Can I hire a car with a drink driving conviction?
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Can I hire a car with a drink driving conviction?

A drink driving conviction is a serious endorsement and the large majority of car hire suppliers will think twice before hiring a car to someone with a drink driving conviction, also known as a DR10.

Drivers who have received a serious endorsement on their licence such as a DR10 (drink driving) will likely find they are unable to hire a car for at least ten years. Some drivers may be left feeling confused or even hard done by to find this out as their original driving ban could have ranged from just 1-3 years, however the conviction will stay on the driver’s licence for ten years in total and must be declared for insurance and car hire purposes. Car hire companies are entitled to refuse car hire if the conviction has been on the licence for less than 10 years.

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Each car hire company will have slightly different policies and these can vary from country to country, therefore it is always advisable to discuss any driving convictions at the time of getting a quote for car hire. Generally speaking minor endorsements such as speeding fines or driving whilst using a mobile phone will not prohibit a driver from hiring a car, however they still need to be declared and considered at the time of booking. The majority of car hire companies will accept a licence with up to 6 points, this can depend on the age of driver however and always on the type of endorsement. The car hire provider will often ask you for the endorsement code on your licence, (DR10 for example) as this will give them the information that they need.

The good news is that after 10 years and assuming there are no further serious endorsements on the licence a driver will no longer need to mention the conviction and will be able to hire a car without any additional surcharges.

Can I hire a car with a drink driving conviction?

  • It is not possible to hire a car in the UK with a drink driving conviction unless it was over 10 years ago.
  • Even if your driving ban has recently expired you will still have the endorsement on your licence – this lasts for 10 years.
  • A new licence with no new endorsements does not mean that you will be able to hire a car, if the DR10 was in the last ten years and on a previous licence.
Always declare any driving endorsements at the time of booking and Rhino Car Hire will be able to check with a range of suppliers and inform you on their specific terms and conditions.

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