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Where is USA?

The USA lies below Canada (although Alaska is to the north west of Canada) and above Mexico and it is the main land mass in North America. The Hawaiian Islands are in the Pacific Ocean some five hours west of the coast of California. On the east coast the country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The US also has a large coastline with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is an American territory. The Northern Marina Islands, Guam and the US Virgin Islands are also part of the US.

What is USA?

The USA is a Federal Republic which is currently the world’s preeminent superpower. The USA has had a very short but packed history. The country was founded in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence and in no time at all going on to become an economic powerhouse (that said America is on shaky foundations today with trillions of dollars of debt owed to the Chinese). The USA takes up the huge continent of North America and this is a vast and varied country.  America is made up of 48 states which include the lower 48 as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

Why go to USA?

The USA is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and many people also aspire to live here as this is a land of infinite opportunity. With hard work theoretically anything can be achieved in what is the world’s wealthiest nation.
Many visitors choose to go to the US for road trips as the country has miles of open road. Along the way you can see massive theme parks such as Disneyland in Florida, National Parks like the world famous Yosemite, and monuments and landmarks like Mount Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty.
In America you can experience any landscape, from the snowy wastes of Alaska in the northwest to the boiling hot deserts of Phoenix in the south west. Although there are many cold parts of the country and Hawaii is tropical, by and large the main climate is temperate. America has huge lakes and rivers for fishing and rafting, mountains and oceans for skiing and surfing, stadiums, golf courses and every attraction you could ever think of.

Who lives in USA?

Around 300 million people live in the 9.6 million square kilometres of the USA. Although most of the USA population is of Anglo Saxon descent, there is large proportion of Hispanics and also many African Americans and Asians. Half of the population are Protestant and 24% are Roman Catholic. The country truly lives up to its reputation as a melting pot of nationalities.

How do you get into USA

Getting into the USA is a notoriously difficult process thanks to the fact that they are trying to curb immigration. If you overstay the length of your visa you may be banned permanently.

1) By Air
36 countries are part of the visa waiver programme including Canada and Mexico, though residents of the latter must have a border crossing card and live on the border. You can only travel for business or a holiday on the visa waiver programme and are not allowed to get a job. Still you will be examined in a short interview to determine the purpose of your visit and must have proof of onward travel and evidence of funds at your disposal. The biggest and busiest airports in America are at Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Each of these cities has more than one airport and there are thousands of international and regional airports across the country.

2) By Land
It is possible to cross the land border from Mexico or Canada but you must have passport or an appropriate passport substitute such as a laser visa. If you are entering under the visa waiver programme a fee of $6 is payable. If you are coming from Mexico expect long delays and to have your car searched for drugs. The Greyhound bus service offers regular cross border routes. Amtrak rail service has routes from the main Canadian cities though it is slower and more expensive than the bus.

3) By Sea
Although you can enter Florida or Los Angeles by boat this is difficult.

What to do in USA

Visit the Big Apple to see the world’s most iconic city with its towering skyscrapers, impressive financial district and incredible cultural attractions including Broadway and the many art museums.

For southern charm and French architecture head to New Orleans, although definitely not in hurricane season.

Go to watch American sport. For instance you can see a Boston Red Sox baseball contest, an LA Lakers basketball game or a Pittsburgh Steelers American football match.

See the cities by the Great Lakes including the windy city of Chicago which is one of the most underrated settlements in the world.

Take a stroll down Venice Beach in Los Angeles to see the body beautiful rolling-blading or pumping iron.

What to do in USA

Visit the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco which was founded by Allen Ginsberg’s publishers and have a drink in the nearby Vesuvio where Jack Kerouac used to hang out.

Go gambling in Las Vegas, the notorious Sin City which was run by the mob and where the Rat Pack raised hell. 

Catch a sight of the White House where the President lives in the nation’s capital Washington D.C.

Enjoy the San Antonio River Walk when you visit the downtown area of this city in Texas.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

Quick facts
Government  Federal presidential constitutional republic
Prime Minister  Barack Obama
Population  308,745,538
Date Format  mm/dd/yy
Drives on the  Right
Internet TLD  .us
Dialling Code  +1
Time Zone  UTC-5 to -10
Currency  USD - $

USA Public Holidays

Day of the Ninja
Pearl Harbor Day
Human Rights Day
Nobel Prize Day
Poinsettia Day
Bill of Rights Day
Boston Tea Party
Louisiana Purchase Day
Forefather's Day
Christmas Day
New Year's Eve

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