Lake Geneva - Tell Me More About Lac Leman

Lake Geneva At a Glance
  • The English call it Lake Geneva whilst the Swiss and French call it Lac Leman
  • It’s home to the Jet d’Eau, one of the world’s tallest fountains, spewing out 500 litres of lake water each second
  • Montreux, famed for its international film festival is a satellite to the city of Geneva and sits on the lake
  • The lake is loosely divided into two by a narrowing at Yvoire, one called the Grand Lac and the other called the Petit Lac
  • Geneva Airport is close to the lake and the Jet d’eau can be seen as you come in to land.
Lake Geneva Castle

Where is Lake Geneva?
Lake Geneva straddles the border between Switzerland and France with the northern shore in western Switzerland and the southern shore in south eastern France. The lake is part of the Rhone Valley which effectively passes through the lake which was formed by a retreating glacier at the end of the last ice age.

Lake Geneva Map

How do I get There?
Geneva’s International Airport, sometimes known as Cointrin Airport is an excellent choice for getting to Geneva. The airport has dual nationality and you can exit on the French side of the border or the Swiss. The cheapest way from the UK is by flying easyJet out of any of the twelve UK airports they serve on the Geneva route. Hire a car on arrival at the airport or wait until you’re settled in your accommodation. You can pre-book either online.

Lake Geneva Fountain

What Shouldn’t be Missed?
  • Skiing in the Vaud Alps – very reasonable if you combine an easyJet flight with one of our hire cars
  • Buying chocolate in the Chocolaterie Tristan where you’ll find a range of very unusual flavours. You get to sample each then select a box of your favourites.
  • Taking a boat trip out onto Lake Geneva
  • Getting wet walking out to the Jet d’Eau
  • Visiting the international headquarters stationed in Geneva such as the UN and the International Red Cross
Lake Geneva Fork
And for the Environmentally Friendly Traveller?
Lake Geneva has a commitment to sustainability and you can stay in accommodation such as the five star Lausanne Palace or the Royal Plaza where the management has asserted its commitment to sustainability. Eat out in organic restaurants such as L’Auberge in Baulmes or Les Pecos in the wonderfully named town of Grandson and hire a bicycle or Segway to get around without adding to the greenhouse effect.
Posted on: June 06, 2019 by David Lewis

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