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Top 10 Things to do in Ibiza


Our Top Ten things to do in Ibiza - Don't leave until you've experienced the best Ibiza has to offer

Ibiza is THE party island and has maintained this reputation since the sixties. In recent years it has gone upmarket, opening some of the world’s top dance venues and clubs. Beyond the party scene there is a more tranquil side to Ibiza showing that the island is not just a destination for the twenty-somethings. 
1 Chill at Cafe Del Mar
Chill at Cafe Del Mar
You don’t have to party hard to enjoy the atmosphere of Ibiza. Walk to the far end of San Antonio Bay and you’ll find the bar that started it all.  The Café Del Mar. This was the inspiration for all the chill out music compilation CDs you can buy almost anywhere in the world. Enjoy it first hand sipping a cocktail on the water’s edge whilst the sun sets and ethereal music drifts from the bar. It’s a popular meeting place for young and old, some in readiness for their night at the clubs, others just to take in the atmosphere.

2 Ibiza Town at Night
Ibiza Town at Night

You might imagine that even after midnight the streets would be a heaving mass of humanity but things quieten down in the old town and you’ll get a chance to see the old walled city of Dalt Vila lit up with myriad colour lights. It’s an experience not to be missed. Take your time to soak up the atmosphere. Te cafes and bars are still open although a little calmer now and the little boutiques still hope for some trade. There is still life though around the clubs. The top ones organise mini parades into the night to entice in those who want to dance, trance or chill the rest of the night away.

3 Hippie Market in Es Cana
Hippie Market in Es Cana
Still evoking memories of the early days of the party island the hippie market on the slopes outside of Es Cana is a great place to buy the things to make you look the part. Besides the clothes and beads there’s a variety of what can best be described as ethnic memorabilia which are bound to be a topic of conversation on your coffee table back home. Very much the same as when it first started decades ago, a little commercialism has crept in but it is still very much friendly and free loving.

4 Es Vedra.
Es Vedra.
Es Vedra is a strange geological feature of Ibiza and now part of a national park. The island, which could feature as a double for the James Bond Island off Thailand is 400m high and is part of a small group of islands and rocks fabled as the birthplace of the Carthaginian general Hannibal. The sun sets perfectly here to allow you to catch the silhouette against the rose and amber sky. It’s a must for the holiday photo album.

5 Clubbing
If you’re younger than 30 then you must experience one of the super clubs that Ibiza is famous for. Simply massive – Privilege has a capacity of 10,000 – they are renowned throughout the world. Top DJs from Europe and the US play sets here and the clubbers are a good mix of Ibizans and tourists. The clubs are fairly pricey, especially when a famous DJ is on the decks but it’s definitely an experience not to miss. Some only open in the summer but Pacha, probably the most famous, opens all year round. 

6 Paella on the Beach
Paella on the Beach
Although Paella is a mainland dish, Spanish beach resorts turn the preparation of the meal into a public event. Ibiza’s beachside restaurants are no exception. Starting with a small wood fire, a massive paella pan, often two metres across is loaded with platefuls of ingredients. The chefs encourage onlookers with witty banter and the meal is left to simmer whilst the smells of the saffron, seafood and tomatoes drift across the beach. It’s no wonder that when the gong sounds to mark the end of the cooking time, dozens line up for a delicious feast.

7 Espalmador
Espalmador is a small island that neighbours Ibiza. Most people come by boat to enjoy the beautifying mud bath which often turns into a raucous mudslinging contest. The mud is meant to be great for the skin and after washing yourself off in the crystal clear sea, you can lay out your, by now much younger looking body on the sand and enjoy the quieter side of life. The island itself looks like it could have been relocated from the Caribbean – there’s white sand and palm trees and that laid back Caribbean feel – you just haven’t had to pay so much to get it!

8 Beach Clubs
Beach Clubs
If your idea of paradise is basking in the sun whilst sipping on a cocktail and nibbling on tapas, before refreshing yourself in an infinity pool or the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean then Beach Clubs in Ibiza are for you! Nikki beach club parties are renowned all over the world, gathering Ibiza's rich and beautiful, no wonder this is the jet-setter's favourite beach club on the island! 

9 Bora Bora
Bora Bora
Probably the best, certainly the most popular beach club on Ibiza is Bora Bora in Playa d’En Bossa. Here, it’s just like a regular club except the sun and the blue sky are the disco lights. Tables are set out on the beach and massive speaker stacks pump out the latest sounds. Crowds of up to 5,000 are common and swimwear is the order of the day!

10 Drums on Benirràs Beach
Drums on Benirràs Beach
This is definitely a feast for the eyes and ears. At sunset on Sundays, local hippies congregate on the beach and begin a massive drumming session. The sounds and rhythms they create are amazing and despite there being no accompanying music, you’ll find you’re itching to get up and move along with the rhythm. The party lasts all day with breaks from time to time and the whole event becomes magical as night falls and beach fires are lit, taking you in your mind to the wild deserts and shores of Africa.

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