Top Ten Dangerous Places

In our list of the top 10 places you wouldn’t want to visit we already covered the world’s most dangerous countries including war zones such as Chechnya, Afghanistan and Sudan. This list takes into account the most threatening places on earth in terms of inhospitable conditions. That includes the most death defying hot and cold countries, places which contain deadly animals and are prone to natural disasters. For good measure we also included the most dangerous city in the world in terms of murders.
Posted on: June 01, 2012 by Robert Frische
1. Snake Island, Brazil
Imagine an island where it was almost impossible to walk without stepping on a deadly snake. Giving you goose bumps? Yes me too. Snake Island off the coast of Brazil is off limits to everyone except special permit holders. That is because it is rife with poisonous yellow vipers whose breeding got out of control a long time ago. It is estimated that on the Ilha da Queimada Grande on the south east coast of Brazil there is one golden lancehead per square meter over 43,000 square metres.

2. Antarctica
With temperatures plummeting to minus 80 degrees Celsius at times, this has to be the most inhospitable climate on the planet. For many years the area remained completely undiscovered and even though explorers have become increasingly intrepid there have been numerous plane crashes over Antarctica due to this unpleasant weather. Most people choose to arrive by sea but this is equally dangerous with unpredictable conditions which can rise up at any moment. Furthermore if something goes wrong in Antarctica you will be days away from the nearest hospital.

3. The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope has long been a nightmare for seafarers going around the south coast of Africa. The seas are incredibly powerful and contain many shipwrecks, none more notorious than the MTS Oceanos where this huge ship sank without a trace, though thankfully all of its 550 passengers were successfully rescued. The other cape at the bottom of South America, Cape Horn, is also very dangerous and has witnessed many ship wrecks.

4. Taiwan
No country in the world is more susceptible to natural disasters than Taiwan. More than two thirds of the Taiwanese population is exposed to awful natural disasters such as typhoons and flooding on a regular basis. Typhoons are particularly bad as Taiwan’s temperatures have noticeably heated up over the last few years, and the warm seas are very conducive to these terrifying tropical storms.

5. Yungas Road, Bolivia
With vast mountain passes and windy roads that overlook crevasses, the Yungas  is known as the road of death. There have been thousands of fatalities there, and now the usual assortment of careless lorry drivers are joined by thrill seeking cyclists who get more than they bargained for. Often you will see two lorries trying to pass on a narrow path with no guard rails, thousands of metres above the ground. They also pass numerous wreathes of flowers and makeshift graves which have been set to honour the fallen.

6. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
With 191 murders per 100000 last year, the Ciudad Juarez in Mexico is the place where you are most likely to come to physical harm at the hands of another human being. That said most of the violence is kept between the gangs, but not many tourists go here anymore anyway to find out. As recently as November 2010 gunmen burst into a bar in the Ciudad Juarez and opened fire killing five people and injuring nine.

7. Ethiopia
Ethiopia has a long history of famines which make it a very dangerous place for people to live when food and water dry up. The last major famine was between 1984-985 when around one million people died. Today the country is much safer but in the east of Ethiopia you can still be vulnerable to rebel attacks from Somalia. Crime, aids and poverty can all be problems.

8. Northern Australia
Northern Australia has the highest concentration of deadly animals in a place where large communities of people live. At certain times of year the seas are off limits because of all the Box Jellyfish and whenever you go swimming there is a chance of encountering a Great White Shark. Equally fearsome is the huge Saltwater Crocodile, one of the largest reptiles in the world. Throw deadly spiders and snakes into the mix and you have to always stay alert.

9. Linfen, China
In terms of pollution, nowhere is as unpleasant as Linfen in China. The city has crazy levels of smog and spoilants that make the simple act of breathing fraught with danger. Most of the pollution was caused by a prevalence of coal burning plants. Earning all sorts of recognition as the world’s most polluted city has meant that the people of Linfen have now started to turn to gas in increasing measures for their energy supply.

10. Bangladesh
Bangladesh is more flood-prone than anywhere else in the world. This is because much of the country surrounds the Brahmaputra and Ganges Delta, a huge body of inland water. In heavy flooding over two thirds of the land becomes inundated with water and people and homes are often swept away. In Bangladesh the rainy season also brings cyclones which cause incalculable damage and bring disease and death. The last major floods were in 2007 at the time of writing.

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