Snowy City Statistics

We take a look at some interesting statistics for the snowiest cities in the world. How do you measure the snowiest city? Is is the one that get the most snow by volume, or the one that has the longest snow coverage? We'll let you decide but here at the top 10 snowiest cities in the world and some interesting statistics!

SAPPORO 43°N 128 days November > April 100cm January has 173cm 5 months
SYRACUSE 43°N 67 days November > April 21cm January has 36cm 5 months
QUEBEC 53°N 96 days October > April 36cm January has 41cm 5 months
VALDEZ 61°N 79 days November > April 176cm December has 222cm 7 months
MOSCOW 55°N 72 days October > April 14cm December has 17cm 5 months
CLEVELAND 41°N 46 days November > April 29cm January has 48cm 4 months
DENVER 39°N 31 days September > April 22.5cm December has 25cm 6 months
REYKJAVIK 64°N 85 days October > April 21.1cm December has 28cm 6 months
BARILOCHE 41°S 69 days April > November 42cm June has 46cm 5 months
HELSINKI 60°N 58 days November > April 18cm February has 24cm 4 months

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Posted on: December 13, 2013 by David Lewis

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