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No matter where in the world you are heading, whether for a family holiday, weekend break of business trip, if you’re looking for inspiration of things to see and do when you’re there then you’re in safe hands. Not can we find you the best value car rental at over 50,000 locations all over the globe, we’ve also put together a list of things to do wherever in the world you are. Our Top 10 list is your go-to guide to make sure you experience all of the best things your destination has to offer whilst you’re there. From our most read Top 10 lists, to our most recent, we hope our Top Ten guides prove useful for all of our customers.
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10 Things to do in Crete
Whilst Crete is part of Greece it has a history and culture all of its own. There are many things that the tourist must do such as visiting the centre of the Minoan civilisation at Knossos and walking the Samaria Gorge. But for those who just want peace and quiet and a relaxing holidays, the atmosphere of the towns and villages are perfect for that too. Here are ten things to do whilst on holiday in Crete:

10 Things to do in Abu Dhabi
Like many of the big cities of the Gulf States, you’d expect Abu Dhabi to be all luxury hotels and shopping malls but unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a more prominent older part. Here you can go to the races late at night when the air cools, wander the traditional fish market as the fishermen land their catches or journey out of town to experience the desert. We’d recommend you to try some of these fascinating experiences and see just how enticing Abu Dhabi can be.

10 Snowy City Statistics
We take a look at some statistics for the snowiest cities in the world from who gets the most snowfall to which city stays the coldest for longest.

10 Things to do in Dalaman
Dalaman isn’t everybody’s idea of a stopping off place and most people venture through it to reach the holiday resorts north of the city around Marmaris or to the south around Olu Deniz. Still it’s worth basing yourself there if you have transport that will enable you to see the best that the region has to offer. Within a few hours drive you’ll find all of the following attractions that make this area, known as the Lycian Coast, a pleasure to visit.

10 Things to do in Helsinki
Helsinki, the capital of Finland is a beautiful coastal city with plenty to do and see for the tourist. It is well known for its young and vibrant culture and is considered the party capital of Scandinavia. I’ve listed my top ten things you ought to see or do in this beautiful, clean city.

10 Things to do in Alicante
Alicante is the city capital of the province of the same name and is the second biggest city in the Valencia region. It has a long history, some say stretching back 100,000 years although the area has only been recognisably settled for the last 7,000 years. Again, usually just a stop off for holidays to the Costa Blanca resorts of Benidorm and its smaller sisters, it has a charm of its own, especially if one leaves the coastal city and beaches and heads inland to the villages.

10 Things to do in Izmir
Izmir is Turkey's third largest city and is a bustling commercial centre surrounded by mountains forming a stunning natural harbour. Although most tourists don’t come to Turkey for the cities unless we’re talking Istanbul, there is a lot to see in and around Izmir and it has its fair share of lively bars and clubs, top class restaurants and great shopping opportunities at local bazaars. Additionally the city has plenty of archaeological interest having been inhabited for over a millennia.

10 Things to do in Spain
Spain is grand and majestic, a big country with a fiery heart where the summer temperature of Madrid often tops 40C. There’s a huge range of landscapes and activities to fill your time there. If you can, visit Andalusia, perhaps even going horse riding to see the area at its wildest. At the other end, the Pyrenees tower above the northern Spanish villages. European in the North, it has a distinctly African feel in the South.

10 Things to do in Ibiza
Ibiza is THE party island and has maintained this reputation since the sixties. In recent years it has gone upmarket, opening some of the world’s top dance venues and clubs. Beyond the party scene there is a more tranquil side to Ibiza showing that the island is not just a destination for the twenty-somethings. 

10 Things to do in Corfu
Corfu is a beautiful green island, the second largest and most popular destination in the Ionian Sea. It has been owned by various nations over its history, some unexpected ones too giving it a cosmopolitan and regal air. There’s plenty to keep the tourist busy from beautiful beaches to mountaintop monasteries, forts and castles. Here is a small selection of things to do in Corfu although many more could easily have been added to the list.