shuttle bus’ / ‘meet & greet’ if collecting from an airport. We will provide details / directions to all options on your rental confirmation.

Please use any of our communication channels, either LiveChat, email or phone directly from our website, or via our social media channels, Facebook or Twitter and a member of the team will get straight back to you.


As with most car hire suppliers, we cannot 100% guarantee the exact make and model of car that will be supplied.  The makes and models shows are the most popular vehicles held by the supplier in that car class and so most likely to be the supplied vehicle. Where as cannot offer the exact same, we will supply a car of equal or higher specification / class including passenger / luggage capacity.

Please use the ‘My Booking’ facility to access and amend an existing booking.

If you need to extend an existing booking before you have collected the car, please use the ‘My Booking’ facility.  If you have a collected the car and need to extend, you can contact the rental agent direct and request an extension, however you will be charged at the rental agent daily rate.

Alternatively, please contact us with your requirements and we will see if we can arrange an extension / concurrent rental with the same rental agent for minimal disruption / cost.

Once booked via our website you will be provided a booking reference, please make a note of this number. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after with all the information required to access your booking and print your rental voucher. If you do not receive this email (please check junk / spam folders), you can still log in and access your rental voucher using the ‘My Booking’ facility by entering your booking reference and email address.

If we cannot find a rental car to suit your requirements it could be due to a number of factors. We may not have any suppliers in the location you require, or it may be that the rental agents at that location are not open at your require times. We will suggest an alternative location / pick up / return time that may be convenient, or please contact us with your requirements and our experienced team will do their best to meet your needs.

The simple answer to this question is YES. Paper driving licenses are still valid and the driver can continue to use it until it expires, providing none of the driver details (like their name or address have changed). See our full article on paper driving licenses here.

We strongly recommend the most popular Full to Full fuel policy. The following options are available;

  • Full to Full - the car is supplied with a full tank of fuel and you are required to return the car full. There will only be a fuel charge (missing fuel + refuelling surcharge) if the car is not returned full.
  • Pre-pay – The vehicle is supplier full and you pay on arrival and can return the car empty. You will usually be charged a higher rate for the fuel than filling station. It is also unlikely that you will return the car entirely empty, so are paying for fuel that you may not use
  • Pre-pay with partial refund – similar to the above, however the rental agent will partially refund for unused fuel. This can be subjective and it’s unlikely you will be reimbursed for all unused fuel and you will have paid over the average filling station rate.


If you are hiring a car and expecting to use toll roads, you are responsible for the toll fees. Where non-cash toll roads are used, the rental agent may offer you a pre-paid ‘toll pass’ for a fee. We can advise on toll roads for specific locations as these will vary depending on the planned use / location.

Speeding fines will be passed onto the renter by the rental agent (often with a handling surcharge). Where an on the spot fine is issued, of course you are responsible at the road side. Read our article on speeding fines in a rental car here.

As with speeding fines, parking fines will be passed onto the renter if received by the rental agent, again a handling charge is likely to be applied. You can contest parking fines as you would in your own car if you wish. Read our article on parking fines in a rental car here.

Most rentals will include ‘unlimited miles’, however some rentals will have a limited mileage policy with an additional charge per mile for excess miles. It is uncommon for a regular rental to exceed any limit, however if you do intend to drive a high volume of miles, it’s worth checking the mileage included is adequate, or ensure you select an unlimited mileage policy.

Typically, rental agents do not explicitly exclude carrying pets in rentals cars, however we would urge you to take care if carrying pets as any damage / excessive mess could be charged by the rental agent. We recommend you clean the car as best you can (inside and out) before returning. Read our full article here on pet friendly car hire.

Yes, you can often avoid paying the rental excess by accepting the rental agent’s own full insurance policy (often referred to as SCDW). This is often an expensive way of insuring against your rental excess. We offer our own Rental Cover or Full Protection policy to insure your excess deposit. In the event of a claim (damage to the car etc), the rental agent will charge for repairs up to the value of the excess amount, however on return, you simply claim against your policy with us. Third party policies are also available, however we recommend you check the level of cover is comparable as whilst sometimes cheaper, the cover is often less.

If you need to make a claim on your Full Protection or Rental Cover policy, please follow the steps in your confirmation, or contact us for further information. If you took out a policy with a third party, please contact them direct as we have no involvement.

Sadly not, all car rental agents require a valid credit card in the same name as the rental with sufficient available funds to cover the excess deposit.

However, there are sometimes exceptions where a debit card may be accepted. We encourage you to contact us if you do not have a credit card but need to hire a car and we will assist you to try and find a suitable rental / agent. Read our full article here on hiring car without a credit card.