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Top 10 Cycle Routes

Our Top Ten  Cycle Routes - See the best (or worst) Cycle Routes  in our Top 10 guide...

Cycling is an ideal way to spend a sunny day, whether you are alone, in a couple or part of a family. Cycle routes around the world present different enjoyments as you can choose between the flat tracks of Holland, amazing coastal scenery in Big Sur and a number of mountain routes for those who want a real challenge. Here is our list of the top ten cycle routes worldwide.
1 Keukenhof, Holland
Keukenhof, Holland
Cycling is a way of life in Holland and almost everyone in the country has owned a bike at some time. Therefore there are a number of excellent and developed cycling routes which connect all the major towns and villages and also go through the cities. But one of the best places to go cycling is through the huge tulip fields. These flowers grow en masse in Holland during the spring especially in Keukenhof, south of Haarlem. The flat terrain and kaleidoscope of colours make this huge outdoor garden unforgettable.

2 Big Sur, California
Big Sur, California
While Highway 101 is surely one of the most scenic driving routes in the world, the Big Sur cycling route is equally picturesque. See the towns that inspired novelist John Steinbeck who wrote about the Monterey canning industry in his novellas Cannery Row and Tortilla Flat. The road sweeps past incredible coastal vista where huge chunks of land meet frothy sea. The California weather is almost always perfect for cycling.

3 National Highway 1, Vietnam
National Highway 1, Vietnam
There is no better way to see what this intriguing south east Asian country has to offer than by taking it all in, south to north, on a bicycle. Cycling is along with motor cycling the most popular method of transport in Vietnam and you will definitely need wheels if you want to get over the daunting Hai Van Pass which is nearly 500 metres high. Along the way there are views of the South China Sea, rice paddy fields and attractive mountains. You will also see the bustling urban centre which is the capital Hanoi.

4 St Andrews, Scotland
St Andrews, Scotland
For real British charm, cycling through the small fishing villages of Fife is hard to beat. The trail is just under 37 miles long and circular which makes it ideal for a day out. Your route will take you along cobbled streets and past gorgeous little harbours for magnificent sea views. This being northern Scotland you would do well to bring plenty of water-proof clothing for the ride and a flask of warming tea or coffee.

5 Langkawi, Malaysia
Langkawi, Malaysia
This amazing Malaysian island was almost made for cycling, though keep your mouth firmly shut unless you want to become a fly trap. Jungle roads pass by grazing water buffalo and there are steep trails which lead to spectacular views. Langawki has also been recognised for its excellent cycling by a spot on the professional world tour.

6 La Route Verte, Canada
La Route Verte, Canada
Canada is one of the most spacious and naturally beautiful countries in the world which makes it ideal for cycling, in the summer months at least. The Green route runs for 4,000 kilometres all the way across Quebec from West to East. It has good trails and regular signposts. Along the way you will get plenty of fresh air as by passing rushing rivers and amazing mountain panoramas.

7 Berlin City Tour, Germany
Berlin City Tour, Germany
Cycling doesn’t always have to be about getting out into nature - you can have just as much fun in an urban environment provided that there are safe routes. One of Europe’s most iconic cities, Berlin, definitely fills the bill. There are 20 trails which have been marked out in this vast metropolis to take in the most important cultural landmarks. That includes cycling alongside the remnants of the Berlin Wall. Berlin benefits from wide paths and you can do a complete city safari over four hours for a modest price. 

8 Bordeaux Vineyards, France
Bordeaux Vineyards, France
France is chosen as the destination of the world’s most grueling sporting event - the Tour de France. That is because the terrain is as beautiful as it is varied and challenging. In Bordeaux cyclists will find that there are more than 500 kilometres of tracks which make it and nearby Gironde one of the richest areas for cycling on the Continent. Of course along the way you can stay in charming bed and breakfasts which offer the best French food and wines imaginable.

9 Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany is another place where incomparable scenery and a rich landscape yield excellent food and wine and superlative cycle routes. Start from cultural gems such as Siena or Florence and get out into the countryside on roads which wind through vineyards and olive groves. You can also pass some of the greatest wine-making towns in the world, from Barolo to Montepulciano and Chianti. There are a number of routes that take about one day to do properly including the cycle path through Maremma Park.

10 The Lake District and Patagonia, Chile
The Lake District and Patagonia, Chile
Southern Chile has a wonderfully fresh climate for cycling and there is unique landscape threaded all along the Andes Mountains and the coast. Puerto Montt is particularly known for its volcanic scenery and this Lake District National Park is also home to some of the world’s oldest rainforests. Puerto Montt caters to cycle holidays with lots of cheap accommodation while there are numerous reasonable restaurants serving freshly caught seafood.

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