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No matter where in the world you are heading, whether for a family holiday, weekend break of business trip, if you’re looking for inspiration of things to see and do when you’re there then you’re in safe hands. Not can we find you the best value car rental at over 50,000 locations all over the globe, we’ve also put together a list of things to do wherever in the world you are. Our Top 10 list is your go-to guide to make sure you experience all of the best things your destination has to offer whilst you’re there. From our most read Top 10 lists, to our most recent, we hope our Top Ten guides prove useful for all of our customers.
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10 Things to do in Geneva
The city of Geneva has a population of 200,000 inhabitants and is one of largest in Switzerland and is situated on the Lac Leman which is also called Lake of Geneva. The city is divided by Rhône River, which emerges from the lake. Geneva is a very picturesque city with numerous attractive bridges over the Rhone. It is also a cultural, financial and administrative centre. In fact the city is the home of more than two hundreds international organisations including the United Nations.

10 Things to do in Basel
Basel is Switzerland's third largest city by population and lies on the Swiss / French border. It prides itself on its culture and has a number of fascinating and very different museums and art galleries for the culturally minded. If culture isn’t your thing there’s also a great shopping experience and plenty of chic bars and restaurants.

10 Things To Do In Nicosia
Nicosia lies in the hot, dry centre of Cyprus and due to the Turkish occupation of the northern part of the island is the world’s only divided city. It’s the island’s commercial and cultural hub and is a great place to shop.

10 Things to do in Larnaca
Built on the remains of ancient Kition, Larnaca lays claim to be the oldest city in Cyprus and one of the oldest in the world. Someone once described Larnaca as a rugged, charming town with a melancholy and seductive character and every moment of your stay there will add detail to this enigmatic description.

10 Things to do in Crete
Whilst Crete is part of Greece it has a history and culture all of its own. There are many things that the tourist must do such as visiting the centre of the Minoan civilisation at Knossos and walking the Samaria Gorge. But for those who just want peace and quiet and a relaxing holidays, the atmosphere of the towns and villages are perfect for that too. Here are ten things to do whilst on holiday in Crete:

10 Things to do in Abu Dhabi
Like many of the big cities of the Gulf States, you’d expect Abu Dhabi to be all luxury hotels and shopping malls but unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a more prominent older part. Here you can go to the races late at night when the air cools, wander the traditional fish market as the fishermen land their catches or journey out of town to experience the desert. We’d recommend you to try some of these fascinating experiences and see just how enticing Abu Dhabi can be.

10 Snowy City Statistics
We take a look at some statistics for the snowiest cities in the world from who gets the most snowfall to which city stays the coldest for longest.

10 Things to do Portugal
Portugal is a beautiful country on the western end of the Iberian peninsular, often wrongly thought of as an adjunct to Spain, it has a rich and unique history, displayed in its ancient architecture. Visits to the capital and to Porto are a must but there is so much more to the undiscovered Portugal.

10 Things to do in USA
You may not be able to live the American Dream but you can certainly experience it here where everything is larger than life, where the natives welcome you like old friends and where you’ll walk around eyes wide and mouth open. It’ll take years to see all that is on offer but try this little taster selection and you’ll be hooked.

10 Things to do in Dalaman
Dalaman isn’t everybody’s idea of a stopping off place and most people venture through it to reach the holiday resorts north of the city around Marmaris or to the south around Olu Deniz. Still it’s worth basing yourself there if you have transport that will enable you to see the best that the region has to offer. Within a few hours drive you’ll find all of the following attractions that make this area, known as the Lycian Coast, a pleasure to visit.