Basel Weather

Basel Weather Overview:
Basel has a very unusual climate with its driest month being February and its wettest months being June and August. Wet weather doesn’t necessarily equate with the cold for June and August are both hot months.
All Time Highs and Lows:
The lowest temperature ever recorded in Basel was in 1934 when the mercury dropped to -18C whilst the warmest summer days were in 2003 during the European heatwave when the temperature hit 38C.

Weather Science:
Basel enjoys a continental climate but by virtue of its geographical location it is less influenced than other Swiss cities by the Swiss Alps. Unusually it has a relatively wet summer whilst the winter sees precipitation mainly in the form of light to moderate snow.

The Seasons:

Spring: Spring sees a rapidly climbing number of sunshine hours and along with it, rising temperatures. From an average high of 10C in March, you’ll see nearer 20C at the end of May. Sunshine hours are double that of the winter months in March and average nearly six hours a day at the end of May. Strangely, the amount of rainfall increases as spring moves on towards summer. You’ll also get more rainy days in May than in March.

Summer: Summer is rarely scorching hot in Basel and averages a high of around 25C. June and August have the highest amount of rainfall for the whole year with over three inches per month. The number of sunny days in July is actually lower than those for January, March and November but the reality is that you’ll still be able to do all you want in the city.

Autumn: Autumn is the driest season for Basel but you’ll find that temperatures drop off quickly from September’s 21C to only 5C in November. Bizarrely sunny days increase although the number of hours of sunshine reduces significantly.

Winter: Winter temperatures average around 1.7C in Basel and you can expect ten or eleven days of rain or snow in the city. Other days can be mainly cloudy, indicated by the daily average of only two hours of sunshine throughout the winter. Snow can linger in the city as overnight frosts and cold days mean that thaws are slow. February has the lowest amount of precipitation amounting to an average of only two inches during the month.

Best Time to Visit:
August and September are two good months for Basel with warm temperatures and sunny days in abundance. Whilst August can have a lot of rain, it tends to be in thunderstorms and therefore infrequent. The temperatures during the month, despite being the highest for the year are not generally intolerable.