Malmo Weather

Malmo Weather Overview:
Malmo’s weather is greatly influenced by its proximity to the North Sea and this gives the city milder winter temperatures than you might expect at this latitude but cools the summer so that the city is rarely hot although heatwaves do occur when the temperature reaches 80f.
All Time Highs and Lows:
The city’s highest temperature was seen in 1811 when in July of that year, the mercury reached 33.5C whilst in February 1814, the population froze at a chilly -19.6C.

Weather Science:
Malmo’s climate is described as Oceanic thanks to the proximity of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. With only a portion of Denmark in the way, Malmo experiences much of the stormy Atlantic weather funnelled up the English Channel.

The Seasons:

Spring:  The beginning of spring can still feel like winter with some snowy days and temperatures around or below freezing. However signs of spring are on the way and by the end of the season, temperatures are heading towards 60f. Malmo doesn’t have the same variation in the length of day that other Swedish cities do and so, whilst the days lengthen, the number of sunshine hours on average per day don’t vary widely. In March, around five hours is the average whilst at the end of May you can expect nearly seven.

Summer: Summers are very pleasant in Malmo and whilst rain falls on average on one out of every two days, you’ll still find plenty of sunshine. Temperatures just about reach 70f on good days although the occasional heatwave is not uncommon.

Autumn: As with many cities this far north, as soon as autumn arrives, temperatures begin to drop substantially. September is a very cool month, averaging around 12C at best whilst by the time November arrives frosts are common at night and snowy days are a possibility.

Winter: On the whole winter is a cold and wet season having the highest number of days of precipitation. The days are short and Malmo sees only around seven hours of daylight in mid-December. Snow is frequently experienced but the mildness of the temperatures means it doesn’t stay for long.

Best Time of Year to Visit:
The most pleasant time of year to be in the city is during June and July when the weather is at its warmest. Dodging the occasional rainstorm isn’t too inconvenient and on some days you may even reach for your shorts. Biting insects can be a problem early and late in summer so take plenty of repellent.