Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is the new millionaire’s playground and it does it is grand style. No expense has been spared throughout the city to make it one of the most fabulous on earth. It’s a city full of wonders, many of them unexpected but when you’ve got vast wealth to spend on a city, anything is possible! Be warned though, the city is in one of the hottest places on earth so time your journey well, take plenty of sun lotion and drink lots of water!
Posted on: June 01, 2012 by David Lewis
1. The Beaches
Dubai has some absolutely stunning white sandy beaches and if they weren’t quite perfect then the money has been spent to make them so. The water is clean and clear and a beautiful sapphire blue. The only problem for sun worshippers is the heat. Choose the wrong time of year and you’ll regret going out into the sun for even a couple of minutes. Sunbathing is definitely an autumn, winter and spring activity in Dubai!

2. Shopping
As befits any millionaire’s playground there’s always be retail establishments trying to part you from your money. Dubai prides itself on the shoppng experiences it offers and often shopping malls are a great way to escape the heat of the day and immerse yourself in the cool luxury of the ultimate shopping experience. The top malls are the Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Centre. Rather strangely for such an upmarket place but in keeping with its Arabic nature, you are expected to barter with the salesman. And for the confirmed shopaholic, visit in January when they have the renowned Dubai Shopping Festival!

3. Hot Air Balloon Rides
The city is staggering from ground level but even more amazing viewed at the level of its highest buildings and above. Take a trip on a hot air balloon over the city and marvel as the cool, glass and concrete architecture blends into the simmering heat of the dusty desert or the sapphire blue of the sea.

4. Dune Bashing
A ride that must not be missed. Called Dune Bashing by those who operate the tours you should really take a trip in a specialist 4 x 4 people carrier (jeeps are way too common!) and head out into the sand dunes that surround the city. Here, you’ll panic as the vehicles surmount the dunes before half driving, half sliding down the other side before making a dust blowing ascent of the next dune. Many of the trips finish with a sumptuous luxury dinner at a posh restaurant or under cover in the desert.

5. Golf
Definitely on the ‘How did they manage that?’ list. Dubai has some world class golf courses for tourists and businessmen to work on their handicaps. I’d like to know how they do it as I can barely keep my lawns alive in the UK with all the rain. As usual top class facilities are on offer and many former professionals offer their services as residents. For a different experience, try the slightly bizarre sand golf. Not much chance of the ball bouncing down the fairway or ever finding it again if it lands in soft sand – one gigantic bunker! Still it’s good practice!

6. Wild Wadi
Probably the best water park in the world and the reason again is the money. The best slide designers have been drafted in and money is no object at the park for the construction of thrilling rides. Try the Burj Surj and Tantrum Alley for the latest and greatest thrills. Tornados in the water (whirlpools really!) and funnels that drop you to a lower level add to the fun. Kids absolutely love it and I reckon you will too!

7. Live Music
With the city being the play zone of the Middle East you’d expect the entertainment to be upmarket and international too and you’ll not be disappointed from hotel residencies a la Las Vegas, to huge concerts at venues across the city, many international music stars include Dubai on their world tours. Catch them in fabulous purpose built surroundings for a fabulous evening of entertainment.

8. Skiing
Next on the ‘Impossible’ list is skiing. It might be 50C outside but step into the ski centre in the Mall of the Emirates and the temperature’s a brisk -5C and all around you is a winter wonderland. A pretty big ski slope beckons together with areas for snowboarding and tobogganing. There’s a ski school as well. All man made but with real snow it’s a must do when in Dubai! Read more on Skiing in Dubai.

9. Cruise the Creek
Many people don’t realise that the city is divided right down the middle by a creek that encouraged the siting of the city here. Whilst the lower end of the creek is enclosed by buildings, roads and walkways, further upstream it becomes more natural and a welcome relaxing trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Go on an evening trip as the sun sets and enjoy a fabulous dinner on board whilst slowly gliding upstream.

10. Dining
The rich and famous must eat too (although not too much for the svelte ladies!) catering for their nutritional needs a host of fabulous restaurants featuring international chefs have opened in the city. Some like Legends or Khazana cost a small fortune to eat there and you have to book a lifetime in advance but others like Shwarma offer traditional Emirates food at a reasonable price in atmospheric surroundings. And for those that are hard to please, there’s even a McDonalds!

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