Guide to Tarifa

Tarifa boasts 10 kilometres of stunning white sand beaches, wild and untouched countryside and some of the best conditions for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing in Europe, that has established Tarifa as a true surfers paradise.
Tarifa is nessled just 11 at the southern-most tip of Europe where the Med meets the Atlantic Ocean, only 11 kilometers across the straight of gibraltar to Morroco. Enjoying spectacular views of the Rif mountains of Africa; Tarifa's wild coastline attracts nature-lovers and surfers alike.
Just as famous for bird watching as surfing, there are endless opportunities to explore the countryside. The charming seas side village of Tarifa also offers, horseback riding, scuba diving, whale watching and relaxation for the whole family with seemingly endless sunny days.
Tarifa has some excellent hotels both along the beaches to the north of the town and in the town centre itself, so if you just want to relax, there's plenty of choices. If it is your hearts desire for adventure, rich culture and wild party there is something for everyone.
This little fishing town was the first point of the Moorish invasion of Southern Spain in 711 AD  when the Berber chief; Tarif Ibn Maelik, landed from four boats sailing from Ceuta with 400 foot soldiers and 100 horsemen. In 1292 Sancho El Bravo reconquered this corned of Iberia.
In 1295 Guzman El Bueno defended the town against the re-invading Moors. According to the local legend, the Moors captured his son and threatened to kill him if Guzman didn't surrender the town. He refused and threw down his sword from the castle tower, with which they killed his son.

An established kite surfing school in Tarifa, (Tarifa Freestyle Academy), offers kite surfing and surfing lessons to all levels from kids to beginners and advanced.

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Quick facts
Land Area %  250 sq mi
Population  18,000

Spain Public Holidays

All Saints` Day
Virgen de la Almudena

Constitution Day
Immaculate Conception
Christmas Day
St. Stephen's Day
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