Hemisferic and Palau de Les Arts, Valencia. Spain

Hemisferic and Palau de Les Arts, Valencia. Spain

Guide to Valencian Community

The Land of Valencia is a self ruling community in Spain. Comunitat Valenciana, (Valencian Community in English) has been its official name since 1982 and is also sometimes known as País Valencià. Valencia borders Aragon and Castilla La Mancha to the West, the Region of Murcia to the South, and Cataluña to the North.
Valencian Spain
Valencia is a multi-dimensional city with everything you could ever ask for from a destination, and when you arrive, you never want to leave. Most of the more popular European destinations don’t have half of what Valencia has to offer. This really is one of Spain’s and Europe’s best kept secrets.

The common attraction of most European cities is its history and culture. Valencia’s history is a rich kaleidoscope of many styles, spanning a total of eight Christian centuries. You don’t just have architectural streets, but also spectacular monuments such as the two pairs of huge Gothic city gates. The gorgeous Basilica, which is one of the first Baroque buildings in Europe, is a Gothic style castle/palace. The elaborate Cathedral mixing different styles and cultures does not forget its past, with the only viable claim in the world to hosting the Holy Grail. These are just a few of the highlights in Valencia, as there are far too many to mention.

The streets are full of cozy little corners and genuine snapshots of the past. In the Old Town you can easily get lost in the old Arabic streets, but you are rewarded with amazing views and sights.
Valencia is one of the greenest cities in Spain and it has many parks and gardens everywhere you go. The center of the city is split in two by 9km of a wide green belt.
Valencia Beach Spain 
Valencia also has a beach, and it is one of the best city beaches you will see. It is a large, clean beach and because of its climate, the water is lovely and the sand like velvet on your feet. You can sit at one of the many beach cafes eating the Spanish signature dish, Paella, which is said to have originated in Valencia.

Yet with all of these factors, with all of the buzz and ambition, and so many things to see and do, Valencia still remains cozy, warm and friendly and unbelievably laid back. All the people are very welcoming and open, and the city helps you relax on your vacation as soon as you get off the plane.

Valencia airport is situated 8km to the west of the capital, and has become an important tourist and business region, encouraging economic growth in the area.
Valencia Airport
There are mainly domestic flights and almost half of its traffic is from Madrid. Other national destinations include Barcelona, Seville, Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza.

The airport also welcomes international traffic from European Union countries, with the majority of visitors coming from the UK, Italy, Germany and France.

Map of  Valencia

Map of Valencian Community
Quick facts
President   Francisco Camps
Land Area %  8,978.8 sq mi
Population  5,029,601
Parliament  Cortes Generales
Website  www.gva.es

Spain Public Holidays

All Saints` Day
Virgen de la Almudena

Constitution Day
Immaculate Conception
Christmas Day
St. Stephen's Day
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